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Lancome's Genifique I HAVE IT!


Guess What I Got?! and cripes when am I goin to review it?
(so many skincare n beauty products atm!)

Yes I finally got my Lancome Genifique! well it's 30ml and retails for RM350 but right now Lancome is selling it at a promotion price of RM295! This is a serum to be use twice daily and words buzzing that the serum activates our genes to produce a certain kind of protein that will "activate youth" in your skin to make u look younger. Well I'm already hitting the "age" soon so anti-aging is important for me! well at least... before I get married yah! coz need to look dewy and young before married. After marry then maintenance slow down? hahaha. 


  1. wahhhh!!! u so 'keng'
    congrats ya, yr big day coming soon
    sure gempak one :D

  2. Wow Congrats !!! You are so great Tammy ^^

  3. wanted Lancome's Genifique so much... but still considering... anyway, i got my Estee Lauder ANR, gonna to try it soon ;D

  4. When is ur wedding? Congrats!

  5. Oh, really? When did he propose?? *kekeke*.

  6. wow...congratulation Miu.. WIsh to be yr makeup sponsor..hehe..visit my blog : www.yenmakeup.blogspot.com

  7. hi, miu i just back from bangkok, i bought this lancome genique 100ml exclusive edition at bangkok airport at 5500bahts. after discount 5000bahts. then have another 500baht voucher some more. so total just pay 4500bahts for 100ml. and free gift is a face massager!!!

  8. Kelly: what.. wei.. i din announce yet leh.. i just general talk.. for ladies who havent marry.. better nice skin first haha..

  9. Hope it works out well for you!


  10. wei wei, gals marry or not marry must still got nice skin la!

  11. would like to know, was the product work ? :)

  12. Anonymous: haven't started as I am reviewing other serums :( don't want to clash it


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