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Clarins We Care


click on the image to find out where u can buy one

From 1 November to 31 December 2009, buy a Clarins We Care Tumbler for only RM12 at any Clarins outlets nationwide. All proceeds go towards funding better futures for underprivileged children. To read more about Clarins We Care click here to read the website.

Clarins We Care Tumblers rm12 each
proceeds goes to funding for a better future
for underprivileged children

I care, DO YOU care?

cute tumbler for charity!


  1. wow...yes i heard about it during the clarins workshop that day. Later will go buy.. :)

  2. So cute and not expensive, will buy one.

  3. ally: wow they mention in the workshop?

    candygal: me too!

    pigita: ok u will like this 100% go to charity..

  4. Miu, yes ar..Michelle got mentioned and informed us must buy... hehe
    but i nearly forgot...:p
    luckily u blogged it and reminded me... haha..

  5. ally: Hebatnya workshop.. you're welcome. Go grab one before out of stock. Last year the clarins we care tote bag ah, out of stock!

  6. Yes... i guess it will run out fast! As the price is affordable and what's more?? It's for CHARITY!!

    I missed out the plant they launch last few months! When i realized, they already ran out of stock liao!!

  7. yeah.. wow the plant also sold out? i bought 2 plants but they don't really survive well in our hot climate? the next day already my plants dying =_=

    now it's dead.. sigh.. i water everyday no use..

  8. Hi Miu,

    No la, I blieve the plant can grow well as my Gotu Kola bought at Clarins Counter grow quite well and become bigger and bigger. Just need water and sun only!!!

  9. This is cute.. must have it!! ^_^

  10. Miu,

    U plant killer u!!

    Lucky it's a water tumbler this time, u can't kill it LOL

  11. Oh...so cute...I almost forgot about it, luckily you blog about it and I shall grab it now.

  12. ciawei: wah.. mine put outside my balcony, water n sun also O_O but it's dead.. within few days.. why T_T

  13. Cath J: it's cute for children bring to school also can.

  14. Pigita: =_= walao say like this!


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