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Someone Lost Their IC at One Utama?



Did someone lose their nric card at One Utama? it's at the Paid-Taxi Counter Stand outside New Wing now. Person's name is LEE KAH HEE from Kepong. Anyone know her? give her a call to ask her take back her IC before she receive American Express Platinum Card Credit Card. Pretty girl somore this person.


  1. so nice of u !! who knows someone reading your blog might know her & hopefully get back her IC soon. God bless u for your kindness.

  2. Wah.. now doing public service summore... where do u find the time?!?! hehe

  3. You are such a good samaritan Miu.

    World needs more of such people.

  4. u all... what happened today.. so lemah hati....

    we should all be good Samaritan.. except when gangster is involved.. life more important k k..

    Haze: ambik gambar using BlackBerry, upload to email, email i dl, n paparkan kat blog..cepat saja.

    plus i wish ppl would also do the same for me.. we need angels!

  5. miu... darken the address as well... this will invite bad people to the address ahhh...

  6. very nice of u, miu & hope she appreciate ur effort; kudos

  7. the taxi stand holding her ic.. i dun dare take from them coz i am not owner of it T_T

  8. oh dear my...

    funny part... platinum card??? lol!

  9. omg i knw her, she worked in osk but she left =.='

  10. anonymous:

    wah!!! small world!! i think she took back her ic oledi. The next day i go taxi stand check, the nric card not there anymore.

  11. you tutup also no use la...

    her ic number is 840130-14-5526


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