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    All these time I have been salivating at my friends Blackberry or some famous celebrity's blackberry for unknown reasons that even I can't comprehend. Maybe it's the sleek black body of the Blackberry that seduces me or maybe it's because deep down I dream of having my own big office with jacuzzi, walk-in wardrobe that automatic opens and lights up when I step in, and just when I am zipping up on my deliciously red cocktail dress getting ready to attend the big company dinner, my Blackberry rings and I answer "Yes this is Ms. Miu, CEO of Plusizekitten.Com".

    as an average Malaysian income earner?

    Sigh since I can't be CEO or have RM5k salary, my next option is to find a rich boyfriend BUT that's also not my option coz I already have a boyfriend who scolds me for spending too much money instead. What other options I have now to OWN a blackberry?!

    the easiest way to get Berrified ngek ngek ngek

    Introducing the easiest way to own a BlackBerry and show it off to your friends! Thanks to DIGI's Smart Plan for Blackberry, I now own a BlackBerry with the most affordable monthly plan to date! yes it's only RM58 a month muahhahahahhaha!!! unlimited internet to do all my blogging needs and keep up to date with latest news on sales, shopping and stalk my friends on FACEBOOK!!! now this is what I call unlimited FUN!

    What's DG Smart Plan all about?


    and if my bill exceeds rm200 I don't need to pay
    (MUAHHAHAHAHAHHA evil laughter)

    Are you BERRIFIED already? coz if you would like to catch on this BlackBerry Madness from DIGI you gotta and I repeat YOU GOT TO CHECK OUT the BlackBerry Crazy Deals Roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall from 3rd-7th Match, 2010 to find out more and ask all the questions you need from the yellow guys there! I tell you, if owning a BlackBerry is a dream, then it should come true this week at Mid Valley. With just RM58 a month for unlimited INTERNET (and FOC if your monthly total bill usage exceeds RM200) it's a shopaholic's dream true.

    own a Blackberry with Digi Smart Plan!

    For more information on DG Smart Plan for BlackBerry you can check out Digi's website by clicking here. Am loving my BlackBerry now, playing with it everyday and stalking my girlfriends on facebook muahahhaha! Tell me if this is a good buy or not? and if you're going to berrified like me!
    Ask me questions! and if you buy a BlackBerry don't forget to add me in the Black Berry Messenger! (will talk more next post!).
    Check Out The Crazy Deals at MV
    & d' Happy Hour Time for more Promo!
    hint: 9pm

    Top 10 Reasons why I love my BlackBerry coming up! stay tune.


    1. Omg! Is it already yours?! Freaking cool!!

      Since I'm currently on a budget, I can't go wild buying a Blackberry.. Wish I could though.. *droolz*

    2. actually u can with Digi! it's the most affordable monthly plan and with the contract promo, u can pay as low as rm549 for a blackberry 8520 phone.

      yum.. yum.. why last time dun have such plan? I wouldn't spend rm700 buy LG Qweerty.. cis.. n my monthly phone bill is rm100!

    3. Wow, such a good deal frm digi. I am a loyal customer for maxis for 7 yrs!!! What do i get frm Maxis?? No discounts or anything!! The monthly bill in my fon is the same.

      Looks like the digi advert was rite! Time to change, for smarter choice.

    4. 1) as expected, the outcome is NOT surprising, no? hehehe, congrats
      2) i would love to get one but can you go and ask DIGI, why my housing area no coverage? you've been here, you know, right?
      3) all the same, congrats.

      d'frog prince

    5. Doroshi: yeah I notice Digi has very good deals.. just the coverage at certain areas no good. Nevertherless.. compare to being maxis user.. digi got a lot benefits if u r their loyal user.

      Maxis.. i feel like i am paying more each month.. =_= tak boleh tahan.. bday also no specials.. i heard digi birthday get extra stuffs n got vouchers get freebies from cosmetic brands/magazines.

    6. TMI:

      1) eh not yet lah..
      2) sad... i know.. sob sob.. u must write to them!
      3) no lah.. u over expected liao.. but thanks for being so optimistic!

    7. Wow firt month free rm58 if sign up now at the roadshow is it?

    8. Promo looks very good and lately my handphone and Maxis have been giving me a whole lotta grief.

      Doroshi's right - maybe it's time for a change!!

      will go check out the roadshow

    9. Pigita: with the DG Smart Plan, you only pay for what u use :) there's the old phone billing system! don't have to be tied up to those monthly payments anymore. There's even discounts if u your bill usage exceed rm100 and foc if it exceeds rm200.

      Am wondering would u use so much.. if not the rm58 monthly internet is just good!

    10. will the phone hang while browsing internet? my fren told me it gets hang/lag very easily..since you tested it..if it's all good..i gonna brain wash my hubby tonite kakakka

    11. Lisa: brainwash!!! lol..powerful word haha..!!!

      actually while first loading the browser it takes time for the blackberry to load, then upon browsing liao it depends on the internet connection already.

      My blackberry is 8520 which is not 3G punya. It uses Edge to go online. Edge is a bit slow only, definitely not streamyx type of fast. So far no lag/hang, but first time using browser have to let BlackBerry load a bit.

      for emails/chat it's all very fast to read and reply coz all push to the mail box of the blackberry :D

    12. Miu.... I am sooo envy!!! LOL...

    13. Cath J: don't loh.. Y_Y ur time will come!!!

    14. jeles u jeles u!!!

      So U already convert yr line from Maxis to Digi lo?

      Really great deals ah!

    15. Not yet I gotta check some stuffs first. Right now using digi prepaid on my berihitam n maxis line on my iphone.

    16. "Sigh since I can't be CEO or have RM5k salary"

      Poor miu, RM5,000 salary also cannot achieve... then u must be a really lousy employee / boss..

    17. Different people are lusting for diff things, I guess. I've given up on mobile phones long time ago when I found out about the "Get connected 24/7, right in your palms". Somehow, the fact that people know exactly where I am, what i do through my FB status kinda freak me out. Once in awhile, I love being 'offline',having some me time & leaving ppl wondering whatever happen to me. =P

      Oh btw, Blackberry is sex-ay~ but since I hardly know how to surf the Net via phone, I guess I should stick to my current SonyEricson.

      Thanks anyway for the post, Miu!

    18. omg! a blackberry for rm549?
      seriously? now a student with no income also can use blackberry now. and only rm58/month? wowwww! im screamin now!

    19. Hanna: aww!!! :( for me i can't stand not being online for a day T_T feel something missing.

    20. Haute Boutique:

      yeah babe, if u sign up for 2 years @ blackberry curve 8520, its RM549.

      Then monthly the internet bill is rm58 only.

      and u only pay for what u use (calls/sms)

      and if your total usage bill exceeds rm200, it's FOC! (if over rm100 it's discounted)

    21. but the rm549, i am not sure if after the digi crazy deals roadshow in mv over, it's still around or not


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