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  • Shu Uemura's Kitty Cat Christmas Party for Miu


    tsumori chisato ☆ for shu uemura

    It's the season of giving, the season of marshmallows floating in the sea of hot coco, the season of heart warming, heart felt love & joy. This Christmas, followers of Plusizekitten not only get to read all about Miu & her Christmas Shopping & Sales misadventures but they will have a chance to attend to attend the all Miu Kitty Cat Christmas Party organized by Shu Uemura for Plusizekitten's Blog Followers / Shu Uemura lovers!

    This Christmas 15 of my followers will be selected to attend a fabulous Kitty Cat Christmas Party at Shu Uemura One Utama where they will have fun at the Hands On Party MakeUp Workshop with Shu Uemura's MakeUp Artist Mr. Frederick Ng (creating party looks using Tsumori Chisato's Planet Cat/Planet Ribbon palette), parade & pose in their Kitty Cat Costumes, and participate in a Puuurfect Kitty Contest, the Best Kitty Contest and enjoy the party refreshments & special promotions specially for this night only. Did I mention there's SPECIAL Christmas door gifts? SO if you have not gotten your hands on any of the Tsumori Chisato Collection, hold your paws! My party is where you should be at :)

    Top 15 Followers of Plusizekitten who's:

    daring enough
    cute enough

    meow enough

    will be invited to the unforgettable Plusizekitten's Kitty Cat CHristmas Party on 4th December, 2009. They will need to dress up as a Cute/Adorable/Meowy Kitty! The PUUUURFECT Kitty Costume & Party Make Up will win a Shu Uemura Hamper worth RM400 (so get your kitty costumes ready & meow away!).

    To be invited as one of the 15 lucky guests:
    (leave your entry as comments in this blog post)

    Follower ID:
    Blog: (to increase your chances to be selected, you can blog about this party)

    1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is __________
    2. What I would do to attend this party?

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. Only followers of Plusizekitten can participate.
    To be a follower click to follow me on my blog (right hand panel, somewhere in the middle of the blog).

    2. Only 15 followers are invited to this party.
    3. Contest ends 1st December, 2009 28/11/2009 or when 15 followers is selected.
    4. Please follow dress code to attend party.
    5. I will and can change my contest conditions.

    Here's a glimpse of the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Christmas Collection:

    For more products & pricelist click here


    1. nice idea, the person must be going public? daring, meow, cute just like kitty!

    2. 4th Dec? Yeah... I am still in KL!!! I can go...!!

    3. Morning Miu,

      Wow...PSK Kitty Cat Christmas Party, interesting :)

      Very creative and interesting.


    4. wait... actually i may be working.. what time is the thingy?

    5. Follower ID: Jean
      E-Mail: purplewardrobe@gmail.com
      Blog: will update you about my post soon!

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Lip Gloss Unlimited! Love the various colors!

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      Never join a costume party before, definitely will go for my best kawaii kitty look if I'm invited!! Besides, I would like to take this chance to get close to Miu in real life!^^

    6. really wanna join this party but not dare to join cos can't give 100% commitment..after last min can't attend sure not fair to others

    7. Follower ID: TuTu J
      Blog: Havent set up bcus still choosing COOL POSHY blog name =.=""

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is CLEANSING OIL
      2. What I would do to attend this party? Because i wana be purrr kitten, meeting all beauties in beauty makeup as kitty meow meow....cant wait ..pls faster 4th dec...i wana draw my kitten nose...<----aledi dreaming first when read this blog entries of urs.....

    8. imagine hor...i am look like kitten eyes.....PUSS IN BOOT in shrek 2 movie....aiyo yo.....so cuteee.....la....pls let me go i wana make up liddat in public without malu...bcus i attending miu party i have a reason become kitten in public at least....if not duno how no chance at all

      tutu J

    9. Dang CandyliciousCat here x_X I forgot my password DX
      Follower ID: CandyliciousCat
      Email: genjo_sanzo88@yahoo.com
      Blog: Will update after my bath! *squees*
      1. My Favorite Shu uemura product is their Fresh Cleansing Oil as it's the only cleansing oil that never leaves any oily residue on my face so far!
      2. What would you do to atten this party?
      Dress in a cat outfit, cute enough to make Miu squeal! XD

    10. My post about the party is up!

    11. Follower ID: akiki
      E-Mail: aki_choo@hotmail.com
      Blog: http://akikichoo.blogspot.com/(haven't post yet...)

      1.my fav shu's product is the fake eyelashes!!!!!!

      2.I will try sexy kitty look if possible,even though i'm a bit not dare to..............haha

    12. Follower ID: wendypua
      E-Mail: wendypua@gmail.com
      Blog: http://devil2teng.blogspot.com

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Cleansing Oil

      2. What I would do to attend this party?

      I wan be A Cute Cute Kitten !!

    13. My blog post~


      Would I still be qualified to join the contest despite using this account but CandyliciousCat's ID to join? ;w; I'm trying to fix the problem TwT

    14. Follower ID:Rachelle
      Blog:Doesn't have 1 yet

      My Fave Shu Uemura product is pressed eye shadow

      Never attend a costume party in public b4..i'm a bit plus size..but for miu i will dare myself..cute kitten i'm coming..gonna jump out of the box..meow..meow

    15. Follower ID: babycholics
      E-Mail: pcirene@yahoo.com

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      -* Start looking for something special kitty cat costume n ......... n to be selected.

    16. Follower ID: Jclues
      Blog: No blog :( sorry Miu but im telling my friends bout it ;)

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Tsumori Chisato Cat Planet

      2. What I would do to attend this party? I would dress up as a funky kitty cat and and purrr... with all the other kittes especially with Kitty Miu.
      Need to start grooming my furs :)

    17. Follower ID: FatiN
      E-Mail: patin_pish@hotmail.com
      Blog: chocolatecatsz.blogspot.com
      (Will blog about it soon :))

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is the Painting Liner (To complete my catty eyes look with.. Rreoww! ;p).

      2. I would like to attend this party to let my inner feline run wild with Shu & Miu.

    18. Follower ID : Janice
      Email : seekforbeauty@gmail.com
      Blog : http://seekforbeauty.blogspot.com
      Post Link : http://seekforbeauty.blogspot.com/2009/11/miu-kitty-cat-xmas-party-with-shu.html

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is the painting liner! They have so many colors to choose from. I wish i could have own all of those colors though. ><

      2. I always like costume party. What's more it's a party related with make up and the big Shu. Woohoo~

    19. Follower ID:uJubAskBxY6Hiw9Y2IS7y

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Shu Eumura makeup remover. It is extremely great & it can remove the eye makeup easily.
      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      - I never have chance to attend this kind of costume party in my life before.May I have a chance to attend the party n have a look??

      Thanks a lot!

    20. Follower ID:Harim Hamdan
      Blog: http://trianax.blogspot.com

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Shu Eumura falsies eyelashes that I must own one day!

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      i would start meowing to all my kitten friends to help me out on making the most awesome kitten suit ever, and when it's ready, i will parade it to Miu the Kitten's Princess so that she would pick me up as one of the 15 kittens to go to this party :D

    21. Follower ID:Kitty Pryde
      E-mail: you already know my email, babe! (not here to avoid spamming muahaha)
      Blog: http://kitsbookshelf.blogspot.com

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Shu Eumura concealor that I'm wearing now. I'm a Shu girl!

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      (already started, ok)
      1. picked out a costume to wear (I tell you damn hard to be a cat when you're wearing tudung. most cat costumes are damn sexy ok. cheh, damn perasan get to go, but nevermind, belum cuba belum tahu so better be prepared).
      2. pester Miu (oso oredi started).
      3. Help promote Miu's blog to my friends and family (wait, done that too muahahahha)
      4. Promote Miu's party by blogging abt it (will paste link here on a different comment later!)

      Is that enough, Miu???

      PLS PLS PLS INVITE ME!! hehehe.

    22. Dear girl, here is my post abt the party!


    23. Follower ID: caixiuxiu
      E-Mail: caixiuxiu@gmail.com
      Blog: eh...blogmyass?

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Nobara Stick = 2 in 1 function (foundation and concealer) and easy to use at anywhere, anytime!

      2. What I would do to attend this party? Never been to costume party before! I love cat, i love Shu Uemura....and i wish i can bring my cat to Shu Party as well..

    24. Follower ID: @lly
      E-Mail: allyliinn@gmail.com
      Blog: http://allychannel.blogspot.com/2009/11/mius-party-shu-uemura-lets-join.html

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Shimmer Eyeliner
      2. What I would do to attend this party? I always dream to be a Wild Cat to attend such party! MEOW!

    25. M-e-o-W... came across from kampungboycitygal's blog.

      christmas is killing me, esp those skin care and make up christmas sets. all are soooooo tempting

    26. sounds fun........TT but i going to sarawak tat time....TT so sad bcz of cant join....

    27. this is so fun but no say location held? or I misss see it.

    28. oh.. just saw it.. aiya that date.. not around.. as need bring niece nephew back hometown

    29. Follower ID: masurin
      E-Mail: masurin @ gmail.com
      Blog: Sorry I don't blog >_<

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is their cleansing Oil! Amazing stuff!

      2. What I would do to attend this party? Sew a cat costume just for this party! I'm actually a cosplayer (do you know of cosplay Miu?). Here are some photos of my cosplay: http://www.figure.fm/post/en/2022/Sakai+no+Gumi.html

      Maybe I'll help make something for you too! :3

    30. Follower ID: Candygal
      E-Mail: candymylee@gmail.com
      Blog: http://candygalspreciousbox.blogspot.com/2009/11/shu-uemuras-kitty-cat-xmas-party-for.html

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Whitening Cleansing Oil! Loving their cleansing oil which cleanse off the make-up as 1-2-3!

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      I am loving Shu and wanted to be in this party! Will be meow and nag at Miu to be selected to attend the cool X'mas party!!!

    31. Su Ling, i am impressed with your cosplay portfolio O_O which are u in the pic? masako? sizer?

    32. wut u can make something for me too? how much u charge?

    33. Zoe: it's ok :( u can come to my Kiehl's party on 15th January :)

    34. Sherry: it's shu uemura's idea :D so creative yah?

    35. Follower ID:jessying
      E-Mail: jessying@gmail.com
      Blog: To be updated soon!

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Blusher simply because their colour is gorgeous and make me look so healthy in pink !!!

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      Never attended costume party before would love to join the crowd and of course to play with Shu Uemura's Tsumori Chisato Christmas Collection!!!! How to resist such a nice collection!! A record to be broken, so many cats wandering in Shu Uemura !!

    36. Su Ling,

      i so amazed wit ur costume! how much do u charge..i m interested le...:p
      (Miu..dun get mad ya..i wan to look sexy n cute for ur Xmas party le)
      Please contact me @ caixiuxiu@gmail.com


    37. Follower ID: ^Ann@belle^
      E-Mail: twistyh@gmail.com

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is cleansing oil which can remove the make up in an easiest and fastest way.

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      Just attended a Masquerade Nite last week and hope to have the chance to be invited to Miu party
      and meow around with the crowd with the meow costume.

    38. Hi hi!!!!

      Miu: I am Masako in the pictures...

      Hehehehe actually it depends. To be honest sometimes I send stuff to the tailor when I'm really busy or the costume is very difficult. We can talk about getting you a costume but I dunno how I can sew 2 costumes in 2 weeks O_O. Maybe I can loan you some wigs and accessories and we can go shopping together to put an outfit or I can help alter some clothes to make a costume for you. Maybe we can add wings too? :3
      As for making a costume from scratch I think it'll be quite difficult. The costume you see in my website took me 1 month to sew!

      I won't generally charge a price since I'm not sewing any of the costumes together and will be willing to lend you my wigs FOC. You'll just have to pay for the base stuff :)

      Hmmm as for the others reading I don't really do commissions unless it's just for Miu because I don't really have time. So sorry!!!!

    39. GOSH!!!! email me pls tammylci@gmail.com

      we can chat more! i am plus size n it's so hard to get a costume on without lookin like garfield!

    40. Wahhh 4th Dec? That's my birthday! =D But unfortunately, i dont think all the kitty costumes are for me.

      Have fun to those who'll make it!

    41. I blogged about it.. Sorry a bit delayed.. ;)


    42. Follower ID: SheilaY
      E-Mail: sheilay88@gmail.com
      Blog: -dun have-

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is the cleansing oil!
      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      I will make my own costume and turn up and bite everyone!

    43. Follower ID: JulieBlog
      Blog: (to increase your chances to be selected, you can blog about this party)

      1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is cat planet
      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      i wan to pose with miu n take pic!!! and learn how to make up!

    44. meowwww i wanna go!!
      count me in~~i wanna learn a thing or two from Frederick Ng with my cat planet palette!!

      Follower ID:stellarvixen

      Blog: http://stellarvixen.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-tsumori-chisato-for-shu-uemura-haul.html

      . My favourite Shu Uemura product is CAT PLANET Palette this holiday~~~~ *meoowwwrrr

      2. What I would do to attend this party?

      purrringg to Miu purrtty purrtty prisszzz prisszzz i wanna go..meoww so in love with tsumori chisato starry & cat collecitons...i'll be the adorable & playful kura neko-chan (blackkitty)..ITS gonna be fabulous with MEE OO WW

    45. Hi Miu, have you picked your fav 15 yet? Would love to join :)

      Follower ID:Brenda Ang

      My favourite Shu Uemura product has gotta be the fake eye lashes :) Dramatic.

      2. What I would do to attend this party?
      I'll get the kitty costumes, and would love to take pics with you :)

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