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Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

This is Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Soho (Solaris) Mont Kiara, K.L. It's about 5 mins drive from my condo and I was lucky to stumble upon their newly opened restaurant during their opening in December, 08. It was a Friday night & I was so hungry T_T but my bf says let's try the lunch promotion tomorrow (Sat) instead. 

The Tenji staffs explained to me about their lunch promotion and assure me that it will be nothing short from the dinner spread (which make me want to just dine there straight away). Well my bf says wait next day & see if it's worth it. 

So the next day we went to Tenjis & was greeted by their smiley staff. The enviroment in Tenji is really awesome! I can't believe they are giving this promotion when they looked so awesome. I guess it could be the location the restaurant is on. I noticed in Soho@Solaris, the eateries upstairs are not very well occupied by diners (take Kenny Rogers, Chocolat, Desert Bar which is almost empty most of the time up here). Hence a promotion like this would get them off the ground?

omg the fruits section is to die for they have oysters, lobster, all kinds of seafood!
over 200 dishes available!!!

and where can u eat all u want Hadgen Daz ice-cream?

desert bar look so OMG!

We were seated at Table No. 55 just beside the HADGEN DAZ ice-cream bar (HOHOHO). I didn't like this table as it's quite warm next to the baking ovens. The table comes with 3 table no. clips for us to order food which will be sent to our table by the waiters. For example, if u want pasta, u need to put your table clip into the tag collection bowl infront of the pasta sample at the buffet area. The chef will cooked your pasta and the waiter will bring it to your table. I didn't like this concept because it took more than an hour for them to deliver my food (which also got missing and was also served to other table!) The waiters must be having a hard time trying to adjust to this place so got our food mixed up/missing. It was hellish as since our food never got to our table, our table clips were never return and so we could not ORDER ANYTHING ELSE. I complained to the manager in charge & she apologized. She retrieve back all our clips and gave us a special dish from the special menu. 

2 giant prawn baked in special sauce!
(taste so good & ppl were asking us where we got it!)

Right after we got our table clips back, we went to order other yummy food BUT THE SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN & our food was missing with our table clip. We're too tired to complain already sigh. Fortunately we manage to get some food with 1 table clip & those already served & ready to be eaten at the buffet area.


chinese soup


soft shell crab

creamy soup

japanese udon
(which they served and heat on your table)

salmon fish head??


suddenly the waiter served us this fruity tea
(not bad! very nice)

The drinks are unlimited here unlike some "buffet restaurants in 1utama" where u have to pay extra. Drinks u can get here? soft drinks to tea/coffee, coconut juice etc! Free FLOw! whopee. Well i can't show u more pictures because while I was snapping away at the buffet area, the chefs scolded me for taking pictures citing no picture taking in the restaurant angrily, so the only pictures that I can show is what's on my plate. Don't be horrified with my choices!

err some yummy lamb, baked fish n pizza?

err some stuffs from the chinese corner and lobster salad?
(crab, lala.. the fried rice is good)

Overall, I think it's really worth your trip & stomach with the lunch promotion they're giving u! However the downside of this is too many people/tables to serve during peak hours causing u to maybe lose your food or wait for it forever to be delivered or if u go too late, the choices would be limited (finish by the early mob). I was suprised that this promotion continue after they told me it was over. By now a lot more people have heard about the glorious lunch promotion and tables are booked until 15th january (end of promo). Walk in would be tough, as I read that many have been turned away & they won't answer your telephone calls for reservation. 


The promotion is rm29-90++ for the 1st hour. Every subsequent hour thereon is an additional rm10 but if you eat through the entire lunch session it's only rm49-90++  (still good compare to original price of rm77 for lunch / rm88 for dinner).  This promotion ended on 19th December, 2008 but due to popular demand, I am surprised it's back now until 15th January, 2009. Looks like I'm going for seconds if I am lucky enough.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant is located at:
Lot L-01-01, SohoKL, Solaris Mont' Kiara
2 Jalan Solaris, 5o480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 1700-80-1818 / 03-6203.6896


  1. same concept like JOGOYA~ but i never try food missing or wrong served in jogoya~ =D

    now jogoya don have promotion dy, not worth then. haha~


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