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Why is my eyes twitching?


For the past 5 days my right eye has been twitching like I'm winking at some hunk in front of me. It's quite embarrassing, I don't know if people can see it or not & I definitely don't want people to see it, I'll looked like this squirrel in Ice Age with his twitching eyes! What's wrong with my eye? I asked a few people and this is what they say:

  • Jasmine: "Someone's backstabbing you"
  • Nina: "U want 2 c an old friend"
  • Immai: "u're gonna meet a long lost friend or good luck is coming ur way"
What else could be happening & why! T___T


  1. Your eye twitches because your tired and stressed out. I used to get them all the time as well and it was just like Scrat from Ice Age. Here is a good article on it http://www.eyecaresource.com/conditions/eye-twitching/

  2. Jamie...your losing your mind or have a stigmatization, or your nerves are shot!? cut down on the caffeine

  3. alkilina: stress.. @_@ maybe.. it's getting better now.. but it's over a week already! it says will go off by its own, so i gotta wait. Still counting the days.. and hope i'm not winking at some guy.

    Jamie: LOL caffeine! good one


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