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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Discover The Secret of The Snow Crystal


    What's your hobby? Reading, Drawing or Collecting Stamps? Mine would be blogging and I love to blog about anything I can get my hands on especially beauty workshops where I could capture beautiful pictures of what went on. It was the reason I started blogging, the need to share the beauty that I see to everyone.

    Early this month, I was invited by Laneige to attend a special workshop just for bloggers at Yogi Tree Restaurant, Gardens Mid Valley. The workshop was titled "Discover the Secret Of the Snow Crystal". Sounds magical right? in fact I own a few spring palettes from last year's collection that was beautifully decorated with crystal bunnies and snow flakes.

    When we arrived (yes Buaya Wing is now my assistant!) the table had yummy looking snacks waiting for us. I think its a good idea to serve refreshments in workshops coz while waiting for the guests/organizers to get ready, we can mingle around and have our tummy filled (making us content and happy).

    tea-time before workshop starts
    (a short video from Laneige as well on the wall)

    Korean Make Up Artist Mr. Steven Cho & his translator
    (yeap to translate in English to us people)

    before make up make sure face is ready!

    The key to a beautiful make up is having beautiful skin first and foremost (Steven said). He then proceeded to introduced and explain the skincare range from Laneige and which range would suit our skin type. I am attracted to their water based skincare (most Korean & Japanese skincare are water based) which is light and easily absorb. It was the first time that I got to try their skincare products too other than their famous Water Sleeping EX Pack (sleeping mask) which I been using since last year.

    Steven introducing the Ornament collection
    *movie effects & drum rolls*

    (ok sorry that was how I felt when he showed us the palette)

    The workshop was about learning the Laneige Power of 4 Skincare technique (click here to see the Power of 4 steps from Laneige) but the main highlight for me was watching Mr. Steven Cho create the "ornamental look" which is what Laneige Spring 2010 Collection is all about. This season's emphasis is on bold and vivid lips with pale pink skin tone that expresses a feminine and romantic look.

    Steven proceeded to show us how to do the Ornament Makeup Look. He did 1/2 face make up for a before & after example. I like his light purple smokey eyeshadow make up (using the ornament eyeshadow palette), you can see the sexy eyes pop out from the girl. That's the rage in the Spring/Summer runway trend now - surrealistic romanticism.

    There's about 3 styles of looks you can do using the Ornament collection. I think the one Steven did today was pink look. The collections looks so tempting, during the launching roadshow in Mid Valley which I blogged about here, there were loads of promotions and gifts for purchases. The gifts were amazing (pink trolley bags, brush sets etc) and customers get a complimentary makeover workshop with Steven upon purchasing the ornamental eyeshadow palette.

    The one thing memorable from this workshop was the sliding face powder palette that resembles a handphone! (inspired by Motorola perhaps?) Me & Buaya Wing just can't get enough of foreplay here with the cosmetics. She likes the latest spring collection's Ornament Dual Top Coat (rm85) which is a double ended cosmetic product featuring a sheer pinky lip gloss on one end and a liquid eyeshadow that's great for perking up your eyes. Other products from this collection are:

    Limited Edition Ornament Pact – RM115.00
    This face compact powder contains ultra fine particles and when applied to the face, will give the face a thin layer of pastel soft skin tone that is dreamy as if it is covered with veil.

    Ornament Eye Shadow – RM115.00
    Eye Shadow that is made for a pastel soft look with harmonious colours that create a delicate sophisticated and polished look that would complement the romantic and feminine feel.
    Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick – RM65.00
    Ornament red (No. R19)
    Red coloured lipstick of semi-matte texture gives the lips that bold and enchanting look.

    Ornament pink (No. LR02)
    Pink coloured lipstick of matte texture gives the lips that extra plump making them look younger.
    Ornament Dual Top Coat – RM85.00
    Cubic pink (lip gloss) + cubic white (liquid eye shadow)
    A transparent, high gloss, topcoat gives a pearl coating finish for an intensely luminous eye and luscious lips in this dual topcoat.

    The packaging is so cute, who can resist PINK?! somewhat like an accessory. Maybe next you can really dial a number with that face powder palette. Though I can't wait to try their skincare range coz I really have a thing for water based skincare products. I don't like oily/heavy/creamy feel on my face! the weather in Malaysia is HORRIBLE! it makes me feel like washing my face every hour, worst if I have creamy skincare on.

    after the workshop, Steven offers the guests makeovers
    (shy, I stayed at my table and tried on the skincare instead)

    Steven so lucky, two girls hogging him for spotlight

    Laneige's 2010 Spring MakeUp Collection - Ornament
    available form 1st March 2010 at Laneige

    Well time to say goodbye to Steven. It's been nice listening to a Korean speaking Make Up Artist (kinda cute) and his equally knowledgeable translator. Also thanks to Laneige for inviting me to this special workshop, I didn't expect to have front row seats to watch Steven in action after being jammed up at Mid Valley during their roadshow. In other words "Gamsah Hamida" thank you in Korean! let me have a bite at that surrealistic romanticism!

    Pssst.. anyone here using Laneige or bought the Ornament collection?

    Laneige Snow Crystal Make Up Steps

    Step 1 : Primer
    Protect your skin according to skin type & concern. Laneige use Make-up Primer Sebum Control.

    Step 2 : Base
    Correct yellowish, reddish skin tone. Laneige uses Dual Base.

    Step 3: Foundation
    Test 3 colors by applying the foundation from the jaw line towards the neck. Laneige uses Snow Crystal Dual Foundation SPF22/PA+

    Application Tips:
    • Gentle dab a thin layer of concealer around your eyes as needed.
    • Blend using dab & roll technique
    • Use Concealer brush to cover small areas.
    STep 4: Powder
    Pressed powder, corrects complexion with sheer coverage. Laneige uses Sliding Pact_EX

    *La neige means Natural Snow in French.
    *For more information about Laneige, you can go to their website here or join their Facebook here.


    1. keep on blogging :).. Like it ^_^

    2. notty huh?! Teasing there....:(

    3. wahahhaha!!! sorry... i take such a long time to blog lol.......... i have to resize pic n put watermark on it...etc.. while watching glee...

    4. Ohh yes refreshments/yummy snacks are important. Happy reviewers write happier, hohoo~

      BTW, good job eh Miu! Seems like you've been invited to more & more events. =)

    5. wohoo so canggih ar the sliding face powder palette. i loike. But i think i ady fall in luv with the Ornament Dual Top Coat (^_~) so u bought all the ornament collection?

    6. OMG the best lineup of refreshment!!
      fruits tart, macaroons! yuummm

      ahh korean makeup is on the lighter side...

    7. Cath J: u always leave comments.. even when I'm not finish yet! i like it hahaha..

    8. Hanna: happy reviewers write happy! yeah good one! :)

      yeah i been contacted to do lotsa things, but i've turn down many too.. due to stress. I can't do so much things at one go.

    9. ornamental dual top coat looks nice and kilat man..!! it's on my to get list when i finally settle down with a laptop :(

      the phone@face powder..lol hope snatch thief dun tertarik!! ahhahaha

    10. stellar: yeah on the lighter side :) the food is alright. I love korean skincare!!!


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