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Stila Lip Glaze Trio


Thanks to Vivian, she sold me this Travel Lip Glaze Trio from U.S.A. It's so cute right? To me, USA packaging seems more cute and compact then the ones we get in Malaysia (hardly got sets like this!). This Trio has fruit punch, apricot and watermelon. I know I know Malaysia Stila also sell right? but I am more interested in collecting this set from USA haha!!! I just love packaging and design a lot. That's one big major factor why I love Stila.

front & back!
(has stila girl ready to go travelling and airplane on the packaging!)


  1. oh it's so cute!!! where did u get this? i want it too...it's perfect for traveling! i love the pink one!

  2. Hi Pink :D

    I bought it from another blogger friend who got it from USA. She only sold this one. Rest she keeping for memories.

    I love it all..

  3. why don't they sell it here? it so cute to resist! and so perfect when ur waiting for the plane and take it out for touch up...others will stare enviously...while the guys will go wooo!! hahaha!!!

  4. hahah wah.. u sound like Stila Ambassador now..!!!!

    well here.. sigh here always get the not very nice packaging or old stuffs..

  5. Jenny Luvs KittenMay 22, 2009 at 9:42 PM

    Look so cute! Glad that you have this in your collection :)

  6. oh miu.. ur old entries make me missing stila sooo much, im a huge fan too.
    oh wait, i saw it in bangkok last week when i visited but i didnt get to buy any cos i was sick n wanted to go home so badly.
    very nice to see ur collection here, ive got myself the just my luck palate as my first stila product. love it!


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