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Benefit Warehouse Sales 2009


Discount Duration:Thu, 25 Jun 2009 - Fri, 26 Jun 2009
Company:Starlight Cosmetics Sdn Bhd
Location:13-05, Level 13, Menara Milenium, 8 Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

*striclty no bags, camera, food/drink allowed inside sale area.
*all sales are final on sale merchandise
*no exchange or refunds will be entertained


  1. Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Benefit sale preceeding EL sale???? I wonder how would this sale be?? Gonna be jam-packed? I heard parking in that area sucks. And...and...I can't go early on Thurs morning cos my daughter got music class....Miu dear, can you help??

  2. sorry i am not going as it's working day.. i already taken a lot of leave for Stila Sales.

    I still have 1/2 year to go.. and my leave is down to 2 days.. sigh..

  3. 1st its the anna sui, then its the 5 for RM50 stila and now this....argh!!!!!!! i am not even going to think abt how much i've spent on other early warehouse sale...to go or not to go....hmm...

  4. i soooo wanted to go to this sales but got to save up for el... i plan to go mad!!!!!hahahahahha

    so many good sales i missed- stila, anna sui, now benefit!!!

  5. muahahaha....my office is opposite Menara Millenium.....

  6. Dem...what were they thinking? With EL sale coming right up! urgh!!!

    Hey girls, I have a (silly) suggestion here, let's NOT go to this sale this Thurs!!! Then maybe they'll re-do the sale next time. And prolly reduce the prices even more. Bummer, I'm really looking forward to this sale, but not this soon!

  7. This is like killing me...with stila then El and now benefit!!! i think i should declare myself bankrupt any time soon... ;p but i really want to go since i missed it last year...but my friend n i already hard work to get ticket for the EL.... T-T
    yeah Hanna...i think we should plan like that...so that they can organize another sales like last year twice....i'm with you hanna!!! ;p

  8. *high-fives Pink*

    Yeah let's so not go to this sale. Seriously bad timing. Boo-hoo Benefit Malaysia. (though i am a benefit fan) =p

  9. Coincidentally enough, I am on leave these two days - might check it out if I can get myself out of bed first :P

    Back to my old stomping grounds, haha...

  10. damn!!!! why is it weekdays again????

  11. hi, any1 can get for me some stuff, pls?

  12. all these sales are seriously killing all of us financially and emotionally... why all this come one after another??? T-T sob2

  13. Just came back from there, not much stuff this year:

    Lipstick - 1 for RM30, 2 for RM50
    Cream E/S- 1 for RM29, 2 for RM50
    Powder E/S- 1 for RM25, 2 for RM40
    Eyebrow kit - RM55

    3 pcs brush set - RM89

    Booing Concealer - RM30 or RM40 (only left shade 01-Light and 03-Dark)

    Powder Blush - RM55 (finish in the morning)



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