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Digi Smart Plan - BlackBerry

I can't stay off my BlackBerry!

HOLA! I been using my *precious* (insert LOTR sound effects) BlackBerry for 3 weeks already! What can I say, I have no complains since my pc kaput in February, I could still manage to online via my BlackBerry 24/7 and connect with all my friends! thanks goodness.

thanks to yellow man, I am using BlackBerry!

To tell you the truth, I already have a phone but without data package (internet) coz it's just too expensive for me to sign up on top of a monthly commitment. My monthly phone bill exceed RM100 (knocks on head)! so when Digi came up with the DG Blackberry Smart Plan I was so happy that I could online 24/7 for RM58 a month only! (psst and there's no monthly commitment bill and I only pay for what I use muahaha!!! also if I exceed RM100, i get 25% discount! exceed RM200 it's foc!).

online 24/7 for only RM58 per month! *blink blink*

Black Berry Application Center = download applications

When I first got my BlackBerry, I played around with it (who won't yah, experiment/browse/see what does what). I came upon the Application Center and found that from it I can download applications for my BlackBerry to use! like FACEBOOK! (currently I'm addicted to Facebook) besides many other things.

hello BlackBerry let's rock!

I was watching youtube today while walkin in KL

also I was replying my fb comments/emails/sms

then I got bored so I thought I could chat a bit

msn in my hands

I also kept a good watch on my blog! haha

only during times that I am not walking lah

model for BlackBerry?

Well of all the things I could do with my BlackBerry, the best of all is the affordability & flexibility of the DG Smart Plan coz I can be online 24/7 checking my blog, replying comments and be updated with the happenings! especially at the time I needed to be online the most (since my pc died) and if I could name 3 smartest thing about DG Smart Plan for Blackberry it would be:
1. the unlimited monthly internet access for only RM58
2. NO Monthly Commitment! I pay for what I use!
3. the extra benefits from being Digi user
(25% off if monthly usage total exceed rm100, foc if exceed RM200. Not to mention all the freebies I get from being a Digi user as well which I regularly check from Digi Promotions)

I googled to search for other plans for BlackBerry and found this one blogger Daniel Liew who was quite hardworking in comparing plans until he even made up this table to show his readers the comparison between different telcos around in M'sia. Thought its updated until Dec only, you can read from my previous post and this post on the latest update (e.g no more monthly commitment, pay for what u use only) that DG Smart Plan for Blackberry is still the best. Credit goes to him for his extensive views on BlackBerry at his blog! Now I wish stimyx would be RM58 a month too... will it happen?


  1. hahah... my name appear on ur screenshot..LOL


  2. cute leh!! hehe~ brother handsome too!
    me so wish i can get a BB also! but my boss not planning to get it for any of us (colleagues)..>.<

  3. everytime i read a post on ur beri hitam i got so jeles..... i want one 2... but i'm still a student :(

  4. Ya i am also jeles everytime see u post up ur black berry pic...i am so want to get money laaa :((

    Wah got one leng chai there...he can be blackberry digi spoke person lol.

  5. I am Jealous getting to use a black berry and love the plans you have there ....... Wish I had a good phone like that but the way things are here I have to buy anything outright.... Your a lucky girl there Miu

  6. Doroshi:

    sikit sikit lama lama menjadi bukit! nvm wait for DIGI Iphone Plan!! wonder will it be so good..M telco drop down shock.

  7. Jamie:

    I heard in canada u can get the blacberry free just by paying only the monthly bill usage but u must take care of your health jamie T_T these r just luxury stuffs.. in life.. and I am just lucky..for now

  8. yeah digi for blackberry plan is indeed the best of the best in town!!
    my bf just switched from maxis to digi hahaha rm58 unlimited!!

  9. Stellar: yeah i am gona switch my maxis to dg as well! for rm58 it's such a steal. Gratz on your bf.. geeks know best!!!

  10. Jean: u lookin at my bro or the blackberry!!! haha..

    har.. tell ur boss this is for busienss....

  11. cannot focus on ur BB.. ur beautiful hair and its color distracting me.. hehehhe

    ~silent reader~

  12. silent reader:

    i take that as a compliment, thanks :D

  13. omg! Why u so kecoh one? Nowadays many ppl got use bb but they are not as freak as u!

  14. like Britney spears Circus Freak!!!

  15. hai yaaa Miu! wa sgt jeles sama luuuu..i pun macam mau pakai BB jugak!tp i kurang faham plan die la.the other day i went to Digi's outlet in KLCC and told me the phone 's price itself we have to pay it mehhh?i tot we somehow paying for it by installment?

  16. I like the pics you took of using your blackberry while you are walking! Lol!

  17. I know what you mean Miu! *o* I can't stop fiddling with my Blackberry too till my bf marah me XD;; I got the Bold 9700 from the roadshow =D

    Very hard to sms while driving though XD;;

  18. i like ur hair color :p
    and ur bro..he changed his hairstyle again?
    haha...another 1 week to go...then BB wil b urs!!

  19. Dali: yah have to pay for phone :( in Msia, phones still not free yet. Oversea sudah free if u contract with their service.

    In Msia, for Digi, if u wanna buy Blackberry Curve 8529 there's few option:

    a. buy straight rm1.2k
    b. contract with digi for 1 year = rm899 (pay for phone)
    c. contract for 2 years (discount again) u only pay rm549 for the blackberry phone.

    then the contract 1 or 2 years, u have to subscribe to DG Smart Plan for Blackberry rm58 monthly for unlimited internet usage :D

    yang rm58 monthly is not the installment for the phone but the data plan (internet) for the blackberry ^_^

  20. Piggi: thanks! looks cool hor ... wish can record video upload.. lagi cun

  21. candy: walao u bought bold ah? super kaya lah u.. i heard bold very cheap for 2 years contract is it

  22. cai:

    my bro.. like to change hairstyle like woman only.. so bergaya =_= sigh unlike his sister.. no fashion sense punya.

    my hair? thanks ^__^

  23. Ow.. I think it's a great deal la... and wow.. nice to see blog looks big on screen.. ^_^

  24. thanks Cath ^____^

    eh..big ah.. hmm but can zoom in somore :D


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