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  • A Jelly Good Cause


    Jelly Good Time in aid of breast cancer awareness

    Last month was Breast Cancer Awareness month and there were a lot of charities, events, and activities dedicated to this cause. One of them caught my attention, it was the Jelly Good Time workshop in aid of breast cancer awareness by Royal Selangor (formerly known as Royal Selangor Pewter).

    I had fun making jellies while contributing to a good cause! For RM200 per pax (workshop fee) I got to bring back a pewter jelly mold (retailed at RM160) crafted by British designer Nick Munro which came with specially commissioned recipes by celebrated chefs from around the globe. Proceeds from the sale of each of the jelly mold will go towards improving the quality of life for women with breast cancer.

    Here's a glimpse of what goes on in the workshop:

    Carolyn teaching the Jelly Making Workshop

    make any kind of jelly u want into the jelly mold

    using the the ingredients on the table

    the jellies taken out of the fridge (after cooled down)

    a glimpse of some rather cool jellies made by participants

    my jelly *lol* after removing from mold

    we need to decorate it for examination *lol*

    tadaaaah!!! my jelly!!!

    Thanks to my boyfriend who sponsored me for this Jelly Making Workshop. I have to make Jellies for him now to eat T_T sob sob. Thanks to Royal Selangor for organizing such a fun event! wish there is more jelly making workshop!!!


    1. so nice your bf sponsored, so he got eat or not the jellies you made

    2. how cute! looks kinda small though. and it's blue! haha...make for us also!

    3. sherry: i din get to make yet for him to eat.. now he bising bising..

      ayna: hehehe, it is yuummy.. the ingredients r very fruity.

      abby: lol.. hamsap jelly? ahaha.. i see if i can make some for my bday party next month :)

    4. Elle Ash: it will be more delicious if i have strawberries sob sob.

    5. using too many plastic cups and spoons - not environmentally friendly, please highlight to Datin :P

      Jelly looked a shade too dark, reminded me of your peacock eyelash - OMG!! Don't tell me it's one of the ingredients??? Hahahahaha

      BTW, thousand apologies for FFK yesterday, back ache :((

      Will call you when I am thereabouts.

    6. looks like fun!! I wish I was in KL so I could go to!

    7. hey miu, thanks the PRize I got it :D

      dig time to make him, then wake him up to eat. LOL.. maybe a time you cannot sleep can make.

    8. Strawberries are gooooooood!! I have weakness for that little red fruit!

    9. wawawawawawa jelly good time... why u didnttake me go too~~

    10. wah lau!! yesterday night i dreamt of making jelly, using exactly the same material you described leh - with the end result the jelly expanded very very big - must be reading about bread making before sleep coupled with your jelly that i got such growing jelly in dream!!!

      and i kid you not, i really had this dream ... scary ... the attack of the killer jelly!!!


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