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Customer's Right


What do you do as a customer, when you've been sold something that's:

1. broken accessories that comes with a cosmetic set
2. missing accessories that complete a cosmetic set
3. overcharged for items purchased

I have all 3 of that problem in just a single night's purchase. Anyone with experience?


  1. return the items and ask for replacement. after all we are consumers and have the rights to do so. alot of times, we are 'bullied' by sales people esp during promotions and sales time. I bought Kanebo earlier during Isetan presales and supposed get a nice pink umbrella, but upon asking, say that my purchase is not entitled as i buy the Kanebo set. damn... but at the promotion pamphlet did not say so. but i also just keep quiet as not good in negotiating. maybe we shall learn more our rights and fight for what we deserved.

  2. bring ur BF got with you...incase u ask for change or return they ACI ACO with you and make u melt down....like SUAN LIAO ...then ur BF will back u up.....( put up scary face not friendly one)

    must change =.=......money not easy to earn......

    TUTU J

  3. lovely: this happens so many times to me too! one of their famous reasons to why we can get the GWP or gifts is because "sorry u bought best buy set". SO buying best buy sets don't consider as making a valid purchaselah now? they all so stingy lah. What is wrong with counters in Malaysia? I hear overseas all so generous! samples also give free, tak payah tunggu tunggu..ambik kupon ke.... cut out ke.. bla bla beli benda first ke..

    Tutu J: money not easy to earn! u r so right! but the people behind this corporations think we print money from trees.

  4. speak out loud and meke complaint to the HQ overseas. It worked, for my case.

  5. hey babe

    sorry lambat leave comment.

    remember my incident with the lipglazes that made my lips sting and swell?

    if i can do it, so can you. insist on your rights. however, they (the store) can claim that you've checked the item before you left (so it means that you bought the item KNOWING that they are defects). if you had knowledge of the items being defect, then its harder to get them changed.

    but if you only found out AFTER opening the package AND its within the store's exchange period policy(e.g: Parkson's policy is 7 days WITH receipt) then I think you shouldn't have a problem.

    hope you get it changed... after all, you were the one rooting for me when I went to get my stuff exchanged (that's how I got my shu uemura stuff) so I really am praying you get this settled too.



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