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Miu Gives Back - Movie Preview


For my upcoming 1 year Blog Anniversary, I will be hosting some contests & also organized a movie spree! yes a movie spree for my dear readers especially those who had seek out my services as a personal shopper. The movie preview we're watching is "STAR TREK" and u get to watch it before it's released in the cinemas.

It's a must see for all Star Trek fans and judging by the trailer this movie is going to pack hell a lot of action and "handsome" guys on board. I only have 20 tickets available and I will be sending invites through email confirming you attendance. Very limited tickets so if u can make it and won't magically not come, I'll be very happy.


Star Trek
Cathay Cineleisure Damansara (Curve)
5 May 2009 (Tue) 9:00 PM

I've checked my previous post on Miu Gives Back for emails and there's only a few people who left their emails there. Well if you can make it to this screening and are interested, leave me a comment here with your email :) and yes I know who is my readers whose not.

Terms & Condition:
  1. No Canceling or Pulling out last minute. You will be blacklisted. If u can't confirm & unsure if you are able to make it - don't come. I despised people wasting my time & $$.
  2. Dateline 3rd May, 2009
  3. First come first serve
  4. Leave your email so I can invite u.
Invitation List (Confirmed):
  1. Miu
  2. Miu bf a.k.a The Tutu Guy
  3. Haze
  4. Haze hubby
  5. Harim
  6. Harim's date
  7. Skye
  8. Skye bf
  9. Aina
  10. Aina
  11. Kitty
  12. Kitty hubby
  13. Doroshi
  14. Doroshi fiance
  15. Cas
  16. Cas friend
  17. Cuna
  18. Cuna hubby
  19. Jojoba
  20. Jojoba hubby
*List updated: 5/5/09. Confirmed list. If anyone pulls out, i will contact people on waiting list. This is by first come first serve only. Priority to those who got my personal shopping services :)


  1. Jamie...Live Long And Prosper!

  2. me ! I want tix to go too.... can kah ? can i be greedy and ask for 2 tix ? LOL !

  3. can i hav the tix too?:P..hehehe

  4. yes i give priority to those who has bought stila from me :)

  5. ooo understand. no worries :)

  6. no worries skye, i contact u after asking my buyers if they wanna go or not.

  7. Heyya Miu...

    You're giving away 2 free tix per person right? If you have a spare pair, would love to go... just to chk out the new spock! haha. That is, if u dun mind me bringing hubster along... Lemme know if i'm on ur invite list, okie!

    Me Email: mochafrappez at yahoo dot com


  8. miu!!can i have 2 tickets too?really looking forward 2 watch dat movie =) preview sum more ;P


  9. Yes I can make it!

    I've already replied ur email. =)
    If I got the free pair, that would be cool. But then again, I totally understand that priority is given to your loyal,beloved buyers.

    Jojoba (wanahakalugi_85@yahoo.com)

  10. Hi Miu!Can u inlude me n my bf in ur list if still available? thanks =)


  11. Hi Miu!~
    Would really love to go!!~ Can I have 2 tickets to the movie please? >.< Thanks!!

    Here is my email add: amennor@gmail.com

  12. hello miu!

    ive already left my email! =( i want those tix! my email is muahzz.ann@gmail.com

    yes! ive purchased one thing from u. lipshine on sarah by stila?

  13. ouh.. just checked d time. its 9pm. i think i cant. sorry miu! :D hope u tak marah erk? :D tqs anyway! maybe next time if u conduct any gtherings among those shopaholix! =)

  14. Are those my name I see at the bottom of the list??? =D Thanks a lot Miu! I promise I won't dissapoint u.

  15. Hey miu. Me wan2 go to movie oso. with hubby. don't worry baby staying home.

    This time CONFIRM can go (unless got death in the family la) cos hubby working early and finishing work early.

    pls pls pls Miu... i wan2 go!!!!!! must see star trek....... must must must..........

    Oh (personal shopper help me pls) And can you get pom crush for me oso when you go to stila restock eh. you tau my email kan kan kan... heheheh

    i love pomegranate. its my fav color for lip glaze. so sad ada ONE only.

    anyone wan2 sell their pomegranate lip glaze tell me haa...

  16. hi hi girls, i have email some of u who has left me comments about being interested before. To the newbies, sorry as at now, i have not enough tickets for everyone.

    Tentatively I will confirm the invitation list seen here by SUNDAY.

    There will be another movie preview soon next month, those who's not invited for this will get a chance to go to the next one.

  17. Miu, if got extra can u please give me and hubby?



  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. dear miu, i'm so so sooo sorry dat i hav to withdraw from this one..i badly wanna go but my in-laws going to be away next week ( juz got to know abt it yesterday!!!:( )so noone wil be taking care of my daughter..sigh..i so wanna watch star-trek and join other fellow shopaholics..so much fun kan?sigh..sigh..sigh..sad..so, with very very very heavy heart, i hope my tix can go to someone else who wud like, and can make it..to watch the movie..sigh..i hope i dun trouble u miu..i'm so sorry..ur such a nice and sweet friend..sob!sob!-angelzoe-

  20. any vacancies?for my bf &i....
    thanks a lot!!!

  21. Hi miu...i'm nina..remember we met at the stila counter at parkson klcc on last saturday..nice meeting n chatting with you..:)

  22. sorry all slots are full already
    and there's a long waiting list as well if there's any cancellation.

    Stay tune for more movie previews in upcoming months :D

  23. :D Have fun miu. I kinda missed out the earlier post so didnt confirm

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