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I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past


I totally love comedies especially ones that's starring all my favorite actresses/actors. For Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, this is something interesting! It reminds me of the Ghosts of Christmas Past couple with My Best Friend's Wedding and Jennifer Garner's Turning 13 going on 30. This movie will be released in the cinemas on June 4 (awww long way to go).

Starring Hunky Photographer Connor Mead (MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY!!!) who is your super playboy. He loves beautiful woman and takes it easy saying goodbye to them after a short live "romance". Yes ever been dumped in a live conference with 2 other woman? Connor did it! This kind of "alligator" should be extinct in my opinion or at least neutered to save humanity (in my case save my woman kind species).

the player loves us all

Have you ever dated a guy you thought was oh so charming and the next thing you know, the I love you yesterday totally don't mean a crap when he walks out on you? Well I have and I still remember that gawd forsaken man in my life and all the drama he puts out for me. After 2 weeks of "romance" he finally threw me away citing "it's him not me" all famous breakup excuse. Believe me, just weeks ago he was confessing his love to my mother infront of me, the next I am out like a cold turkey. Seriously what's up with these "men" and how they can switch on and off whenever they like?

This is sweet Jennifer Garner playing as Mr. Playboy's childhood friend Jenny. It seems he fallen in love with her in the past but due to his bite and be gone hobby, he left her just like he left every other girl on the bed. She surely must hate him very much. I really want to see the fight between them or rather the invisible cold fight and how it all happen.

Totally predictable movie from what I see, but dead Uncle Wade (Michael Douglas!) will come haunt him suddenly bringing 3 ghosts of girlfriends past who will take Connor on a journey to find himself amongst all the x-girlfriends he dumps which includes Jenny (and I am guessin just like Ghosts of Christmas past) he will probably wake up not as Mr. Scrooge (how u spell it?) anymore and go hug and love Jenny (hoping this is the ending? otherwise surprise me!).



Can't wait to watch this in the cinemas! Hoping I could get my hands on some free tix!!!!


  1. Jamie...thinks this might be a good one and funny too!

  2. esh...my ow cheong actor and actress wor...yeah !

  3. yup. i also think this is a great movie! :)

  4. Hmm... guys being visited or have to visit ex-girlfriends?? Kinda familiar... reminds me of this muvee called "7 girlfriends"... Although its not exactly the same, but basically about ex-girlfriends changing his life.. perhaps this muvee is the same? We shall see!


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