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Clarins Make Up WorkShop!

omg omg omg.. I can't say how excited I am about this Saturday! Dee (my shopaholic kaki from sns) sms me today about this Clarins Make Up Workshop! It's going to be at Pavillion, K.L this Saturday from 10 to 12.30pm. There's so much fun stuffs to do! First a CUTE CLARINS MAKE UP ARTIST GUY is going to demo how to make up, and then we'll get yummy snacks from ZANG TOI CAFE! (I had stila workshop at pavillion too catered by Zang Toi! and it's so yummy!!!) then not to mention there will be a goody bag worth rm50! (and I think it's the goody bag in the poster! OMG OMG!!!) 

DID I MENTION IT'S FREE REGISTRATION??? CALL NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! LET'S ALL GO AND BABARIAN AT THIS WORKSHOP!! yeah.. imagine us all girls sitting side by side, giggling at the cute guy and having our "so posh snacks" from Zang Toi. Then we all can take picture together with our goody bags and scream "OMGGGG"

See u there?

the girly girls who's going?
  1. dee
  2. me
  3. jasmine
  4. tubbies
  5. vivian
  6. mei wah
  7. immai?
  8. schazwany
  9. maybe schaz's friend


  1. THANKS thanks thanks Miu for this info. I have just registered myself. Are you going? Oh so excited, meet you there this Saturday okie!

    ps. as at now only left 5 seats, so be hurry!

  2. wah!! really!!

    I see u on sat yah!! yes i am goin loh!! let's sit together!!!!

  3. babe! glad 2 know u r going! bluinc called me tis morning to cfm tat me & fwen r going n told me to ajak more fwens since got placing. so i smsed u lorr.. heheh.. since i know u love going to all these beauty workshops.. n its foc rite? hope its going to be great! c u sat!

  4. yahh i can't believe i miss this event out! i din see it in female mags.. @_@ and i must've deleted my bluinch mails.. when i got them. Sometimes just thought it's

  5. i really hope they still have a place for me!! =(

  6. i m going ,i m going...take lots of pictures...

  7. conform its foc?takut smpi sana have to buy their product certain amount then u can enter the workshop..pls feed back,i really want to go but still curious about this,need some info from u miu

  8. hi it's confirm foc to join this workshop, but u must call in to Blu Inc to register yourself a spot. I did double check with the registration girl about it being FOC? she confirms it's FOC without any purchase.

    It's not for walk in yah.

    So far, I have been to a few workshops done by Blu Inc, and they don't make u buy products to enter a workshop. However, in that workshop, they might promote their products generally since it's their event @ demo/show new items/promo stuffs.Very professional people. If they make us all buy things..then we should gangster the table!!!

  9. I'm hooked to Clarins' Instant Smooth Foundation, my first ever Clarins product. Wish I can go..
    BTW, have fun!


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