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I was given a opportunity to try out RMK products recently particularly the skincare range as I am planning to try out skincare brands other than oh faithful Clarins. I do welcome samples or any products for reviews so anybody wishing to send me something (i will be delighted to accept it!). The only time I heard about RMK was when I attended the RMK Base Make up workshop a month ago or so. I have not come to reviewing the workshop yet, but I promise u it will be on the top of my to do blog list ok!

I'm very curious about RMK skintuner!

I have sensitive & dehydrated skin with a oily T zone (I think?! that's what Clinique says). I am also beginning to get worried about my face after our Malaysian weather is having global pms-ing now. I can even see brown spots!!! and wrinkles!! arghh I am so young only!!! (hahah ok ok I can hear u laughing now!).

I have not gotten down to trying the samples out yet. ATM I'm researching about RMK. What and Why are they famous? I've heard the make up base and liquid foundation work wonders and are practically easy to use and blend. Some kind of special formula. Well I am still "studying" the brand and products. I find that compare to Stila, RMK has a more serene outlook. It's products and packaging are almost white and silver with a minimalistic concept. Kinda like a clear natural beauty look? which is why the Japanese is going crazy over this brand - Natural Beauty. Easy to use, anyone can be beautiful.

On further surfing through RMK Website, I found my favourite gossip drama there! GOSSIP GIRL (I love Gossip Girl pls don't condemn me!). There's also pictures of Pushing Daises which I watch only for season 1 and find it quite boring the storyline but the creativity of producing it is awesome. I don't read Japanese, I am guessing RMK has done makeovers for them? or make up for them? Gah.. who can translate?

Well, when I find out more about RMK and test out the skincare samples. I'll let u girls know whether I will be changing from Clarins to RMK?


  1. Miu, how did u manage to get so many RMK samples? They gave those to you themselves eh?

    I dunno much about this brand either. Apparently the oh-so-expensive products on the oh-so-exclusive RMK counters kinda intimidate me. ;p

    But i always hear about how this brand is more about creating a fundamental, flawless makeup base. Hence the foundation/ makeup base range.

  2. Wow! that's a whole lot of samples. what's in the tube and the round jar?
    Still can't make myself interested in RMK yet. ;)

  3. hey darling, how come u getting so many samples from rmk workshop... sob sob... must be u r femes blogger .. :P

  4. What, do u have the chance to try their foundation? It's a start product. Wish I have the chance to try it too

  5. my hubby can definitely translate it for you...

  6. Hanna: because I cantik (fulamak.. this gona be my standard reply now)no no not because I cantik, i'm just being naughty here haha.

    Yes you're right, it kinda looks very "expensive" right? but with the right SA, you will feel just at home :)

    I have heard so much about their foundation and make up base. Shall reveal the workshop soon about my thought on it :)

    Von: the tube is a cleanser and the jar is face powder. Macam your Kiehls's scenario.. haha

    jess: if i femes, then u also femes leh! we sama kaki only. Plus i don't tell brands that i am a blogger. I probably should? boleh dapat more samples for reviews.

    Joey: oh you will have chance! :)

    Madam Ah: if not too troublesome, your hubby can help hehe!! if too troublesome, it's ok. I find babelfish or something to translate! kaka..

  7. u buy RM380?
    i remember the loose powder is RM380/RM580 baru dapat。。。。
    RMK free gift now very cham....before RM350 can get 5pcs
    now RM400 get 3 pcs very very small one = =
    but thier skincare like cleansing oil and skintuner light/fruit very good...others soso only..

  8. I dont like their moist skintuner, too light, not moist enough.I left half bottle unuse.
    But i definately like their ake up base and liquid foundation,great product for light make up.

  9. hi Miu,

    I'm your silent reader here..I love your stories especially on the makeover workshop.

    I've researching on RMK cosmetics too. Waiting for your post on RMK workshop :)

  10. hi thanks for reading my blog!!!

    i have been researching on rmk too! i heard all these rave stories about their base & foundation that's flawless and easy to use..

    hope i can have another try at it at the upcoming RMK Workshop that will be held in The Apartment cafe, KLCC.

    I just blogged about it :)


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