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  • What's in my make up pouch?


    the stuffs I usually carry around

    I was tagged by Suzi about last year if I remembered correctly. It was supposed to be a show what's in your handbag tag post. I was too busy to do mine *sorry*. Hope it's not too late! However I don't really own a "consistent" handbag, most of the time I use sling bag or backpack. Its convenient for me because I find bags are more useful to store your shopping hauls without needing to carry the plastic bags heavily around. SO what I'm going to do is show you my cosmetic pouch and the stuffs I usually carry in my bags.

    What's in my bag?
    - Stila cosmetic pouch
    - Canon/Lumix digital camera
    - Guess purse
    - Key cum Card Holder (now using Stila)
    - A spray mist (now using Vichy)

    I usually bring cards that I need for shopping
    (I got loads more at home which I don't really use)

    this is my cosmetic pouch contents
    (for emergencies & daily use)

    my favourites

    skincare emergencies & stuffs

    holy grail RMK liquid foundation & base

    Mac Hello Kitty e/s Palette & Beauty Powder

    stila "Just My Luck" limited edition palette (lucky plum)
    has 5 swarovski crystals on it!

    it was my 1st Stila Palette at only rm120!

    The blusher is empty, I love the pink blusher so much that its the first thing that finished! Now I'm just using the eye shadows whenever I feel like brightening up my eyes coz the base color is so awesome. I'm not much of a eye shadow person if u notice (mainly bcoz my skills in applying e/s just sux big time! sob sob). Aiyoh the lip brush also missing now! sob sob.

    yes answering to Jess's question
    my Stila pouch can really fit all that! best!
    (except Vichy face mist spray)


    1. wow ur stila makeup pouch can cramp so much things!!!! well i can see u are quite a lip person.. keke. nice collection there..

      btw the limited edition "just my luck" luck so nice ~!!!

    2. OMG! u r crazy hehehehehe ....

    3. that's one well stocked cosmetic pouch u hav ther.. ;)

    4. Hello,

      Was just wondering if the clarins instant light complexion perfector does a good job as an oil control primer?

      Sorry for the random question =))

    5. Dear Evelyn,

      Hmm oil control primer? It states on the packaging that its suitable for all skin type but.. bcoz I have dry combination skin, I really :( have no idea if it does a good job as an oil control primer.

      For me, it's smooth and easy to blend. Very light coverage but evens out my skin n redness. Final finish = luminous (glow). Not very shimmering for me. It doesn't feel oily after as well. My T zone is oily, but i feel comfortable still even after 8 hours.

    6. That hello kitty beauty powder looks like new. Did u just keep it in ur makeup bag but did not used it?

    7. hahah ya it looks like new right? but i have been using it for more than 50 times already with a powder brush. Somehow the kitty logo is still on it, but the powder is so.. Sheer i can hardly see if there's any effect on my face or not! =_= but already spend so much money on it..... nvm ler...

      i wonder anybody got that problem

    8. just my luck palette was also my first ever own eyeshadow palette,it was awesome! i also finished the blush n its empty juuuuuuuuust like urs! but one of my crystals was gone n i didnt know when it did. :( *sob* ur palatte still looks great! i wish i could buy a new one, so sad that stila has closed down in most of the countries, but i saw it in bangkok thats weird.

    9. eh?i just realized i told u twice about my just my luck palate. too excited or wat?hahaa.. well blurry me @.@

    10. i think i taged u as well hor???

    11. Pigita: haha.. yah..double tripple same thing also got..

    12. joey: dun remember T_T i am very forgetful

    13. Wahhh all nice stuffs in ur stila pouch. i loike! :)

    14. miu dear!i won something on magazine?can't remember whether i did participate in any..wont mind telling me which mags is it?

    15. Quite amaze that the lil pouch able to stuff all your cosmetics inside! GENG AR!!

    16. dalila: i saw this girl name dalila for seveenteen letter of the month (april), if u have submitted letter to seventeen.. maybe this is u? coz i am guessing only...

      how old r u btw??? coz they put there dalila 16

      the prize is a paris hilton handbag....

    17. haha..definetly not me then.im so old already.thanks BTW Miu dear.

    18. Too much!!

      I'm amazed how all that fits in that pouch..

    19. yeah too much! I saw u got lot of stila lip stains!!

    20. wuuiiii.

      where's my damn stilla pouch i oso wan2 sumbat berbagai2 benda in it.

      your pouch.. its small.. but can fit mak bapak pelbagai benda. kinda like doraemon's pouch.

      miu-mon's makeup pouch. hahahhaa.

    21. fatin: yea this stila pencil case pouch can fit a lot of stuffs!!! don't look down.. muahhaha

    22. reiko: yeahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's why i love this pouch :D

    23. doroshi: i love cherry crush n stila crushes.. easy to use, convenient.. n no sticky feeling!

    24. faster go find! i bet u can sumbat lotsa of ur stuffs in it!

      kitty-mon pouch also can lol

    25. wah.. got name card some more :D

    26. haha..im old already..i guess im not that luck winner..thanks anyway Miu dear..heyy nice pouch BTW

    27. haha..im old already.i guess im not the lucky winner.thanks anyway Miu dear..heyyy quiet a handy pouch u got there btw..

    28. errrrr。。。。。。。you do bring a lot, hahah =)


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