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Stila's Luxe Lip Gloss


comes in 5 goldlicious colors!

OMG just feast your eyes on these yummy gold lipglaze!!! and what's going on in the beauty world? seems like skincare and cosmetics are pilling on the gems, gold, platinums into their products? is it even safe to have gold or platinum cream? My bf said that all these metal/gems/etc are harmful to the human body. Seriously if they're harmful then why is there a sudden BOOM using all these precious stones/gems/metals to create skincare and cosmetics for us ladies? trying to kill us? or the guys just think too much?
OMG it has a bindi on the cap! awww so cool!

description from stila cosmetics
Add some sizzle to your summer with Stila’s 24kt gloss! Infused with genuine 24kt gold, this non-sticky formula gives you a vibrant, glistening, gorgeous grin.

The smooth texture is loaded with moisture-locking ingredients including Vitamin E to nourish and condition and Vitamins A & C to provide anti-oxidant protection and keep the lips hydrated. The 24kt gold powder nourishes and protects the lips, and gives you a beautiful golden shimmer.

Adorned with a genuine handmade Indian bindi, this glimmering gloss can be worn alone for a natural shine or over your favorite lipstick for a dazzling effect.

can't believe we're missing out on Mango Crush!!!


  1. well apparently gold is good for your skin. that's what i heard. i forgot what's the benefits but i only remembered it gives your skin that nice glow.

    btw, nice lipglosses!!! i want!!! stila always come out with irresistible products. >.<

  2. Yikes stop it Miu! I just got this email from Stila, all I can do is, drool~

    Wait, the 24k gold thingy, was in IN the ingredient of the gloss or just the tube's cap? haiyo all this economic downturn, yet still want us to spoil ourself silly by smearing gold on lips? 0_0

  3. I so want the lip glosses....and Mango Crush.

  4. cleopatra use gold mask every night to get youthful, glowing and beautiful skin...as i read somewhere but kinda forgot....

  5. As usual, Stila never fail to come up with the coolest packaging ever, hehehe =P The bindi is really2 a nice touch... Must be a huge hit with the bollywood fans, hehehe =D Lovin' it ^_~

  6. my friend from myanmar use natural pearl powder for beautifying her face complexion since she was young. it has been her tradition in the family.. guess what, it helps!
    i guess pampering ur self with luxe material really works..


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