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Kiehl's Christmas Party!


Kiehl's Christmas Party! Don't Miss it!

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009
Kiehl's Pavilion
(Level 2 Concourse)

Dear Friends of Kiehl's,

Grab a friend and come join us for some Christmas cheer! There'll be festive music, refreshments plus fantastic Christmas treats and goodies bags for guests. The party is open to the first 100 who RSVP through our KCRs @ Kiehl's Pavilion (03-21417160) or by clicking ATTENDING for this page :) Don't forget to send Kiehl's Malaysia a message with your name and tel number and we'll contact you to confirm the place!

Check out their latest Nov/Dec newsletter for pictures of the Christmas Sets & Info on this Party as well! Hurry call Kiehl's Pavilion or click to attend the event in their Facebook before it's too late!!! See you all there :D

click on the images for larger view of the Kiehl's Christmas Sets


  1. Hi Miu,

    Thanks for the kiehl's info.

    Hmm... the deluxe grapefruit set (RM138) looks promising. X'mas always has the best promo.

  2. yeah i agree :) i am also eyeing that grapefruit set.. been wanting to try

  3. Gosh, just noted that the party will be on a weekday. That's so sad. =(

    Will you be doing a review on the bath set? Can't wait for it. =D

  4. :D i go get samples to try.. hehe..

    the party on weekday but next day is holiday i think!!!

  5. wow wow wow i love kiehl's i love kiehl's~~~~~

  6. Totally forgotten about it. Haha....

  7. Miu, those Christmas sets are value sets or not? My obnoxious brother asking because he wanted to try this brand

    Angela ^_^

  8. value sets :D i think.. or u can say they put in the charm sizes for u :) along with actual size products

  9. Thx Miu! I just called and managed to register for the party! :) see you there! -Sharon-

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. wow..kiehlys party..i heard last time so good.
    i'm going too..well, at least i did rsvp.
    thank you for the info..u r such a darling! :D


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