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Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Xmas Collection Preview Party

The Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Christmas Collection Preview Party was a great way to usher in the Holiday Spirit! I attended the party yesterday at Shu Uemura Mid Valley 5pm (12/11/09). Upon reaching the party, I can see that it looked like a private function going on with a Chef serving the guests with yummy fruit tarts (love the grape tart), mini sandwiches, prawn fritters, fried finger food and orange juice.

The Tsumori Chisato Collection
The place was decorated with the Tsumori Chisato Christmas Collection, your eyes will not leave the beautifully displayed items on their shelves and table. The packaging of the lip gloss trio, pouch is quite the attention getter. Already the Tsumori Chisato Pouch in Large size RM248 OUT OF STOCK! (the horror!) there was only 3 in the shop and it was already paid for! I didn't know we can pay in advance! I would've done so for the big pouch. But no worries, I have already reserved & paid for it! I don't know when it will arrive in stock T_T I just hope soon. I manage to molest the ready stock which belongs to another customer. My mind made up its mind to purchase this vanity pouch. It was probably the fascinating colors and pattern of the puffy plus size pouch and dangling stars on it that couldn't leave my pocket alone. Factor with it being sold out, I went nuts. Another SOLD OUT item was the Tsumori Chisato Lip Stick RM88 in Moon Peach color! THE HORROR again! do you know that the Tsumori Chisato lip stick can be recycle to used for your other Shu Uemura lipsticks? just take the used lipstick out of the lipstick cover/packaging and attach another lipstick! (Whopee!)

yum yum!! such good service from this cute chef!
(accident spilled orange juice on floor
n he quickly stop me from wiping it!
and took towels to wipe it off. Thanks!)

Shu Uemura's Internationally acquired Makeup Artist Lisa
(my lovely SA for Shu Uemura Mid Valley)

so cute the Tsumori Chisato badge! has the kira kira eyelash!

Quick & Easy Make Up Tips from Frederick!

You'll also be given some makeup tips and a quick makeover demo by Shu Uemura's Uber Cool Makeup Artist Frederick! He's so dam funny & friendly. He demo a make up touch up using the Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet! (ARRGGG CAT PLANET SO COOL IT HAS EVERYTHING U NEED IN THERE except lip gloss/stick). Another quick tip for those who don't have time to make up or people like MOI who lazy to make up - just use eyeliner, blusher & lipstick! tip from Frederick. Besides that, Frederick also taught us how to put on false eyelashes! he said we can substitute cornflour with water as eyelash glue... I am wondering if he was still in his comedian mode or that's true?!

For just this special party, invited guests can purchase the Tsumori Chisato collection and get freebies! a.k.a Gifts with Purchase Promotions! As highlighted in my previous post on this party, Spend RM300 and you can top up RM90 to get the Tsumori Chisato Brush set (now on promotion for RM180, actual prices for Shu Uemura brush sets are RM298!) this is available from the 15th onwards to the public. The second GWP Promotion is Spend RM350 and you'll get travel size of the Red Juvenus skincare, cleansing oil, mini lip gloss & a Tsumori Chisato Miror! You can only CHOOSE ONE GWP PROMOTION not both/combined.

Another big surprise & I mean really big is when you spend RM1k you'll get the travel size red juvenus pieces, cleansing oil, mini lip gloss, the Tsumori Chisato Miror & a choice of the actual size UV Base mousse or the Tsumori Chisato Pouch in small size :D

The Door Gift
The door gifts for this Party which I know everyone wants to know! well it's a 2 piece gift set consisting of a cleansing oil (it was either the premium beauty cleansing oil in yellow or the white recovery cleansing oil in 30ml & a Japanese Bath Oil from Shu Uemura Japan which is not available in Malaysia! it smells heavenly trust me).

So enjoy your party today girls :) Take lotsa camwhore pics! buy something nice? for me? (muahhaha perasaan) for your family/friends coz Christmas is just next month! and you wouldn't want to miss out the cool GWP you'll be getting today.

My CatPlanet Birthday Gift from Wing, Joey & Candy!
(my 1st Shu Uemura Cosmetic item!)

Our RM1k++ Shu Uemura Haul
(me & buaya wing)

Red Juvenus Refreshing Toner RM145
Tsumori Chisato Vanity Pouch in Large Size RM248
Shu Uemura Eyelash Glue RM35 x 2
Shu Uemura False Eyelash x 1 RM55
Tsumori Chisato Brush Set RM190
Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet RM198 (my birthday present from Wing, Candy & Joey! thanks!)
Tsumori Chisato Lipstick in Jupiter Brown RM88
Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner RM48

top up rm90 - Get Tsumori Chisato Brush Set
RM1k Bonus - Get Tsumori Chisato Vanity Pouch in Small size
- Travel Size Red Juvenus 3 piece
- Mini Lip Gloss
- Cleansing Oil
- Tsumori Chisato Mirror


  1. I went to Pavilion's Party just now..
    Super Sad!! The mini pouch is not for sale and it's impossible for me to purchase up to RM1K..>.<
    I want it la..sob..
    At last I bought the 3 lip gloss set (love the colors so accidentally bought liao.>.<) and order a vanity pouch...
    Seriously, I was planning to get the mini pouch at RM80 only but end up buying the large expensive..
    but I really love it.. need to wait the pouch, they reserve it for me and need to wait Japan to send over the stock.

  2. hi there miu!!

    lols. been waiting for ur review on the shu uemura's party :P :P

    are u putting up some of ur haul for sale? kekekez

  3. Jean: sad... they have very limited pouch so they not sellin anymore... instead use as gwp.. it's good marketing strategy.. T_T sigh.. bad for us only who thought can buy it at rm80.

    I also ordered the vanity it's so gorgeous.. going to use my citibank points to redeem the lipgloss set..or etc.. :(

  4. erv: wow i not robot so fast post leh.. just attended it yesterday night :( my haul? i think u all can buy straight from shu uemura! lol...

    my haul nothing much.. 1/2 of it is wing's stuffs...

  5. Miu, thanks to Wing she is our we know what you like :)

    The small make-up pouch SOLD OUT!!! Arghhhhh...

  6. miu!!

    haha. ya true. i would say that i was really looking forward to ur review.

    uhuh. okay. i'll check out the nearest shu uemura near my house. (:
    hope i can grab stg for xmas :P

    thanks for the post!

  7. erv: wow love u.. hehe!!! what u plannin to get btw?

  8. Joey: THANK U MUAK MUAKS!!!!!! LOVE IT.. i can't wait to use it... WING say cannot touch until my bday!! that's that's... nearly 1 month 15days!!!!

    the small pouch not for sale anymore and the big one is SOLD out sobs ob

  9. Miu, thank you for posting this. The party looks good because I am so loving food ^_^

    By the way, what are the items of the Red Jevenus travel set? Seems worth buying the 350MYR Gift with purchase ^_^


  10. np.. is my post ok? :( i do in a hurry.. coz everyone wanan read..

    the red juvenus got the serum, moisturiser n toner :D small size for travel.. yeah i think it's worth it too.. but the pouch rm80 with 1k purchase also very nice T_T the pouch is not for sale..

  11. miu

    i think i'm getting the eyeliner though. is it good? i'm not a frequent makeuper (:, any comments on that product? That's why i was in a rush to get the laneige eye shadow from u cause i can't seem to find my own eye shadows, forgot where did i chuck it and i needed it for a formal event :P

    i'm also googing on how to apply smoky eyes. :P

    i'm really amazed and envious at the same time cause u seem to buy a lot everytime u go for an event or stg. I gotta control myself or else, i'll have problem moving from one place to one place. luggage would be overweight just on cosmetics, skincare alone .teeehez

  12. erv! check out the stila smoky eye video i put up few days ago.. simply smoky eye using just 3 colors! :D

    eyeliner.. hmm hmm shu's eyeliner is good.. but Stila's much better.. the best! smudge pots! but msia not sellin so.. shu is a good option.. otherwise rmk also ok..comes with brush also.

    I'm goin to be testing Tsuya Tsuya's eyeliner.. :D

    go YOUtube to find smokey eyes! u'll see that's it's easier to learn from youtube videos :)

    frankly speakin.. i am exhausted and need to vacation... i don't have time for myself n been sleepin late from blogging/etc/work.

    T___T so tired..

  13. nice party!! regretted didnt register for it ...good thing is i get to save $$ lol

  14. miu

    may i know what are u working as? cause i thought you're a full time personal shopper.:D

    if so, u seriously need a short getaway. reward yourself from all these work/etc/blogging.

    Tsuya Tsuya? is that a brand?

  15. miu do u think they still have the brushes set till end of this month coz i'm totally broke right now after mac christmas edition and loreal's warehouse sales n tempted to go to dior in dilemma right now... :(
    i'm thinking to hold myself till pay day to grab the brushes but scared it will sold out just like those items u mentioned earlier.
    can't use my credit card as i'm reserving it for singapore trip next month...

  16. the preview party at pavilion was terrible!!!!!!

    I called to book for 2 person but at the end of the day, I got nothing!!!

    no names were recorded and no door gifts!!!Why should I call then if u never took the calls seriously??

    what a shame as I was bringing a friend there to show her how lovely their products are!

    I am so angry with them & I wont count them on the top5 to restock....

  17. omg? what happened at Pavilion Shu Uemura? no names? no doorgifts for anyone? was Frederick there? are u a shu uemura member? O_O what happen tell more!

  18. lisa: nvm! u gona love the next one! or the One Utama's 23/11/09 xmas sale promo :)

  19. erv: no la :( i am working as a normal 9-5pm job person.. with minimun wage. Yea i think i need a holiday.. but i can't bear to leave my blog alone.. later u all cabut.. T_T

    tsuya tsuya is a brand :) from singapore.. their star products is mascara and that mascara treatment

  20. Sherry: i like kitties... sob sob

  21. pink princess: am not sure, do u wan me to buy first for you? u can pay me when ur pay comes :) which is end of this month right

    email me

  22. Miu what is the One Utama's 23/11/09 xmas sale promo?

  23. There was no registration table at all!
    when I reached,a SA approached and intro the products but she never asked if I registered.
    I didn't know who to ask for help and after I saw some people got the door gifts,I just realized that I had to ask a SA to register. How did I know since it wasn't look like an invited party?
    When I approached to one of them, she said my name was not there! what the???? I spent to make calls and what she said was couldn't find my name and what could she do.
    I had no idea what could she do as I was really shocked and angry.
    she didn't even show sorry or helping..
    My friend was there and I felt so embarrassing...Federick was there but I was so disappointed that I walked away without saying a word.
    I didn't know what happened and who is responsible to this but I am totally disappointed with them.
    I am a fan of shu and is their member.
    This left a scar in my heart.
    I had register to the kielh's party and I am afraid that this kind of problem is happening again......

  24. oh my my such a beautiful collections~~ you are soo lucky & fun to get invited *hehehe

    i'm gonna use my citibank points to redeem the christmas set !!! woohoo

    i <3 STARS!! and i have a kitty meoowwww

  25. dear stella

    :) hold your horses! pls wait for my next update on the special promotions before buying yap!!!

    i will be updating this weekend when i get more info!

    pls email me

    i think u might be interested to know what fabulous things are planned ahead :) and u get to buy meow meow too!

  26. akiki: this sounds very serious! pls write your experience down and I can help fwd it to the boutique manager to read.

  27. i mean in a complain letter and email me yap

  28. Hey dear, what are the promotions now is it still with the free mirror or buying the brushes at RM90?

    I wanna get the vanity pounch, eye palette and brush set.... oh my

  29. the brush promotion is still on but the cat mirror is a different promotion now. Buy on 4/12/09 at 1utama, there's special promotion for my Cat Party at Shu Uemura 1utama.

  30. it's a pity... i am away in Singapore then...... :( the party sounds interesting!

  31. haha looking back i missed out your replied and went to do 1st round of tsumori chisato lol~~

    dang!! my 1st purchase at pavillion was a rush job!so afraid of the OOS and didnt GET ANY decent GWP boohoo!! bodo!
    shoulda just be patient go back to oneUtama cari lavinia :P

    annyhoo we KL dwellers are lucky enuz to get many crazy deals & cheaper pricing for SHU compare the whole wide world * now that put a BIG GRIN on muh face lol

    once again, thanks for the splendid invitation..

    eh eh u need to use your makeup stash weii..dun just "pai liang" lol

  32. Stellar: I should stick to Lavinia from the start... *cries*!!!

    Agree with u! shu here is much cheaper than the world! including japan! and we're still able to get some LE!!! unlike Japan first day gone already i heard.

    no problem for the invitation, you deserve it :)

    wei my tsumori chisato is for my wedding make up display cannot use! it's definitely for "pai liang" only lol


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