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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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     "Miu loves going to the movies. It all started when Papa & Mama Miu takes baby Miu to the movies when she was just a really small kitty. Miu was fascinated by the red carpet calling out her name and the smell of popcorn in the air. In the dark hall, pictures came alive and everyone was quiet. Miu was fascinated.."

    When Miu grew up, she was still hooked on going to the movies & have upgraded her movie watching obsession by hunting down movie contests that gives movie passes and going for movie previews organized by various companies. Sometimes she has extras (sometimes she makes sure she has extras) so she can invite her friends to watch together!

    It doesn't matter what kind of friend, as long as they like going to the movies and telling Miu "Thank You".  If you like going to the movies especially with Miu, please tell Miu what you like going to the movies and Miu will invite u ^_^

    ******FULLHOUSE ALREADY*****
    Miu Movie Outing
    Movie: Four Christmases
    Venue: GSC 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya
    Day: This Friday 16/1/09
    Time: 10.20pm 

    * especially for Miu readers b'coz Miu loves u!
    1. Miu
    2. Miu brother
    3. Miu sister coming back from Melbourne 
    4. Uncle Frog
    5. Uncle Frog wife
    6. Hurley
    7. Tiffany
    8. Tiffany husband
    9. Doris
    10. Nicky 
    11. Ewin
    12. Schazwany
    13. Schazwany friend
    14. Schazwany friend
    15. Dee 
    16. Dee hubby
    17. Tubby
    18. Angah
    19. Lisa
    20. Lisa bf
    21. Fiqah
    22. Fiqah friend

      ******FULLHOUSE ALREADY*****
    condition of accepting this invitation:

    1. u must not cancel / ffk / not show up
    2. u must like movies
    3. u must be able to travel & arrive at cinema by your own
    4. u must not be late
    5. u must review this movie after watching it (by blogging/by commenting).


    1. if i'm living in KL, i'll LOVE to sign up for this~ (^__________^) but too bad... :(

      p/s: i will contact u if there are any free workshops in the future! hikhikhik~

    2. hey miu!! oh, can i get the free passes to the movie? i loved reese witherspoon! hehee ;p

    3. Hi Schaz dear!

      U coming this friday to curve?! how many tickets u need? The time is unconfirmed, I'm waiting for the Friday time schedule to come out. Let me know yeah.

    4. Jamie... You never did post photos of all of your family so now you can post a nice photo of you, your brother and your sister! Get Hurley to shoot some photos he needs the practice! Have fun

    5. miu...can i get the movie passes...pleasheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    6. jamie: T_T my family is too shy..

      switakon: sorry dearie! i not givin out movie passes, i'm organizing movie outing. If u wan come :D i reserved 2 tickets for u! this friday yah

    7. I LIKE WATCHING MOVIEEEE... BECAUSE i like to watch Movie in the Dark and Big screen O.o!!!!!!!!!!! and also I like Movie cause! u can watch till late midnight and then talk / discuss about the Movie! (I think da word is Review Lolz) with the people u watch with after that! !!~~ YAYAYAYA

    8. wow suddenly so semangat watch movies?! anyway very good comment!!

    9. I like watching movies!
      I want to watch it with MIU!
      I want to shoot MIU too because I have not had any pix of MIU!


      BUT I am on the night Shift.

      g r r r r r r r

      if the movie is after 10, then I sho uld be up for it. haha. LOL.
      But I doubt it will.

      Ill shoot you 1 day... hehe.

      omgz. damn paiseh la always cannot attend. sorry la miu. lol.

      but you really rock!
      because you always make sure that you have extra tix for ur friends!

      ur kawan,

    10. wow thanks for the compliments.. i will invite u lah for the next blogmocha! since u can't make it to this one :(

      busy popular guy now right.. T_T

      the 1 pic keep first until i come out marie france ok!!!

      ty for being my kawan Ewin

      T___T touched

    11. GSC.. dunno which shopping centre u wanted.. here is all Lolz.

      GSC MID VALLEY, KUALA LUMPUR (Phone Reservation : 03-83123456)
      01:30 PM 04:00 PM 09:00 PM 11:30 PM
      GSC PAVILION KL, KUALA LUMPUR (Phone Reservation : 03-83123456)
      02:45 PM 05:00 PM 07:15 PM 09:35 PM 11:45 PM
      GSC 1 UTAMA (NEW WING), PETALING JAYA (Phone Reservation : 03-83123456)
      11:05 AM 03:35 PM 08:05 PM 10:20 PM 12:30 AM
      GSC BERJAYA TIMES SQUARE, KUALA LUMPUR (Phone Reservation : 03-83123456)
      11:50 AM 04:15 PM 09:40 PM 11:50 PM
      GSC SUMMIT USJ, PETALING JAYA (Phone Reservation : 03-83123456)
      03:15 PM 09:00 PM 11:00 PM
      GSC GURNEY PLAZA, PENANG (Phone Reservation : 04-2223456)
      01:50 PM 06:00 PM 10:10 PM 12:15 AM
      GSC DATARAN PAHLAWAN, MALACCA (Phone Reservation : 06-2810018)
      12:40 PM 02:50 PM 07:10 PM 09:20 PM

    12. GSC 1 UTAMA (NEW WING)
      08:05 PM 10:20 PM

      which time u prefer?

    13. err dunno leh. all i have to do is sleep in the airplane! if wan stay alive till night time.

    14. 6 hours flight not enough for u sleep?! go sleep..

      btw..can also sleep in noon mah at che's condo near the buffet place.

    15. =( Dunno can go to sleep or not sitting on airplane chair =( so sempit one MAS , haha when i am excited i cannot sleep.. once i awake i awake D! =O!!!

      Unless everybody also sleep i nothing do.. i also sleep lur

      That time in the airplane i sleep halfway wake up =.=!

    16. ish or u 2 can watch in MV first.. on friday while i go do my appointment with jasmine there

    17. how many can you reserved for me and where? :D

    18. only 2 tix for my readers who successfully comply to what I ask for & can make it for the movie outing.

      GSC 1utama 10.20pm show

    19. swit@kon: kindly email me if u can go. 2 tix reserved for u.


      to those on list, I'm still waiting for your comments!

    20. I like watching movies with Miu because she is my sister. So naturally our parents also brought me to the cinema when we're young!

      hahah... no bcoz movies let me experience a totaly new life! it's like i live thru another person's adventure or life for 2 hours.

    21. i am under duress to write a comment why i like to go to movie.

      actually, my like for movie is rekindled by miu and gang, like ewin and hurley. i really like watching movies with these fellas because we can always compare notes in our blogs later.

      the best part is, on most occasion, we share the same "love/hate" of the movie, meaning, same taste lah.

      THAT is why I like to go to the movies, especially with my close blogger buddy, hehehe. (hope i am not perasan!!)

      ps - Ewin, it is after 10.00 lah, I guess you will be in?

      pps - Miu, got spare for Ewin or not? then we can get some nice nice pics mah...(ada udang di sebalik batu one)

    22. T.T

      I just saw your timing!
      it's after my class! wooot.
      I think I could make it!
      But its full now.

      if theres 2 empty spaces then I wanna be there! hehe.

      let me know lar.
      if not then nvm lor.

    23. wah, ewin is in woh. goody, then can take some picture.

      hopefully, this time i don't look like mark lee :P



    24. uncle we're in msn now.. get ur @@@ in here n chat with ewin

    25. babe! i loooove watching movies, at the cinema especially coz its time for me to unwind & relax from work.. can watch HBO or DVD at home also, but have to fight for the control with the kids la.. or else have to wait till at least 11pm (after they slept,checking their school bags,homeworks etc),which means i only got to sleep at 1+ or 2am,which usually leads me to being late to work!! except on weekends la... heheh..

      also,i got to eat popcorn! i eat popcorns ONLy while watching movies in the cinema. never outside. seriously.

      i've never really watch a movie with you (altho a few times we were at the same cinema hall watching the same movie) but if it does happen (watching a movie with u), i know it'll be fun! especially if its a girly2 movie! heheh..

    26. yey... another girly outing....all hail Queen Miu...i m going....see you all there....

    27. tentatively, it's nicky and doris, very very nice and fun people, you will like them, only i worry they might take a rain check but we ought to know by tomorrow before noon, alright?

    28. just got home babe. thx sooo much!! really enjoyed it! :)


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