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  • Why are markets overcharging the consumer?


    I know I had been overcharged for the same item on 4 separate occasions in Cold Storage & Cold Storage definitely didn't resolve that issue (hello 4 separate occasions to test them out!). All they did is when customer complained/point it out, they just give a discount on the difference. I got many comments from girls citing the same experience as me.  What happens when we get too caught up in noticing if the price is right? The hypermarkets/supermarkets pocketing "extra cash" and putting them where? Is this the "unseen" work of ruthless greedy organisations or pure human error in being efficient in making sure the price is right?

    Reading my favourite tabloid newspaper The Malay Mail (Hotline section) yesterday, a consumer complained about Carrefour overcharging her. This is the story:

    Overcharged at Subang Jaya hypermart
    January 12, 2009      Categories: Hotline

    Kam Chooi Poh and her relative went shopping at Carrefour Subang Jaya on Dec 30. She bought an item on sale that should have been RM17.90, but she was charged RM19.90 instead. Her relative, who bought another item that was on offer at RM12.50, was charged RM12.90.

    "There were no price tags, so how can customers remember all the discount prices when they are paying at the checkout counter?" she asked.

    Both of them had to go to the customer service counter to fill up a claim for a refund.

    "I am sure we were not the only ones who paid the higher price. Many of the other customers may not have even been aware about the ‘mistake’,"she added.

    ● A CARREFOUR spokesman apologises for the incident and says: "Although we did not find any claims in Subang Carrefour with the complainant’s name, we take this very seriously". He adds that if there was a price difference, Carrefour would always honour the lowest price.He adds that the prices are always checked and counter-checked daily before they open for business to minimise errors. He apologises for the "human error that occurred in this isolated incident".

    news taken from : Malay Mail Hotline


    1. Blardy Msian people. But hey.. in australia got petrol station charge more than whats given u know. only people dunno... cause how they hell they wan know how much petrol they got right..... and somemore petrol hike now.

    2. think must write to the management on this.


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