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Indonesian Restaurant 7 Course Meal Promotion by Everyday Coupons


  (worth RM 333!)

this is amazingly beautiful at night!

wow, can someone bring me to eat?

Personally I have never been to this restaurant before. Taking a look at the pictures provided from Everyday Coupons, I am beginning to love the romantic elegance of this restaurant which appears to be a luxurious place in Jalan Ampang that open early this year. Serving authentic Indonesian cuisine since 1968, IR 1968 is a branch that originated in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. It is located at Terrace at Hock Choon (behind Hock Choon Supermarket and opposite SuCasa Hotel). Terrace at Hock Choon is a new and F&B destination featuring 4 restaurants, 3 bars and a cafe serving ILLY coffee.

the Indonesian dishes and the lovely owner Debbie Goh

Owner Debbie Goh, a famous actress in Hong Kong and Malaysia smiles as she presents you a glass of wine inviting you to experience a truly authentic Indonesian cuisine at her restaurant, IR 1968. She has collaborated with Everyday.Com.My to give their members a 7 course Banquest Style Authentic Indonesian Cuisine for 2 pax (couples alert!) at the promotional rate of RM150 (normal price RM300++!). Check out the menu below and see if you are itching to go Indonesia this Bulan Puasa or just to experience a whole new place at IR 1968. Click here for more information regarding this restaurant and promotion.

7 Course Banquet Style Authentic Indonesia Cuisine for 2 pax

Double boiled superior chicken soup with shark fin

Spring roll, Wanton with tomyam sauce & shrimp corn fritter

Main Course:
1. Crispy peanut chicken with home made plum sauce
2. Sea bass with lemongrass spicy sauce
3. Two variety hong kong Kailan
4. Indonesian fried rice

Fruit platter

2 glasses of house red/white wine or mocktail (optional)
and serve with a bottle of Evian mineral water.

brought to you by Everyday Coupons

This promotion will end in 3 days starting today. Don't wait too long to decide if you're going to bring your gf/bf here! Click here (my unique referral link) to purchase the coupon for this restaurant from Everyday.Com.My. I get a commission for each referral if anyone buys the coupon. There's short reviews from food bloggers e.g Fat Boy Bakes at the same link on this restaurant.

The Company
IR 1969
Terrace of Hock Choon
241-B, Lorong Nibong Off Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-21413550, 017-2580810


  1. nice but me broke see doctor and still sick

  2. Sherry: pity u.. pls get well soon yeah :(

  3. I tried their food, went for food review session last time and I love it!! but the 7-course like not much thing that I want eat leh..
    their ox tongue is the best i tell you~

  4. Nice place... :)

    wow hong kong people open Indonesian restaurant.. interesting.. :)

  5. The 7 course dinner not worth it.
    Waited 15-20 minutes for the food to be serve. Once food serve, eat 3 min (small portion)
    You imagine 7 dish x 20 minutes= 2hour 10minutes for dinner. Me and my partner almost fall asleep. Only got one guy waiter and one indo girl. Water finish, nobody come and refill. Both of the waiter busy with other customer. My table and the other table behind me is using the everyday coupon. Both table waited like sor Lou

  6. sounds horrible... 7 dishes, each out 20mins?! complained to everyday.com.my/IR Restaurant. So sorry to hear your bad experience. I hope your complaint is heard by the restaurant. It's not cheap also the voucher.


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