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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Confessions Of A Shopaholic


    OMG it's coming in Malaysia 26th March, 09!!!


    Based on the book by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca (Isla Fisher) lives with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter) in a trendy part of the town, has a very boring job writing for a financial magazine and has a shopping addiction. Her bills are piling up, so she tries to budget then make more money. Eventually, she discovers a story that she is truly invested in. Exposing the story gets the attention of a male colleague and some drama ensues as she snags the guy, and attempts to pay off her ever-growing debt.

    Classification: U 
    Genre: Comedy / Romance
    General Release Date: 26 Mar 2009
    Running Time: 
    Distributor: Buena Vista
    Cast: Isla Fisher, Joan Cusack, Krysten Ritter
    Director: P.J. Hogan

    I just finish reading the Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Confessions of a Shopaholic) given to me as a birthday gift by Schazwany. I TOTALLY LOVE THE BOOK AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE!!! I am already loving the soundtracks! We should all dress up & go watch this movie together!!!


    1. You Tube Video broken. the screen also too big.. cover the chatbox edy. very cacat. cannot read chat properly.

    2. Hmm can i consider myself a pre shopaholic? Wonder if it comes from genes. I need something traumatic to happen to trigger this disease. =D

    3. I like to shop for... Coooking things! (but cannot buy cause mommy say got edy!) , I like to shop for GADGETS!!, Keychain!!!, Charms!!, Esspecially anything Shiny... I see i wan buy for CHECHE! (But mommy says.. Dont buy no brand stuff la, cheap cheap one for what, later drop colour) =O!!!

    4. lol... when u come back u can read my book :D

    5. coco says:
      i read all her books except the latest one... love them all! Isla Fischer is cute! Cant wait to watch!

    6. i think she's made for this part!

      the way she describes how she feels about shopping.. oh wow.........................

      i only read the 1st book!

      i still have 2 more books to finish!

    7. hehee..
      altogether the shopaholic books have 5 series! after the married part(shopaholic ties the knot), is the 'shopaholic n sister' n then 'shopaholic n baby'

      i love all of them!!

      marilah kita menonton di pawagam beramai2! heehee ;)

    8. babe.. i brought my shopaholic & baby with me to the hospital during our no7 last july08. how gedix is tat? heheh..

      am looking forward for the movie but a bit tad disappointed as it didnt follow the book per se. for one,its supposed to be in london,not the big apple. english, not american. there's no shoes-fighting incident in the book. the finnish part was supposed to be during a job interview... hmmm :(

      looking forward to see the glorious,colourful wardrobe tho. especially the shoes!!

    9. =___= wow u girls really into Sophie's shopaholic books! actually.. i am a bit confused with the sequence of the book. which comes after which?

      so far i read:

      1. secret dreamworld of shopaholic (confessions of a shopaholic)

      then the next one is? :(

      sob sob.. so ketinggalan zaman lah me..

      Dee, ur no.7 i really admire u man.. ur body still shiok shiok n u already have 7 beautiful kids. Reading the book lagi while at it. Really glamour!

      The movie is not following the book yeah :( i wonder why they must divert like that. I hope it's still as good! can't wait till march. We should go together n dress up n bring our "gucci" shopping bags..

    10. how much does a book cost anyways.....

    11. not sure roughly about rm30 something

    12. babe.. the sequence is

      1.confessions of a shopaholic
      2.shopaholic takes manhattan
      3.shopaholic ties the knot
      4.shopaholic & sister
      5.shopaholic & baby

      if im not mistaken la..

      sophie also has 3 other books under "by sophie kinsella" - the undomestic goddess, can u keep a secret & remember me? (her latest book)..

      she has a few other books under a different name- which i didnt have the time to find and read.. yet.. :)

      they always.. didnt follow exactly when adapting from novels/books to movies.. like the devil wears prada for instance. same goes for from cartoons/comics - as in the transformers & x-men. dunno why. a bit different ok la, but if a lot, it feels kind of weird, coz you already read the books,know the story line,then when you watch the movie - its different. tat kind of ackward u know.

      not saying tat its not enjoyable. just ackward la.. heheh..

    13. eh so cheap meh.. then i should go buy and readddd=

    14. Just love the Shopaholic book series...really addictive and make me want to be Rebecca Bloomwood...except the debt part... ;p actually when reading those books making me shopping me even more...I was out of air when i saw the promo at GSC in December and making my fiancee panic ;p I can't wait to see this movie till i actually replay the trailer over and over again... ;p


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