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Clarins Workshop (Female Mag)


Alas I'm finally blogging about the wonderful girly event I had with a bunch of bloggers & friends from everywhere! Big thanks to Dee who informed me via sms & me being big mouth as usual blogged about it! Yes I'm talking about the Clarins Make Up Workshop @ Zang Toi Cafe, Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday! Some of the girly bloggers that showed up?
*they also blogged about it! check out their blogs for more pics & stories!

can u spot us?

About total 15 of us girls showed up to tear this workshop down. Bloggers mainly, who brought their friends/colleagues along too. The workshop started late so light refreshments were served. It's the same cafe that catered to the Stila Workshop at Pavillion in Dec 08. I present to you Zang Toi Cafe!

Mei Wah & her friends who came all the way from Seremban

jasmine, me & vivian @ girl talk

The workshop also experience technical difficulties and Federic (the cute make up artist from France!) had to talk without a microphone throughout the workshop *poor guy*. I could not hear anything but what I know is he taught us that beauty comes from within (taking care of your skin) and how the right make up application will make you shine. There was a day to casual to night make up lesson & they let us test the products. It ended with a Q&A session where we can ask make up questions. Federick was so nice, he would teach u on the spot how to solve your problems!

day make up

night make up

we get to try the products

tubbies had a question, answered!

my lips are now ready for u.. smooch

When the workshop ended, all of us went down to Clarins counter to collect our free goodie bag (clarin's starter kit) and camwhore with Federick! Check out our group pictures (and Federic as promised some pictures of him hehe).

schazwany & me
(it's actually clarin's make up table mirror reflection)

freebies! yes yes!

It was a wonderful event hanging out with all the girls! Though I wish it was more like the Stila Workshop I attended. I wish there were more events where we all can gang out again together! Girls u made my day. Thank you for the wonderful memories!



  1. nice meeting you Miu! :) I had a great time at the workshop although i have the urge to shop~ lol~ thank you for the lovely memories too! love to have another workshop with you again next time~

  2. Miu, you seems to have the most pics. posted...

    Thks for the invite and really have fun and happy to know all you girls...


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