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Review: Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner

Tsuya Tsuya Singapore sent me several items to review. One of them is the Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner (long wearing & waterproof) 4g in Cedar Brown Shimmer and a Gel Eyeliner Brush. I am so excited! this will be my first Tsuya Tsuya products & I get to review them for my readers. Been hearing all about their Angel Eyes treatment that can extend your eyelashes by 1 inch (that's another review put to test).

Upon opening the Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner, I am surprised to find that it's been sealed with a foil. Well most gel eyeliners that I buy are not seal unlike this one. Perhaps this why my eye eyeliners looks dried/decreased in size (yes this happens!). Well one things for sure, sealed gel eyeliner is a great way to know that the product has not been tampered with when you buy it (besides keeping it fresh haha).

The gel eyeliner brush is handy, travel size brush
(bristles are soft - I like!!!)

On my first testing (on my hand) it glides easily and the color pay off is great. This is a one stroke test (please refer to image). You can see the shimmer, it adds a touch of glam. It's not too shimmery though. The texture is smooth & creamy. I do like how easy it is to apply but it takes some time dry. The product states that it is long wearing & waterproof, perhaps with more time it would not smudge off that easily. The eye brush is so soft! it's fantastic. I used other eyeliner brush and sometimes it's so rough that it pokes my eye when I trying to put on eyeliner. I get irritated if a brush is rough and starts hurting my delicate eye area.

with & without Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner

The Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner that I have is in Cedar Brown Shimmer. It's not exactly a very dark brown but it's kinda soft brown that looks natural after application. As you can see from my test pictures, I merely use the gel eyeliner to enhance my eye and making it sexier. It's easy to clean up around accident areas, you can do a quick touch up or recovery before it dries completely. As a blessing in disguise, you can use a Q-tip to soften the edges for a more natural finish before the eyeliner dries up (don't want looking like being tatoo-ed to your eye yap).

Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner + Brush RM79.
Visit Tsuya Tsuya Singapore for more info.



  1. The brush come with a cover? looks great to me!
    The price is quite ok too..
    Malaysia don't have Tsuya Tsuya?

  2. cai: siao char boh..wan buy everything

  3. Jean: yeah comes with cover. I used to see it in Isetan KLCC.. not sure if its still there. I will ask Tsuya Singapore about it :)

  4. hey miu

    gosh! i just came back from isetan Klcc, didn't really check out tsuya tsuya. i didn't know it's there though.

    well. i went to check out shu eumura's eyeliner. lols. not bad. saw the xmas theme stuff too!

  5. Hi Miu

    just wonder if compare btw a gel type eyeliner and a liquid type, which 1 is better? m considering buying a liquid type but after saw ur review, have the intention to buy the tsuya 1.

  6. Hi Annabelle,

    A gel eyeliner is easier to use than a liquid eyeliner. However for gel eyeliners, u will need to find a good eyeliner brush to use it with. You can play around with eyeliner brushes to see which feels the best for you. Most gel eyeliners comes with a brush :)

    Have u used eyeliner b4? if u have, u'll probably want to stick to that as liquid types tend to last longer than gel. It also depends on which brand eyeliner you want to buy.

    Gel Eyeliners on the other hand is much more flexible than liquid. For beginners, gel eyeliner would be a nice start to practicing and when u have master a perfect line, u can move on to liquid.

  7. Hi Miu

    Thanks for your comments ya.... actually i seldom used eyeliner, that's y not very clear about it.

  8. Ah! so i think maybe u should try eyeliner gel type first, get the hang of it :) liquid one is ok too but need a lot of practice


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