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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Tsumori Chisato XMAS Collection Preview Party


    Meow! Meow!

    Calling all SHU FANATIKS! (SHU MEMBERS) by now you should have gotten your Shu Fanatik Newsletter for this month. If u have not, you'll be missing out on some really juicy parties to preview the latest Shu Uemura collection - Tsumori Chisato. Hear Ye Hear Ye! This is what the newsletter says:

    Be among the first to preview the limited edition Tsumori Chisato collection at the shu uemura X'mas Collection 2009 Preview part. Enjoy refreshing treats, exclusive offers and fantastic door gifts! Hurry this offer is limited to the first 60 Shu Uemura members (Shu Fanatiks) who RSVP to the following outlets:

    Mid Valley Boutique 03-2287 1764
    Thursday 12th Nov, 09 5pm-7pm

    Pavilion Kiosk 03-2141 7386
    Friday 13th November, 09 - 12pm 0 2pm

    click on image for larger read

    At the XMAS Collection Preview Party you'll be among the first to get your hands on some Tsumori Chisato collection! With the purchase of RM350 and above you get a 5-piece Red Juvenus travel set worth RM226 and a limited edition Tsumori Chisato pocket mirror for free!*

    Christmas Special! [while stocks last. Available from 15th Nov 09 onwards]
    Spend RM300 and above and bring home the limited-edition Tsumori Chisato Brush set for only RM90! (normal price RM180*).

    click on the images for larger read

    I am so excited! I'm going to the Mid Valley Xmas Collection Preview Party next week! on my to buy list is probably the Pouch, Cat Planet and Brush Set! FYI, I am providing free personal shopping services for this collection if anyone wants me to reserve/shop for them before [insert item leeming for] out of stock. Email me tammylci@gmail.com terms & conditions apply.

    for prices and a peek at the Tsumori Chisato Collection click here!

    citi rewards points for Tsumori Chisato collection!


    1. miu...i can't click the last picture

    2. Pink: fixed! thanks! :D

      babyloveshopping: yah 1st 60 shu members

    3. haiya miu, next week going for holiday...
      can't join the party :(

    4. I want go! Call now! I wan the pouch pouch!!!

    5. mmm..think carefully..I dun have much thing I wan except the pouch eh..the large one too expensive..maybe will just get the small one so I might not need to go..leave the chance to needed ppl larr..
      Will let you know if I need your help to buy that pouch~^^

    6. Miu, if the vanity pouch are made in Japan, it is worth buying but if it is otherwise, won't you think that it is not worth paying that much for the vanity pouch?

    7. ally: T_T nvm got other parties for other collections punya..

      Anonymous: Hmm vanity pouches especially by designers are priced that way. If it's make in Japan then I will consider getting it. It's just in my probably list now :(

      T_T sad.. that it's that pricey.. if not it will be in my confirm to buy list lol.

    8. Thanks for sharing
      I love Christmas XMas and New year Festival, It's a time of happiness
      Go to Baby Christmas Shop Click Here !!!

      special !

    9. thanks

      pls don't advertise your links here

    10. why they cant put the brush set offer at same day...we need to purchases 2 time just because of the RM90 offer?

      Miu: what's the must have item u use before?
      i only try their eyeliner & makeup remover oil(sakura)only.
      from: MOON

    11. moon: the makeup remover oil is their cleansing oil right? their star products is their foundation, uv base, deep water mist.

      I am using their deep sea water mist in lavender, uv base mousse, their foundation stick for contouring my face, their eyelash curler (good! but pricey) their brush cleaner (disinfect n cleans bruhses) their cleansing oil (anti-oxidant)

    12. Hi Miu,

      Have been following your blog for quite some time, mostly on the RMK & Kiehl's products.

      Am totally in love with the shu x'mas collection. Book their makeup pouch (s) cause the L-size is just to damn expensive. Am also eying their brush set as well. Wonder if should ask them to save a set for me as well... =p

    13. Hi Tri! u gotta get the brush set! especially from the gwp top up promo.

      Normally the brush sets would cost rm300 but for this collection, it's now rm190 for the time being.

      the pouch is so cute... i am controlling myself @___@ grr..grr..

    14. Gosh.... it's just so tempting!!! Alright will definitely book the brush set.

      Hehe....... can't spend much for next month then. XD

    15. next month xmas.. start hinting bf/parents/sibblings/bffs... muahah!!

      purchase rm300, top up rm90 only for brush set or can buy terus the rm190 brush set :)

    16. hye miu... im feez... erm, this is my first time writng to u.. heheh... i need a little help over here.. usually i did makeup on my frens, but so far, its juz a normal one... normal means juz to enhance their look... not something too complicated... this weekend i'll b attending a dinner... gala event act... n few of my fren as usual ask me to help laa... but, i juz realize that i never do eye makeup for chinese esp for those who has a single eye lids... (eventho im a half-chinese act).. ehehhe... so, cn u give me some tips how to apply the eye makeup correctly? i find it hard bcoz my fren only has single lid... i feel so bad for not being able to help her... help me miu.. plz

    17. Hello Feez!

      gala event? woah.. biggie oh this wan.. hmm i am not a professional at eye make up.. but i know a thing or two about enhancing my crummy single small asian eyes!

      well hmm for the eyshadow part, normally i use dark colors smoky preferbably, that would make your eyes bigger. How to smoky, a lot beauty bloggers go teach. I not pro so i won't do tutorial lah :( paiseh. But i can find tutorials for u :) Alternatively u can go youtube and seek out ricebunny, she's so good at tutorials! n u can watch step by step on youtube.com.

      Also go buy a nice false eyelash yah! they really make our single eyelids bigger!!! must have ok? faceshop selling under rm10 :D u can buy 1 and use on your friend.

      I hope i cna put up a tutorial on eyelashes soon but this week is jam packed for me :(

    18. how about u 2 go to RMK for a makeover? :) email me tammylci@gmail.com

    19. Miu, noted that you'll be attending the x'mas preview party today.

      I'll be going as well. But do you have any idea where the exact venue will be cause it's my first time attending a preview at Shu.*embarrassed*

    20. if i am not mistaken, it's at the old MidValley after MAC, opposite Zara shop. Those rows of shops there.

    21. HI Miu,

      Didn't see your review of the party, how was the party? Is it worth going? How about the door gift?

      Hot mama

    22. shall put up a short post after this :)

    23. Ein bisschen Erfahrungen hat Zara ja schon mit dem Heim-Dekorationsshop Zara Home gesammelt: Zara Online Shop


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