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My Stila Brush Collection


the Stila Brush Roll
(travel case for make up brushes)

Remember my Stila Brush Roll which I bought at rm60 from Stila Pavilion? well I know the next week it was reduced to rm48 *boo-hoo-hoo-sob-sob*. Anyway in a spam of 2 months, I have collected what seems to be a varierty of brushes which I consider is a must have. I'm not a professional make up artist or any make up pro fyi, I'm just a normal girl looking to start her own collection of brushes (and pose infront of the make up mirror like a make up artist) - pls don't do this at home!

if only maths were this interesting

I know some of you are dying to see what kind of brushes I got myself right? well it's not that awesome. I only got what 11 brushes? can't be compared to Emily who collected 16 Stila brushes!!! amazing, coz it was pretty tough hunting these brushes down. For one thing they were like really 70% off or more! seriously amazing considering pony tail /goat hairbrushes would cost you rm100 -rm300 in the market for a good one.

the brush roll came in handy

I was able to squeeze all the Stila brushes into the slots. I still wish the slots were bigger because Stila Brush No. 21 needs to go on a diet. Stila Brush no. 24 which is a double sided illuminating powder brush could not be properly fitted in, if you forced it in the other side of the brush would get spoiled :( so handle with care no.24!

my friend forced me to buy this!

OPPS! I forget the latest addition to my Stila Brush Collection is the Stila Retractable Brush No.31. It was the last one and I was not impressed by this brush. I mean hmm it's so troublesome just to open it, retract and then use? then push back again right?

so it's a brush that retracts
(eyes just staring at the description)

so this little thing is a retractable brush huh?

I do like the brush but..

Alright I only remembered Emily telling me it's so good so good but hers was in blue and mine is the silver one. Then my friend forced me to buy it from her coz she had extra. I was still staring at it and for a long time. In my head I was just thinking.. why do I need this? My friend finally convinced me to buy it just by saying this "everyone wants it! if u don't take it, you'll regret!".

Boy how easy it is to convinced a shopaholic to buy something by just saying that?!

pretty easy I would believe *dang!*


  1. Waaaaaa, I want Brush 24 and Brush Roll soo bad, T-T sob2

    So naughty la u tempted me with this post, hehhee =P

    Just sell the Brush 24 to me la if it can't fit ur brush roll, u have soo much already, hahaha =D

  2. so smart lah u ayna!!!!!!

    tak mau sell!! it's my one and only T_T

  3. miu, i wouldnt recommend putting the double sided brushes into the slots. SA said the same thing to me. sayang nanti if spoilt... :)

  4. so nice u get the retacable brush. if u wan to let go the brush, please reserve for me please...... i am looking around for long time oledi....

  5. i regretted for not buying ANY brushes frm stila :'( was contemplating, then i decided i did not need any. sigh. js the thought of wasting the chance of getting it is bugging the hell out of me =/

  6. hey there.. how much for the brush 24 if they don have it on sale.. does stila in pavillion have all kind of brushes there ? i want to collect the all set like u ? let me know.. thanks Helen

  7. Hi Helen, Stila is not in pavilion anymore :( they have withdraw from Malaysia since June last year *sad*

  8. ohhh.. thanks .. then i guess i have to buy it from australia.. it is too expensive here.. any other asian country have their outlet stores??

  9. Stila hmm so far I know Singapore, Philliphines has Stila besides stilacosmetics.com (online). Helen where you from?

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