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WED IS PINK DAY at Baskin Robbins


get your double jr.scoop for the price of one single scoop!

MEOW! tomorrow will be Wednesday and I'm gearing up to put on a few pounds by wearing something pink n heading over to Baskin Robbins to de-stress a bit. FYI just show anything pink and Baskin Robbins will upgrade your single scoop into a double jr. scoop free! and also u can top up ur normal bleh cone for a nice waffle cone!! Yummy... i hope my bf is not reading this. He threatened to kick me outa the house if I gain anymore weight.


  1. haha...Miu the way u write is so cute ~~~
    Ok I'm gonna meow away my baskin robbins 2molo ^^ ngek ngek ngek ~~
    but I dun hv anything in pink =.="

    Can i show the staff my bra strap ? muahahaha...

  2. pink lipstick/lipgloss!!! muahhaa..

    can.. show ur bra strap.. but i hope no police around.. kena tangkap nanti!!!

  3. been waiting for this since last week!

    i wanna have 2 x double junior scoop! *evil laugh*

  4. nice!!! wat abt pink nippie hahahahahhaha

  5. Doroshi, u show that, i am sure the male staff will give you much MORE than double scoop!!

  6. hahah pigita, if u dare to show ur pink V, then i show the pink nippee hahahahh

  7. hey babe, this one every wednesday izit?

    semalam i cannot buy as i've been having massive sore throat infection. but maybe next week can.

  8. every wed yap correct!

    next week better for u, u r sick :(


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