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Haagen Daz Ice Cream Fondue


My domestic helper a.k.a Lena from Indonesia went back few months ago. I kinda miss her now. She's like the most awesome helper I have ever known. Ok she's not my domestic helper okay? she works for my bf's mom. She has a daughter! a baby girl back in her country. I hope she's happy back there because she's so unhappy in Malaysia for 2 years.

This is my bf, we decided to take Lena out for ice-cream before she leaves for her home. I suggested Haagen Daz as I had a 20% discount coupon from being a member. Well that's also because I have wanted to try the Haagen Daz Ice Cream Fondue ever since I read about it from blogs!

Price rm63-90++

Every Fondue comes with:
4 mini scoops of Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream & Vanilla.

Pieces of:
pound cake, chocolate chip cookie, seasonal fruits & rich chocolate sauce

Choose any one topping:
chocolate sprinkles, almond flakes & almond nibs

(we took all toppings! hehe)


the chocolate sauce was yuummmmmmy

Overall it was kinda pricey for 16 mini scoops of icecream, they were really mini kinda like 1 mini ball fits in your mouth. I am not a big fan of chocolate but this fondue chocolate is not bad! it kinda freeze and became solid which I liked very much. My bf says he'll never come back for this or Haagen Daz ever again, way too expensive for ice-cream.


  1. Yummy!!! I haven't tried Haagen Dazs fondue, but the Baskin Robbins fondue was very nice and less expensive too.

  2. looks so yummy!!
    but its so expensive
    maybe i'll got there for my 2nd anniversary :D
    till then... *drools*

  3. Aiyohh Miu you made me crave for ice cream now!!! Huhuhu. I haven't tried Haagen Dasz' fondue but as Vonvon said, Baskin's just as good, has more variety of ice creams and you can opt for either belgian choc sauce or hazelnut choc sauce... both are simply divine! They even have 2 sizes at diff (cheaper) prices... the only thing diff is they dont have those toppings with the fondue... :)


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