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CO Reimbursement Explained!


If anyone is blur about CinemaOnline's reimbursement procedures here a copy of what I asked them by e-mail today (note co's response is in red)

1. Option 1 - refund of cash :
How do CO calculate the refund? is it base on price per issue or price based on Subscription Package?

The cash refund is based on the value on your remaining issues of subscription. The calculation is total amount that you paid for your subscription divide by no of months and times the remaining issues.

2. Previous Gifts/Screening Passes that comes along with Subscribing:
How about the screening passes we have from subscribing ? will it be cancel? Is the screening page going to be cancel soon? can I still use my screening passes which I have saved up over the years until it's validity expired?

You can still utilize all the passwords that you have to redeem tickets to Cinema Online screenings.

3. Refund Question:
What happens when I paid for a subscription but it is a gift to a friend? Can I still claim for my money back? Who can claim? Person with receipt or person addressed to?

Only name as recorded in subscription is allowed to get reimbursement.

OK :) and u can actually ask them how many issues left in your subscription by e-mail too and they will check and reply you.



  1. u mean no more free movies? =(

  2. Jamie feels for you and hates it when you find something that you really like, and enjoy and then they decide to no longer produce it!
    but they a sure you that they are making something so much better, but better for who never me!
    This is the problem living next to the USA they eat up Canadian mags and anything free you have to then live in the USA to cash it in!
    I hope the on live version is as great as the original one delivered, too bad they didn't make it on CD so cheaper to send and produce!


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