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Clarins Intensive Whitening Botanical Program With Snow Lotus

white plus intensive whitening botanical program

Last Friday 6th Nov 2009, I pop over to Clarins Institute One Utama to buy the number 1 thing that I have been leeming on since last year after attending the Clarins Pure Pampering Workshop at Marmalade, Mont Kiara. Why must it be Friday? well fyi it's the 1st day of the Clarin's Institute Privilege Member's Day!!! where lotsa promotions, Christmas sets, gifts with purchases are on! click here to find out more about Clarin's Member Day Promotion.

my Clarin's Member Day haul rm1, 530
(doesn't look much right)

the Snow Lotus promotion RM480
complimentary Snow Lotus Facial RM315 (80mins)
(ok it's called the whitening RenewPlus from the Himalayas)
& younger longer balm 12ml worth rm96

the Snow Lotus Intensive Whitening 3 weeks Program
(packaging so awesome lol rm480 mah)

what the **** is the Snow Lotus blabla???

Intensive Whitening Botanical Program (I called it the Snow Lotus Program) combines the best of both worlds - advanced age-control benefits with superior brightening results. Your complexion enjoys heightened clarity, radiance and an unmistakable youthful glow that lasts. Thanks to Clarins New Intensive Whitening Botanical Program, with key ingredient, extracts of Snow Lotus (天山雪莲) — a reare and magical bloom revered for generations for its many wondrous healing properties. Step 1: Renewing Concentrate Protects skin against signs of ageing. Step 2: Diffusing Whitening Concentrate Reveals translucent brightness of youthful-looking skin.

each row = 1 week program
every night use product 1 first then product 2

Renewing Concentrate (1)
Diffusing Whitening Concentrate (2)
this 2 items will be used for a week
how to apply?

Step 1: Renewing Concentrate warm a small amount with both hands to facilitate absorption. Apply to the face with light pressing motions, from the middle of the face moving outwards, beginning with the forehead, cheeks and face contour. Avoid the eye contour area. Step 2: Diffusing Whitening Concentrate Apply with 10 pumps of Diffusing Whitening Concentrate using the same application method

In just 3 weeks, the most tired, stressed skin achieves a new brightness and youthfulness! Recommended as a regular periodic treatment when skin no longer reacts to regular skin products, this exceptional renewing, whitening program combines two intensive skin care formulas tested on Asian skin.

- Renewing Concentrate is formulated with Snow Lotus* to protect skin against free radicals generated by stress and Lotus Zymbiosome, to help fight age-related pigmentation problems.

- Diffusing Whitening Concentrate contains a patented combination of Vitamin C and Biotin to reveal incredibly translucent, bright skin.

the ingredients

Renewing Concentrate Snow Lotus, Vitamin E - reinforce protection against free radicals Lotus Zymbiosome - slows down the enlargement of dark spots Highly stable Vitamin C - boosts the synthesis of collagen fibres. Diffusing Whitening Concentrate Slow-release Vitamin C + Biotin (reinforced HP Lock-Around System) - slows down the process of pigmentation Alchemilla (HP Lock-Around System) - slows the excessive transfer of melanin Allantoin, Hyaluronic acid, Parsley - soothes, comfots, moisturises.

free younger longer balm a Clarins Secret to youthful skin
(omg 12ml is RM96! imagine the full size?)

You must be wondering it's only RM480 why I spend RM1530? Ok I confess! I bought the body treatment package from Clarins too! I have always wanted to but could not and this was a good chance to! it's also attractive that they're throwing a 5+2 (meaning buy 5 free 2 ) and free 7 Rising Sun Body Scrub worth RM574 if I buy the body treatment package! Also available are the facial packages for 5+2 and free 7 luminous eyes treatment worth over rm500!

The Beauty Assistant said I could choose any of the RM210 body treatments to use after I buy this package. The Body Treatments are Silhouette from the Andes (Total Body Lift treatment), Hawaiian Wave (super moisturising treatment), Firming from Guyana (firming treatment), Youthfulness from Rajasthan (RenewPlus treatment) and Extreme Brightening from the Taurus Mountains (whitening treatment).

My Choice:

Silhouette from the Andes (Total Body Lift treatment) 1 hour
- Total Body Lift treatment based on Uncaria Tomentosa from Peru that blocks the enzyme of fat molecules. The FREE 7 RISING SUN Treatments - Ultra-gentle exfoliation with Bamboo powders and Moringa extract with detoxifying and purifying properties.

Snow Lotus Intensive Program for 3 weeks
Day 1 - 1st application at night, feels happy.
Day 2 - skin sensitivity increased, slight rashes appear (probably due to active ingredients from Snow Lotus).
Day 3 - determined to continue with the treatment no matter what, skin did not tingle
Day 4 - woke up, look brighten already! hope to be snow white by 3 weeks
Day 5 - rashes subsiding, skin softer, look brighten. Pigmentation spots still visible.
Day 6 - face visible brighten! I went for my Clarin's Facial and Angie my beautician say my pigmentation spots looks less visible! whopee yay!
Day 7 - GAMBATE MIU!! 2 more weeks to go! Been stinging on the snow lotus and week 1 still got 1 day usage!!! will follow diligently to use item 1 - 10cents pump and item 2 - 10 pumps!

2nd week
Day 8 - 10 - Face visibly brighten, people noticing my skin improved. My Beautician says my pigmentation has lighten. I can see my face is generally brighter than before. I am so happy!!! but will this make me more prone to sun damage and pigmentation come out? *worries*

Day 11-14 - I err became lazy and stopped for a few days. People start complimenting my face is nice, what's my skincare regime. My own friends who see me everyday don't see the changes but new friends will say nice skin! but my pigmentation is still there :( sad.. hope it lightens in week 3. I almost finish the 2nd week program now, squeezing what lil that's left. See u in week 3!!!

3rd week
Am very happy with the Snow Lotus. I see my face brighten and has a natural glow. Overall from my dull & stressed out face (and a bit dark), I soon turn to this glowing chick in 1 week. Though the price might deter young working adults from trying their hands on this (and also the age factor coz under 30s u might not need to invest in such high-tech skincare yet), if you find nothing else works for you and you wan a quick brighten n glow in a month, you might want to try this! Maybe before my wedding date, I'll get one more! hopefully there's promotion too with it.


  1. wow.. you haul on clarins :)

    love your new header! so pretty!

  2. 天山雪莲- reminds me of Chinese Kungfu drama series...
    hahaha...hope u wil b FAIR PRINCESS aft 3 weeks :)

  3. This is only for member??
    Oh..I so wanna sign up for their treatment too.. The special price is so attractive.. Guess I have to continue saving for those..>.<
    Heard of the Snow Lotus Intensive Program before. Kinda interested but I hope it is for whole body.Lol
    The new banner so pretty!

  4. so by end November, we can expect a glowing shimmering Miu??

  5. Sherry: thanks thanks, i just insert pic in only.

    cai: oh i only remember the Bride with White Hair series n movie!!! use snow lotus bcome young.. lol

    Jean: I think u should be able to buy it.. and be a member at the same time. The snow lotus is for face, not sure body got snow lotus or not. Spend rm2k get to be in 6 months installment interest free :) citibank only

    Pigita: hopefully!!!

  6. my dad got a citibank credit card, but I don't think he will come over to pay for me..hahahahaha...
    I think if wan use on whole body, I need buy dozens

  7. you sure know how to care for skin :)

  8. Jean: nvm u can wait next year's member day :D promo. I waited a year u know just to sign up for a body package. This time I'm more than ready to hand over the magic card and get the package. The deal is attractive as well.

    Sherry: old already, need to care for skin. Somore i kena BBQ everyday.. this is the price to pay sigh

  9. uwah.. kawaii ne Snow Lotus! fancy packaging! wah. interested to know how the Yonger Longer balm works! review! haha...

  10. apparently if u use younger longer balm, no need to use any other skincare already! but it's 50ml for rm400 woah!!! wooowowowow....

    i have 12ml worth rm96..

    Pigita said it's dam amazing after she tried it at the workshop.

    did u try?

  11. but i think only suitable for old ppl leh, that YL balm

  12. agree need to care skin its for life. you not old leh..

  13. eh got such thing? Pigita not old la. i think?? i didn't see YL balm at workshop also.

    and you mean it's a moisturizer? plus serum?

  14. abby

    the YL balm is a all-in-one (i conclude this from what trainer Michelle said) bcos after cleansing the face at night n toner, only use this (no other serum or moisturiser or anything else). It also cannot be used every nite, maximum alternate nights only.

    I had specially requested to try this at the w/shop. Michelle also asked if any other person want to try (I heard her) but maybe in the noise n excitement n busy with trying the products, the other participants missed what she said.

    The texture is not light, it's kinda sticky. I dont think many ppl will like the texture but afterwards i think the effect is good.

    But the price 0_0 !!

  15. Pigita: i got the brochure already for this YLB!!!!! yes yes nice brochure... muahaha.. wish it came along with a sample!

    asked the BA, she said 25 onwards can use this YBL.. but perhaps it would be more beneficial for 30 onwards or 40onwards. I just can't get my mind off the Younger Longer word..

    Abby: she alwiz say she old.. she look young to me

    Wish i tried it at the workshop..

  16. Miu: v nice brochure is it?

    Then give back to BA, exchange for sample!! LOL

  17. hi miu, u really promote clarins to the max! i recently bought some hydration set samples from ebay n i love it. which facial do u recommend me to start of with. my skin is oily n dry at the same time. having some breakouts now

  18. Hi Pamela.

    I promote if it's good :) I am a Clarin's user for 3 years I think. I think you're more suited to the Truly Matte range from the description of your skin concern. Truly matte is for oily/combi/acne prone skin.

    Their starter kit is at rm68 :)

    not sure if clarins still got stock for this, but if u're interested, I have one stock! ^___^

  19. hi miu, i m really interested in the starter kit. if u sell me yours i'll be delighted :)

    i read ur kiehl's post on the amazon mask....and i bought it!!! i hv yet to use it though. will let u know how it goes. i bought the plastic bottle bag as well. I think these skincare companies should reward u for free promotion!

  20. email me pam :)

    woah let me know how the kiehl's mask works? i'm very happy with mine :)

    hope so, i like to review products that make me happy. They have a lot blogger reviewing their products ^_^ already.. am just small potato

  21. Miu,

    Do you have the full price list (not sale price) for clarins? i always want to buy their stuff, but think their stuff is too expensive.

    since you have so many of their products, you know the price list?

  22. sorry complicated cat

    i don't have the full price list but if u let me know which items u're interested in knowing, i can tell u the price.

  23. Miu,

    I'm thinking of changing my my cleanser, toner, moisturizer and mask. now using shu uemura and lancome mix. want to compare price a bit first, before going into their counter. once there, the salesgirl will pester you to buy. rather check price with you first.

  24. AH :) ok complicated cat,

    i would like to know what kind of skincare range you are using for shu uemura/lancome? is it anti-aging, moisturizing, oily skin, etc?

    coz different range different items being use by Clarins.

    You may also check Kiehl's out :) they're going to have their really cool Super Berry skincare (totally organic) in late Dec.

  25. i have combi skin and super duper like to use anti-aging stuff. scared of getting old! clarins very confusing becos they have many products. ive been to counter before but hteir salesgirl not helpful at all. instead always push me to buy buy buy.

  26. sounds like you could use Clarin's Younger Longer Balm which is very pricey. A 50ml cost RM398.

    As for Clarin's anti-aging range, the anti-aging range is for more mature skin. I have not tried it yet so unfamiliar with the price. At the moment I am using Red Juvenus anti-aging from Shu Uemura and might consider Acai Berry from Kiehl's which is launching soon. It has super berry (best anti-oxidant fruit).

    Also I think you can join this workshop by Clarins for their anti-aging products session, u can try and see if it's suitable from this workshop.

  27. what you advice for clarins products for combi skin? im 28. if anti aging too mature for me, what should i use?
    the workshop sounds like good idea. i'll try to make it!

  28. combi dry, you can go for the hydraquench range for moisture, a starter kit costs from rm68-88

    if u have combi oil, u can try the truly matte range, starter kits costs from rm68-88 as well

    generally there's starter kits for sale from rm68 or rm88 and these kits are being snagged so fast, it might not be available at popular counters.

    i shall try to get a pricelist on truly matte n hydraquench range for you :)

  29. miu miu,

    can i ask a favour? im intersted in the eye contour balm, multi active day & night cream,and the exfoliating refiner from clarins? are these good? do you recommend? what's the price?
    my mum asking about the super restorative day & night cream. any good? expensive?

  30. complicated cat:

    sorry for the late reply!

    I'm using the eye contour gel, which is light weight, refreshing to use. It de-puffs my eyes (when correctly use with clarin's method).

    Perhaps you should go to clarins and inquire from their counter about the products you're interested. They might give u sample sachets to try out.

    Clarins product are about rm100 and above (more or less from there). The better the product, the higher the price.

    My personal favourites are Snow Lotus treatment and younger longer balm.

  31. weinie: seasonal :) you need to check if it's still in stock. The Xmas starter kits might still be around for rm68 above.

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