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kawaii madness!

I'm so crazy about Momiji stuffs after my mom bought me kimmidolls from Australia! Well Momiji don't seemed to be kimmidolls brand but they're close to its cuteness! The sticker tin cost rm10 I think? and the badges are rm12-90. Got them from MPH. I'm goin to decorate my jeans/bag with the badges & decorate my diary with the stickers!

so cute! my mom says they're the hyped now in OZ

I luv these cute stickers! (and the tin)


  1. Jamie...Wow how cute are they, Kimmidolls! I am glad there is no place like that around here with such cute little items, but knowing me I would probably buy them then give them away or have to have a garage sale!
    Still where do you find all these things are there stores near you with all these things? or what?

  2. oh my god those are cute!! Where to get kimmidolls here??

  3. Cute :D hehe they're recently been selling them at the zoo gift shop :D it's been for donation for Japan since the tsunami :3


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