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Any 5 for RM50? Serious? OMG


picture credits to Hanna!

Stila has gone bonkers at Stila Gardens. Apparently reported from Hanna check out her blog here. She bought 5 stila items for RM50 only! that includes a talking lip palette that was worth rm70 before (Retails rm190!!!). This happened in Gardens Stila only. Stila Pavilion also having this promo confirmed by Rachel the SA! It's crazy? first they sell them at XXX price, now they further degrade the value by giving 5 for rm50?! just have a warehouse sales better right?

This is what she bought:
1) paint your pout red; the talking palette
2) illuminating powder foundation refill 70 watts
3) smudge pot pomegranate
4) high shine lip color in aida
5) brow set in warm


  1. gardens only left long wear lip color...compact foundation(angel light&smooth skin) refill-shade c,d,e....brow kit(medium&fair)...foundation sponge...maybe still have another stuff im not sure,cz my friend told me last nite,1 day only almost all stock gone = =

  2. wah...stila really killing us!!! I cannot d...a lot of commitment...hayyoooo

    Aishah Noordin


    Thanks to Suziana, she called me just now to tell me that Pavilion Stila is also having this (desperate) crazy deal! Yup, any FIVE items for RM50 ONLY!!! I'll post an short announcement in my blog soon.

    Miu- No biggie, hon. ;)

  4. stila's still here?
    OMG rm 10 per item only?
    so worth it!
    i want their contour and twist pen lip glosses!
    where still got stocks for stilaa

  5. i can only go this sunday, the stocks probably finish anyway.. sob2 T-T


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