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  • Burt's Bee Workshop!


    I am happy that Burt's Bees is coming to Malaysia (I am guessing coz of this workshop). I been reading/seeing the Burt's Bees lipbalm review in magazines (all sorts of international mags). During my Nuffnang Singapore Event trip last year, I drop by Sephora Singapore to check them out. I wonder how much will they be selling in M'sia and where? This is one workshop that I'm looking forward to and with just RM30 workshop fee only (fits my empty pocket at the moment).

    Burt's Bee Workshop!

    Burt’s Bees Workshop
    Date : 24 April 2010
    Time : 10am-2pm
    Venue : Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve
    Fee : RM30
    ■ Inclusive of refreshment. ■ Each person will be entitled to door gift worth RM200. ■ First come first served. ■ Terms and conditions apply.

    Get buzzing! Call 03-7952 7033 (10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) by 16 April 2010 for confirmation to the workshop and payment details. The workshop is open to the first 30 readers.

    Presented by:
    Burt's Bees

    Makeup Sponsor
    Bobbi Brown

    Fitness Sponsor
    CandiSoo Fitness

    Get your latest copy of Nuyou magazine or click here for more info!


    1. OMG Burts Bees?! But wait, do we even have Burts Bees yet in Malaysia?

      Not sure whether i'll be free on that date, but thanks Miu for the info!

    2. YES BAYBEH the popular lip balm brand we been readin on magazines for years.. now has workshop in msia! i really must go n see! rm30 only..cheap

    3. Miu,

      start at 10am until what time??

      I've been longing to try their products for soooo long. Yay!!

    4. wooh not sure.. time to ask them in fb

    5. wahh? I'm curious about some of their products... do we get to try it out there? just call and book??

    6. me too, very curious.

      u gotta call, get their payment details, then pay them b4 u can register for a spot

    7. wow..sounds interestin actually..r u goin miu?? am still thinkin as i duno if i can make it :(

    8. yea wouldnt miss it.. been wanting to know more about this burts bee products, especially their lip balm. I wanted to buy from Sephora Singapore when i went there last Sept. Didn't buy coz.. hmm well not that I can try it in msia even better

    9. oh noo its a friday morning! boo...
      finally burt's bee is here in KL!

      i wan other flavors for my lippie~~ pomegranate!!!

    10. it's sat morning lah stellar!!

    11. I wanna go too! Wonder if it is still available. Do you know Miu? How will they return money if the 30 spots have been filled also

    12. i think they will do a refund within a month? or maybe much earlier if seats r filled.. or extend it

    13. i alry book my seat but oni able to bank in on monday cause when i got to call bank alry close..lol

    14. who can help me book.. im not in malaysia now.. sob..sob

    15. u mean who can help u pay! coz this workshop dun accept bookin/reservation/registration until pay n fax in the payment receipt with details :(

      u overseas very hard T____T

    16. oh too bad... then nvm may be i will check out at Sephora Singapore later on.. because im at sg now.

    17. jean the girl say no booking, how come u can book one

    18. oh.. means can book tru phone first?

      then i will call on monday

    19. Ya lor Jean, help me book also. I want to go too.

    20. eh u going ar? this one i'm interested. hehe.

    21. going loh! :) oledi ask friend to pay for me on friday.

      they need u to call, they take down ur name, give u banking details, u go maybank counter bank in, then fax receipt to them with registration details, then only confirm got seat for you.

    22. Wow finally this is here, i have seen some bath stuffs looks quite yummy, hope they will carry that also, anyone have idea is the workshop full now ?

    23. Sarah it's not full yet, but u need to act quick. Call them tomorrow n go to bank to bank in rm30 n fax to them to secure a seat.

    24. Wow Burt's Bees finally coming to M'sia?? I've used their shower cream and they are really good! The price is also more reasonable compared to famous brand like Lxxcxtxne. Everytime have to go to S'pore Sephora to buy cause can't get it here in M'sia...

    25. chin yin: yeah rm18 only now for the burt's bees lip balm.. can't wait to buy at the event :D will be my first after reading about them for so long.

    26. it's opening soon at The Gardens LG!


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