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I Wish for a Starbucks Grande


Get a FREE exclusive Starbucks Coffee 2010 Planner

upon accumulation of 11 WISH Stamps.

1 GRANDE beverage = 1 WISH Stamp


  1. yippeeee.. been waiting for this.

  2. aiyoh.. must collect so many ah.. I mean the stamps

  3. I wan t the planner, but I don't really like coffees..>.<

  4. jean good time to buy coffee for u boss!! muahhaa...

  5. urgh. that's a lot of stamps to accumulate.

  6. lol... coffee overdosed..

    last year also i collect stamps.. to get the planner :(

  7. For the price of those 11 Grande coffees, i can go and buy a planner that i choose and like AND does not force me to advertise starbucks for free = better deal. hehehe

  8. you're obviously not a Starbucks drinker.. lol.. this promo is a additional bonus to starbuck regulars. Don't purposely go drink collect stamp just to buy planner!

  9. but last year, we can just buy the planner with a purchase of one drinks only. so sayang to use. only a few pages left..

  10. yah T_T i got the 2009 journal planner until now not yet use..also sob it looks too nice to be use..

  11. I just heard that if you don't want to collect stamps, the planners are just RM50.

    That I could live with, still cheaper than 11 grande drinks :P

  12. Miu,

    u see the truth of what i said???

    Want want want, buy buy buy, collect collect collect.

    Then what happenned?? Tak guna langsung. How do i "know" this even b4 u tell?? Not that i so clever but i "stupid" exactly like this so many times already. hahaha

    Hello hello, now last 2 months of year 2009 already!!

  13. Pigita: buy for nice and self satisfaction LOL!!! if u drink starbucks then it's just a bonus. If don't drink purposely go collect then sorry lah... =_= u need go back tadika. If a lot money n duwan gain few kg drinking sugar coffee.. just straight get planner like synical said.

  14. check it out at starbucks justnow. It is RM50 if you dun wan to collect the stamps...
    My boss not office in office one so can't get to buy him also..lol
    maybe buy for BF??XD

  15. 1. Planners can get free ones from many companies la, no need buy.

    2. I only like a particular layout, otherwise free pun tak guna la

    3. hey but if u keep for 30 years at least maybe will have value if Starbucks still around.

    I was in a v small town and drinking coffee in old kopitiam there, saw an ORIGINAL beer advert still on the walls. Was impressed and while chatting to the old owner, he told me one day that beer company's top management happened to stop there for drink and offered him big sum for it - for their company memoralia collection!!

    U never know !

  16. Jean: wow buy for ur bf? u r so sweet :)

  17. So fast end of the year already!! My Starbucks planner for year 2009 is still in its plastic wrapping untouched -___-.

  18. -_______________- mine last month only take out... from plastic..

    the moral of the story..

    dun buy/collect if no use..sob sob

  19. wah... so many people haven't used their 2009 planner!

    at least i've used mine... although still a lot of unused pages to go. jot down recipes, to-do lists... lalalalala~

  20. I bought the planner at RM50. Screw the 11 grande drinks.


  21. gosh it looks really nice!

    but there's no pages for planning? from what i see in ur pics of the journal @ your fb, lo0ks like calendar only with images and rough paper at the back.

  22. Hi Miu,

    Just saw your last message.

    Don't worry, there are pages for planning, it's just that I lazy la want to pictures of those :P A lot of white space, so I wouldn't worry about that.

  23. anyone wants to sell me Starbucks 2009's planner??

    i need it.

  24. err laskarchenta..sorry.. mine already use some pages.. still wan? lol..

    synical: no worries, i saw a lot of white pages.. but i prefer the calendar date part to have more spaces so i can jot down more stuffs

  25. miu.. how many pages u used..
    if i want, brp ye u nak let go?

    or.. anyone else nak letgo yang un-used?

    ermm i heard 2008 lagi cantik ye?

  26. omg i just checked mine..it's brand new... i din use it! i am flippin the pages to really check it.. seems i din do anything to the book!

    laskarchenta email me! how much u wanna offer?

  27. babe it's plaster in my blog!!!



  28. haha just to comfirm. kot kot lah ada another email~~ ( cover malu)

  29. hahah takpe..

    but i saw the lastest planner..compared.. i think last year's faux leather..better


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