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Shu Uemura Glam Eyelash Review


Shu Uemura Premium Eyelashes

I bought the Shu Uemura Premium Fake Eyelashes in Velvet Feather Deep Forest few days ago and put it to the test. This is the sort of eyelashes that you would want to wear to a fancy party/event/gala dinner/red carpet/fashion show or to just make a statement. Priced at RM150 or more, this baby is a sure to make headlines at the party. Probably people will go OMG? look at her eyes! or WTF wrong with her eyes? haha.

the transformation

My makeup artist Lilian "transformed" my ordinary bare looks to one ready for a glam eyelash. I learned that when using glam eyelashes (particularly big ones like mine) you need to do a more intense eye make up so that your glam glam eyelash would adjust accordingly with your looks. At first I was laughing away at my thick eye make up but when she put on the lashes for me (in a matter of seconds!) I realize it finally makes sense. Thus i got a spanking from Lilian for laughing like mad earlier on.


I don't know I feel kinda different with glam eyelashes on, almost powderful! (powerful). I feel this sense of superman power my eyes are giving haha! This eyelashes are big, huge in fact. You will need to place it higher above the eyelids or you'll look like a blind mole rat. Black/Dark eye shadows help conceal the eyelashes on your eyes (am i making sense haha). It is not light definitely judging by the size but it's not very heavy or painful (when put on correctly). Please note that u need a eye make up that makes ur eyes look bigger b4 u put on big glammy feathery eyelashes.

The feathers probably block your eyesight from paparazzi (ok don't be alarm, u will still be able to see just your peripheral visions are a bit dim atm). Face front you're able to still see where and what's going on. Unless you're in a jungle and a big giant gorrila is chasing you, i don't see the need why the eyelashes will hinder your pathway. In case there is really a need to run like Cinderella, just peel the eyelash of your eyes! no pain.. well at least for me.

urm poison ivy?

Items destroyed in the Peacock Process:
Shu Uemura premium eyelash - velvet peacock deep forest
Shu Uemura eyelash glue
RMK eye brow liner in shade03
RMK Mystique Eyes in shade03
RMK Ingenious Gel Eye Liner in shade01
RMK Ingenious Eye liner in shade01
RMK Mystique Cheeks in shade01
RMK Lip Gloss in shade35
RMK Liquid foundation in shade103
RMK Liquid Make up Base

rmk website for products (pictures)


  1. wow¬¬wow¬¬ so beauty lah miu.


  2. nina: realli or not.. my sister say OMG..

  3. wow... that's... interesting... in a x-men /mutant kind of way... LOL.

    no, really, it's pretty! but *definitely* not for everyday use. definitely.

  4. wow this is very dramatic! it's very pretty when you want to really amp up your look. This reminds me of Poison Ivy from Batman for some reason =p

  5. http://fusedfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/uma_thurman-poison-ivy_002.jpg

    oo.. hmm i guess can be the sama dramatic look...

    definitely can't use on normal day lol... ppl will laugh at me

    Zyrin: lol.. i should blog about superheroes for a change? hehe

  6. i want to stroke your eyelashes hehehe

    do they feel like kittens on your eyelids??

  7. You look good! loving the lashes. I like your nose too! It's so well defined? Haha.

  8. Pigita: nobody did that to me! hmmm they feel like hair..covering my eyes

    aly: thanks! my nose? u r the first to say that.. i guess it's thanks to Lilian's super make up skills

  9. wow miu, the eyelashes kinda remind me of big bird, you know from sesame's street? except yours are green.

  10. Thanks for update what product u use at FOTD....
    pls continue to post more fake eyelashes makeup pic!
    you can create: wildlook,partylook...
    Wait to see more...OK hehehee
    FR: MOON

  11. hehee ... the look really special...make me laugh when i open your blog...hehe....i like d look anyway...yeah~~

  12. very pretty, wow your make up you are glowing :D

  13. u look gorgeous dear, a little over the top but still cute, hehehhe ^_^ love it @_@

  14. first - question : what you mean destroyed? you mean for 150, you can only use it once? pengsan

    second - the fact : it looked stunning to say the least. definitely for gala dinner thingy, your wedding dinner perhaps??

    third - the praise : the side view is extremely million dollar look, it ought to be on your front page.

  15. The eyelashes definitely bring glam and drama to your whole look... Miu the diva.. ehehehehe...

    Im just curious what is your bf's comment or reaction cos guys normally don't know how to appreciate these kinda looks :P

  16. when i saw it, the first thing i thought of is how can something that beautiful made u even uglier... take it off..

  17. Moose: yeah!!! bird bird eyelashes lol... i should google the pic up and put in my post

  18. Dorin: hahhaa... glad it perk up your day dorin :)

  19. sherry: yeah i notice that too.. it's the power of rmk liquid foundation n powder.. lol

  20. Ayna: yeah very over the toplah! diva moment !!! sigh halloween just over if not i can wear it

  21. uncle frog:

    1 - just a funny lol. Can use 10 times or more if taken proper storing care

    2 - lol.. how about your birthday gala dinner???

    3 - oh..the siti nurhaliza side look? Angela commented on that too! woah... i might take it.. for my header.. good suggestion

  22. effie: my bf said "OMG WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SO UGLY!" lol.......

  23. Anonymous: that's fashion :) ugly is still beautiful when it comes to drama

  24. I think they look great for fashion show too :D I mean like some ppl need a model for makeup or hair

  25. Looks good tho'... It does not 'poke your eyes right??'...

    Will try if have special event.. ^_^

  26. Sherry: yeah u r right :D

    Cath J: hmm no poking feeling, but that's bcoz Lilian is superb with it :) really salute this woman.

    Reena: thanks reena!

  27. OMG!!! You look like you just fell out of a comic book... uber cool!

    Your makeup looks awesome, btw... kudos to Lilian... the RMK foundation must be really good and suits u coz ur skin looks absolutely flawless! ;)

  28. then my superhero name will be..

    PEACOCK GIRL! mesmerized u with my drama yes and hypnotize u give me shopping money... lol..

    yea Lilian is really good at make up! rmk foundation is the best muahahah!!!

  29. its worth buying for ppl who like falsie collection :) who knows it might cost more in future.

  30. oh now already cost so much T_T


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