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  • Singapore Day 2 : Attack of the Giant Crab


    No this is not a movie or role playing or a flashback from an 80's horror movie. This is us at Singapore and our stomach is going to be attacked by a really big fat juicy crab. I know posting this in the morning on a Wednesday is going to spark off some lunch time seafood craze (and maybe not oh well).

    Crab Delicacy at Outram Road
    (No.3 is really No.1)

    As you know I was shipped to Singapore by NuffNang for 3 days 2 nights to attend the blogger's award event at a fancy 4 star hotel with fancy people all dressed up nicely and with fancy food being served to us that left me thinking "huh this is the food?" fancy yes, satisfying? no. I suppose Buaya Wing also felt the same coz she was in desperate "I NEED TO EAT YUMMY SINGAPORE FOOD OR I AM GOING TO THROW MY PLATES AWAY LIKE FLYING SAUCER" mode. Of course this crocodile has a lot of friends too in Singapore & one of them actually came out to meet us and bring us to... guess what? EAT CRAB!!!

    the victim flippin through the menu

    their star product - claypot herbal crocodile paw
    no to eating BUAYA WING

    the Buaya (yes) Wing

    your resident shopaholic who's too broke too eat crab

    Teck the nice guy, probably one of the last surviving
    nice guys around in the world

    Of course once we sat down, we started cam-whoring like Asian tourist (ops we are Asian tourist). An introduction - Buaya Wing, Me the mighty Miu blogger & owner of this wonderful blog & Teck the man who actually ownes and drives a big car in Singapore! (ladies ahem he is now available).

    the tibbits, the green one is really bitter
    everyone was complaining...

    unfortunately we look up and read the sign that says
    "dip with honey" for refreshing taste
    true enough the bitterness was gone! lol

    can u believe how big is the crab?

    Seriously the Chilli Crab, the Yam Basket & Green Veggie is so yummy and I think for the price that we pay, i mean Teck paid it was well worth it. Compare to back home, the mini crabs with the almost same price =_= and this Singapore Chilli Crab 100gram $3.80 is no sweat for our victim Teck. Buaya Wing was so happy she kept asking if i am Happy like 5 times??? mad woman the crab got to her head. Thanks Teck for a wonderful dinner :) we could not have survive dinner without you! flying kiss :*


    1. so....u happy onot?
      MUAHAHAHAHAHA..i miss the GIANT CRAB CLAW....yummy-licious...droolin again wen look @ d pix...hohoho

    2. WOW.. yummy.. make me salivate early in the morning... ehehehhe...

    3. aiyooooo, make me so jealous n hungry

      How i gonna lose weight b4 CNY???

    4. omg, you are making me so hungry but im only having bread for lunch today :(

    5. cai: speak to my lawyer..i scared to answer u again. LOL.. the giant claw i miss it too!

    6. Pigita: T_T wuwuuw sorry..tai kar cheh... u go eat during lunch lah

    7. Choky: T____T r u on diet? i'm so sorry

    8. wuahahhaha the crab claw as big as wing's face..hahahahah

    9. lisa: either wing is fat face or the crab claw is really big.. lol shh...

    10. Miu - my face is FAT as well as the crab Claw...:p

    11. at least wing's face same as crab claw..but if me sure my face bigger then crab claw huhuhu...

    12. or.. it could also be.. wing face is SMALL n crab claw also dam SMALL!!!

      lisa.. u dun say like this ah..when r u goin to yumcha with me? never meet u b4..

    13. spooky to eat croc.. :( anyone know what it taste like?

    14. like gucci bag? hehehe.. muahaha

    15. I like crabs too! Last time had some reli big ones at one of the restaurants in SS2 with my aunt. I think comparable to the one in the pic. 2 for RM90. But urs looks way MUCH nicer hahaha

    16. Shan: SS2 got so big crab?! i wanna eat too.. somehow crabs r expensive in PJ/KL. When i go back my hometown in Klang crabs r so tiny but cheap..

    17. nvm we can meet in MAC workshop ... dunno im in or not? when will they inform ah?

    18. they will send u letter of confirmation actually :( but it's best to call to make sure

    19. Wowwww miuuuuu.sedapnya.laparrr sudah. :))

    20. adiratna: haha.. sorry sorry!!

    21. farah: yes sedap!!! oh no lookin at pic again make me wan eat crab

    22. Their star product reminds you of maggots rice? :p

      Angela ^_^

    23. I love eat crab even though I am allergy to them lol.. coz after eat.. itchy mouth/throat even prawns. I not always eat sometimes only.. still ok.


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