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  • shu uemura holiday collection 2009 by tsumori chisato


    shu uemura christmas collection 2009 by tsumori chisato

    wish upon a star
    A dazzling galaxy in the far distance……………
    Stardust flickers as it travels through the galaxy
    toward the brightest planet

    For women who shine with the hope of tomorrow, lively and free with a hypnotic glow, like stars gliding innocently through the night sky. This Christmas collection is studded with the retro-future planets of Chisato Tsumori’s imagination, a picture of her pure and fantastical world. In the most brilliant season of the year, shu uemura inspires dreams with an enchanting designer who has dazzled fashion circles, Tsumori Chisato, introducing a very special make-up collection that embodies a woman's individuality while celebrating the fun of beauty.

    stardust RM168 (limited edition)
    duo color highlighter

    Shimmering stardust left in the wake of heavenly
    comets forms this dynamic highlighter

    planet cat palette RM198 (limited edition)
    pressed eye shadow / cream eye shadow-liner / glow on

    This feminine colored palette is composed
    of glitter gathered from “planet cat” !

    A romantic ribbon palette wraps the planet like a gift!
    planet ribbon palette RM198 (limited edition)

    pressed eye shadow / cream eye shadow-liner / glow on

    Eyelashes that will add a cat-like allure
    to eyes and make you purr with delight!
    * Kira-kira means “sparkling” in Japanese.
    RM98 (limited edition)

    mini brush set RM180 (limited edition)

    A pop-chic brush set with a case. Perfect for intergalactic touch ups!

    vanity planet (L)-RM248
    Pouch Planet not for sale in Malaysia
    (S)-RM80 ( Limited edition)

    Don't leave for an intergalactic adventure
    without this delicately quilted vanity

    rouge unlimited RM88 each (limited edition)
    Traveling through the galaxy, your lips are delicately tinted
    with the shine and glow of beautiful unknown planets.

    planet trio RM128 per set (limited edition)

    Mystic glimmer from three planets becomes
    luscious new universe for the lips.
    A set of three mini size glosses,
    Venus peach,moon gold and scorpion red.

    shu uemura holiday collection 2009 by tsumori chisato

    Top Japanese fashion designer Chisato Tsumori celebrates the art of beauty for the 2009 shu uemura holiday collection. Following the founder Shu Uemura’s philosophy “Art is the way of life”, shu uemura strengthens the bond between art and beauty through its artist collaboration series. This season, shu uemura inspires dreams with an enchanting designer who has dazzled fashion circles, Chisato Tsumori. Introducing a very special make-up collection that embodies a woman’s individuality while celebrating the fun of beauty. This collaboration adds the purity and innocence to simple and rich beauty of the shu uemura brand, opening up a fantastic yet luxurious universe. In the most brilliant season of the year, welcome to a whole new world of beauty from shu uemura and Chisato Tsumori.

    tsumori chisato’s universe

    Expressing herself with honesty and joy, Chisato Tsumori creates a timeless and fantastical world with her delicate and beautiful designs. Be enveloped in happiness and fantasy with these pop=colored prints. From natural world of animal and plants, to blue skies and the deep ocean, from greek mythology to art deco, Chisato Tsumori takes her inspiration from a range of sources. Her designs are loved by women of all generations around the world. In TSUMORI CHISATO’s 2009-10 AUTUMN/WINTER COLLECTION, “Cosmic Fantasy”, the designer evokes a nostalgic and romantic world inspired by the immense skies of Australia and the glittering views of Tokyo Tower as seen from her windows. With beautiful and elegantly draped designs patterned with stars and moons, this collection conjures an immeasurably vast world. The planets and stars of this universe form the inspiration behind shu uemura’s holiday collection 2009.


    1. yes!!! i cant wait for this collections!!!! miao miao~

    2. hoi i thought u sleepin? can comment somore while sleeping?

      i like this collection too.. it's cute and unique! and the prices are not too bad! especially the trio lip gloss n brush set.

      hehe... my bday... comin soon.. hehehe...

    3. Joey: next month probably, in time for the winter collections

    4. wahhh!!!! i want i want!!!
      r u sure next month?? coz mac has come out their fall edition while i've seen this in this month malaysian mag...

    5. pink princess: hehee.. actually it's coming soon but i dare not say when until i get 110% sure.

      which one u getting? it all look so good!

      i am eyeing the lipgloss trio set! the adorable.. planet palette.. n the brush set oh.. man..

      why am i buying so many cosmetics =_=!!!

    6. the brush set so cute... sukanya buat brush collection..
      can't wait to see with own eyes.. so adorable... ;P

    7. wahh so pretty, very xmas feel too..n got cat design on top haha very suits u too rite :P

    8. Thank you for such a wonderful review of the products with beautiful pictures too! I'm anxiously awaiting my package from Nordstrom's to arrive and needed a fix until I receive it. Your review did the trick! I'm definitely reading your blog from now on.

    9. so pretty got meow some more :)

    10. Thank you Miu for such a detail blog on this.

      Are those Vanity Case and brush set's case made in Japan?

      I hope there is a lucky draw in December when I get there, that makeup case is gorgeous! ^_^ Angela

    11. Honey B: yea the brush set is cute.. and not bad for that price. Shu brushes are very much sought after by make up artist.. i heard from my make up artist friends.

      Doroshi: pretty hor... yahloh! just meow meow time! wish i can mascot.. with it lol

      baby: i likey too!

      scou7: heyy thanks! wow u already purchase them? it's yet to be sold in Malaysia where I am currently at. Glad u like my post :) it's from Shu Uemura who gave me info & let me take pics.

      Sherry: it's gona me a MEOW christmas!

      Angela: Hmm i hope so! since the brand is from Japan. The Vanity case i din show the pic, but there's only 25 in the world and not for sale i hear. 3 bein given out at Japan for contest. Hope u win so u can show us!

    12. Even my cats will love this collection! ;p

    13. I think you gonna love this collection! All the cats! So cute!
      I personally love the stary pouch, so so cute!! I wanna get one for myself!

    14. the whole collection look so yummy! yay for their cute packages, I'll def. check it out!


    15. how do u know the price miu...where do u get those pics..it's so adorable..

    16. Omg.. this range looks suuuper cool, Seriously! Did you get all those items Miu??
      ; )


    17. fatin u r so funny, hehhehe =P i think the brush set will be out of stock as soon as they start selling it, i love the wink cat design, so irresistable, ^_~

    18. Hi Miu,

      Other than the products look all attractive to me, I also notice the pictures you took of them are good. Looks like there is no flash used for the photos right, what camera are you using?

      MW : P

    19. no flash O_O how u noe..

      MW r u mei wah hahaha..

    20. now they have selling 1 set more save....i have to wait 3 more weeks go back kl to buy~~~~hehe...isetan also have sell tsumori chisato face/hand/bath towel really cute!

    21. yah.. 3 weeks ah? will out of stock by then or not? O_O

      i give free personal shopping to buy TSUMORI CHISATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wan email me tammylci@gmail.com

      I am goin to be one of the first few ppl to buy it! so who wan kirim me buy pls let me know :D

    22. they started selling it already is it??? cause i just went to their shop last sunday but the SA told that it will be out dec for christmas....

    23. next Week!!!!
      I wanna get the cute starry pouch!!
      It comes with brush izzit??
      I hope I got it~~hope my boss did not delay the salary pay out so I got money to buy too...Lol

    24. from 15th Nov will be out :D i think.. around there.

      Anyone wanna ask me go get the collection email me :D free personal shopping for this one!

      i'm attending a preview launch and can buy things before out of stock.. haha

    25. Jean: woo woo.. the rm80 small starry pouch ok.. the big wan is rm248! also cute but so pricey can buy guess hand bag liao.

    26. err...15th is actually next next week already

    27. if out of stock,that means my wallet help me save money,hehe....i means this : http://www.everyday.com.my/promotion/2009/11/Shu-Uemura-Christmas-Set-2009-Promotion.shtml

    28. wow i wan buy that set too! but entitle for gwp promotion or not if buy liao..

    29. aiya....i going to pavilion one lor....kekeke....i got the invitation from a fren for free......^.^......no budget to buy anything.....maybe just go to have fun nia

      tutu J

    30. Miu, the makeup pouches are designed in Japan but made in China. Guess it is not worth buying the huge vanity pouch of 248MYR? What do you think?

      Angela ^_^

    31. Miu, the stardust duo highlighter is 168MYR instead of 128MYR

      Angela ^_^

    32. eh really?? wow rm168 very expensive for a face powder!! r u sure O_O


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