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Fabulous Flawless Workshop


Benefit is organizing a Fabulous Flawless Workshop at Robinsons! I haven't been to a Benefit workshop yet so this is my chance to try & review *so excited*! The workshops are on 25th & 26th July, 2009 with the time slots of 10am, 2pm and 5pm. I've already called in to register with Ratni, I'm going for the 25th July workshop at 2pm. Ratni says details are not confirmed yet, they'll be having a meeting to discuss & then update those who called in to register. Refreshments/voucher/etc they can't confirmed atm.

Fees RM100 (fully redeemable)

Receive adoor gift worth RM120 (they don't know what is given)

RSVP 03-2284 6266.

Limited seats only.


  1. ooo...i reserved my spot too! hope it is in robinsons the gardens and not somewhere in KL. i booked for the same time! haha...and date!

  2. benefit having a workshop??? this is so rare... heehee =P

  3. So frustrated la...cant go..having important event...huhuhu...

  4. Miu, have you tried the Hello Flawless? If you did, could you pls do a review on it? Many thanks!

  5. anonymous:

    wah! same time n date? so i shall be seeing u there lah? i already bought my voucher ^___^. Wing helped me buy last Sat.

    Ayna: yes! i'll be my 1st time, I can't wait to see how they do their workshops and what's fun there :D

    ameh: T_T wuwuw.... babe.... sedih for u...

    moose: hi moose, actually i have not :( that's why I'm going to this workshop to try it :) i shall review it after the workshop! dun worry. U can also go to Benefit counters to try out this product. They had a roadshow event but I did not attend sob sob wasted.

  6. Hi Miu,

    Have you attended Benefit's workshop before? How is it actually? Worth going?

    And do you have any hint on the door gift for the coming workshop? hehe.

    I might be going for it..so c u there Miu.. :-)

  7. Hi Sapphire,

    I called Benefit n ask, they say they don't know what's in the goodie bag. Then my friend Cai Wing go help me buy voucher n she ask the SA give clue lah.. so the SA say it's not cosmetic or skincare.

    :( make up voucher ka?

    i never attended any benefit workshop b4! i think this will be the first :D in msia? not sure..

    i'm goin to this one loh, to see if it's nice.

  8. ooo..hope so the SA is wrong.. :( coz i dun think a make up voucher is tat worth it..hehe..

    anyway am goin for the sat one at 2pm if not mistaken..c ya there if v r in d same slot :-)

    ooo yea have you used their dr. feelgood? im jz wondering if it's really good..


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