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Estee Lauder Staff Sale


18 July 2009

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale

** BY Invitation Card ONLY **

Skin Care
|Time : 8am to 3pm
(While Stocks Last)

Bags, Handbags & Pouches are strictly not allowed in the Sale area
And please note that there will be NO BAG Area
Items sold during the staff sale CANNOT be returned nor exchanged at Counter
Invitation Card is require for admittance and will be collected at entrance
All purchases are limited to not more than 3 units of each item, and not exceeding RM2000 while stocks last
All customers are requested to Cash Out at the Cashier’s area as soon as possible

The Grand Ballroom
Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

check out last year's sale that I blogged about here.


  1. Miu, do you have extra invitation card? i want one. e-mail me at suziana610@gmail.com. thanks a lot miu!!!

  2. From what I've read from other blogs, despite the "by invitation only" status, there's nothing exclusive about this sale. What kind of an invitation if there were THOUSANDS of pll? And whoa the crowd??? .0.

  3. i wonder how it would look like this time lol!

  4. i had 3 invitation cards last year but i didnt manage to go thanks to someone for last minute back off!
    aih weren't so lucky this year i guess

  5. Can go or or not if don't have invitation?.... I want to go.... I want the mac...have been waiting for mac sales...

  6. who have invitation pls tell me ....i wana go...HELP invitation needed

    email : ameliafonda@yahoo.com

    TUTU J

  7. Miu...pls...pls...let me go with you...or at least give me 1 invitation card...really dying to get my clinique stuff and other stuff for my hantaran..huhuhu...

  8. me too...wanna go...but dont hv the invitation card lor....any one going to tis sale next month..wanna kirim la...

  9. Mui..any invitation card?i want 1..plis..

    From: eikyn
    email me: nuras859500@yahoo.com

  10. miu....i want an invitation card also......puhleasseeee.....heheheheh

  11. miu...i m getting my invite soon...
    but dont know how many i get, do you have your own ?

  12. my ofis fren got extra 1 tix after we distribute , but she wan to sell it =.="" 50 bucks she said no jokes


    who so desparate pls email me at ameliafonda@yahoo.com

    TUTU J

  13. sigh... i wonder they got sell idealist range? if yes, then i will be real sad...

  14. Oh wow, all these sales make me jealous!

  15. hey..miu..u gt extra invitation card?can u help me get 1 please.....email me at junyi_khoo_26@hotmail.com..tq ya...

  16. Hola Miu,

    May i hav 2 invitation cards pls.... Kindly pm me at life1oct@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.. Muacks !! xoxoxo..

  17. grrrrrr.....

    dun care miu i wanna gooooooooooooooo
    tat's t best word i can write.......
    pls let me have t card miu...i'm dying to have it...........


  18. I'm a lion hear my roar.. Roaarrr.. I'm hungry for an invite.. (I forgot the please..) Pleease.. ;p Hi hi hi


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