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Fragrance & Cosmetic Warehouse Sale 14/8/08 - 16/8/08


The Warehouse Sale @ Corus Hotel

Paul & Joe Cosmetics

Givenchy Cosmetics Price List

Esprit Life

Lots of Givenchy Perfumes

Givenchy Irresistible & Prism

Givenchy Prism rm65 - 100ml

Givency Organza rm138 - 50ml

Givency Amariage rm126 60ml

Givenchy Very Irresistible
(Men) Fresh Attitude
rm89 100ml

Givenchy Organza Set RM113

Givenchy Amariage Set

Givenchy Organza Set RM113

Givenchy Sets

David Beckham Set
(15ml perfume + lotion)

J. Del Pozo Black/White
rm39 30ml
rm49 50ml
rm69 100ml

Jeanne Arthes Miniature Set rm15

Sultane Silver RM19

Sultane RM19

Antonio Banderas rm35 - 50ml

Morgan Sweet Paradise rm45

Morgan Love rm40

Hot Seller MNG Mango Set
RM40 (50ml edt + lotion)

Miss Sixty Rock Muse
rm51 - 50ml
rm40 - 30ml

Miss Sixty Elixir
rm51 - 50ml
rm63 - 75ml

Moschino rm49 - 25ml
rm59 - 40ml
rm86 - 125ml

Espirt Life rm60 - 75ml

Kate Moss RM79 - 100ml

Tous set rm85
(100ml perfume + pc mouse)
rm79 - 90ml
rm49 - 30ml

Mango Adorable
rm49 -100ml
rm35 - 50ml

rm49 - 30ml
rm71 - 50ml

Price Spy by Miu!!!

I went to Corus Hotel this morning, the jam was really bad at going to Jln Ampang, stuck there some time. Manage to reach Corus Hotel at 11am. I took the stairs to first floor, there wasn't any waiting Q and the hall was bigger than the last sale at Armada Hotel. However there wasn't much trinkets to buy this time compare to last time. The Sets are also limited, and Givenchy perfumes were the highlight of the sale. Plenty of types/smells/set to go around. I'm not Givenchy fan :P

Armand Basi, Jeanne Arthes, Luciano Soprani, and some weird weird names around. I don't fancy those but I check out the prices anyway. Cheapest seems to be coming from Jeanne Arthes range and Sultan? (cool bottle but I don't want to buy). All this is at the middle table.

I manage to look around the MNG, Morgan table where the Sales person was telling me the Mango set is a hot cake, left how many how many more only. Well I took one just to hang around with it. It's cheap! rm40 for a 50ml perfume + 100ml lotion in a cute package. After hanging around for 1 hour plus, I went back to this table and saw there's none left. Before I went to Q up to pay, I again check out the table n there was 1 more mango set left (So i grab it).

Sigh 11am-11.30am the paying Q wasn't that bad yet but starting lunch time it was like ktm during raining. But the Q was fast, I waited only 20mins and manage to chat with some girls (and took pics of the room). After paying I decided to go around again and take pics of the perfume bottles hahahaha.

Initially a lot sales people keep looking at me during (it wasn't that pack yet the hall). Some even ask why I'm jotting down the prices. I told them it's for my friends, they wan know the prices and later tumpang buy. Guess they started to freak out when I slowly see the perfumes and make one big round across the hall. Exciting I feel like criminal!

Here's what I manage to write down, enjoy!

Kate Moss RM79 – 100ml


Life by Esprit RM60 – 75ml
Life by Esprit Men Shaving Lotion RM29
Life by Esprit Shower Gel RM29
Life by Esprit Deodorant RM29
Esprit Perfume Vaporizer RM29
Esprit Deodorant Stick RM39
Esprit Vaporizer Spray RM29
Esprit Woman Shower Gel RM29

Miss Sixty RM51 – 50ml / RM63 – 75ml
Miss Sixty Rock Muse RM51 – 50ml/ RM40 – 30ml

Moschino Oh De Moschino RM49 – 25ml
Moschino Uomo RM86 – 125ml / RM59 – 40ml

Versace Crystal Noir RM59 – 30ml
Versace the Dreamer RM69 – 50ml
Versace Baby Blue/Pink Jeans RM59 – 50ml

Givenchy Blue Label Pour Homme Set RM1130-00
Givenchy Irresistible Set RM113 Set
Givenchy Set RM103 (with Bag)
Givenchy Toning Lotion rm25
Givenchy Brightening Lotion rm49
Givenchy Voluptuous Body Cream rm86
Givenchy Female Organza Set RM113
Givenchy Organza RM138 50ml
Givenchy Amariage RM126 – 60ml
Givenchy Amariage Lotion rm51
Givenchy Lovely Prism RM65 – 50ml
Absolute Givenchy RM120– 50ml limited edition
Givenchy Deodorant rm41
Givenchy YSATIS rm103
Givenchy Very Shimering EDT Irresistible rm103-00 - 50ml
Givenchy Very Irresistible RM69 – 75ml (Men)
Givenchy Pour Homme rm62-00 (blue box)

Givenchy Cosmetics
Lipstick from rm19
Lipgloss from rm23
Foundation from rm35
Eye shadow from rm19

J. Del Pozo in Black RM39-00 – 30ml / rm49 – 50ml / rm69 – 100ml
J.Del Pozo in White RM39-00 – 30ml / rm49 – 50ml / rm69 – 100ml

Nautica Blue RM59-00 – 100ml

Morgan Sweet Paradise RM40 – 35ml
Morgan Sweet Paradise RM55
Morgan Love RM40-00

Antonio Banderas Men rm35 – 50ml / rm 55 – 100ml
Woman rm45 – 100ml / rm35 – 50ml

Tous rm79 – 90ml / rm49 – 30ml
Tous Touch rm89 – 100ml / rm69 – 50ml
Tous Gel RM29
Tous Set RM85 (100ml perfume + mouse)

Adidas For Men RM29 – 50ml

Mango Adorable rm49 – 100ml
Mango Adorable Silky Light rm19 (lotion)
Mango rm35 – 50ml / rm45 – 100ml
Mango gift set rm40 (50ml perfume+lotion)

Paul and Joe Cosmetic
Lipstick rm39
Lip gloss rm29
Nail polish rm19
Dual crayon rm29
Mascara rm29
Waterproof curly mascara rm39
Stick concealer rm39
Eye cragon rm29
Fluid foundation rm49
Powder foundation rm59
Triple gloss rm39
Glistering eye color rm29
Face color rm39
Eye color rm29

Ferarri EDT rm790 – 75ml / rm99 – 125ml/ rm45 – 30ml
Ferarri in Black rm99 – 125ml / rm79 – 75ml
Ferrari After Shave Balm rm59 – 30ml

David Beckham Instinct rm39 – 50ml
David Beckham Intimate Woman rm39 -30ml/ rm49 – 50ml / rm59 – 75ml
David Beckham Men rm49 – 50ml/ rm39 – 30ml/ rm59 – 75ml
David Beckham Set rm30 – 15ml + shower cream 75ml
David Beckham Rm30 – 15ml + shower cream 150ml

ST Dupont Paris rm99 – 100ml (female)

Luciano Soprani Just Free rm69-00 – 100ml edt
Luciano Soprani Man rm59 – 50ml/ rm69 – 100ml
Luciano Soprani Uomo rm59 – 50ml
Luciano Soprani woman rm39 – 30ml / rm59 – 75ml

Armand Basi in Blue rm59 – 50ml / rm79 – 100ml
Armand Basi in Red rm59 – 30ml / rm69 – 50ml/ rm79 – 100ml (edp)
Armand Basi in Red EDT rm49 – 30ml/ rm59 – 50ml / rm69 – 100ml

Angel Schlesser rm69 – 100ml (woman) / men rm69 – 100ml

Mandarin Duck rm29 shower gel
Mandarin Duck edt rm39 – 30ml
Mandarin Duck shower gel men rm29

Mandarin Duck men rm49 – 50ml / rm65 – 100ml

Aire Loewe rm39 – 30ml edt
Aqua de edt rm49 – 50ml
Esencia loewe men rm49 – 50ml / rm69 – 100ml
Loewe (woman) rm49 – 50ml / rm59 – 100ml
Solo Loewe rm69 – 50ml
I Loewe You rm49 – 30ml / rm71 – 50ml

Jovan Musk for Men rm19 (cologne spray)

Jeanne Arthes
J.A Miniature set of 5 rm15
J.A Cassandra rm19 – 100ml
J.A CO2 – rm19 – 100ml
J.A Woman/Men rm19 – 45ml (4 types red/black/green/purple)
J.A EDP Arome Absolute rm19 – 100ml
J.A Edp Arome Arthes rm19 – 100ml

Bruce Benson rm19 – 100ml edt

Sultan men rm19 – 100ml
Sultane rm19 – 30ml
Sultane silver rm19 – 30ml

Adolfo Dominiquez
AD Azahar rm49 – 100ml
AD te verde rm29 – 50ml / rm39 – 100ml
AD Aqua fresca de roses rm39 – 60ml / rm49 – 120ml
AD Woman Donna edt rm39 – 75ml
AD men rm39 – 75ml
AD Black rm39 – 75ml
AD vetiver honbue men edt rm29 – 60ml / rm39 – 120ml
AD Alegria men rm49 – 100ml/ rm29 – 50ml

*only 90% listed by miu as too many people at tables.



  1. wah, you super girl lah you. not tired from the bkk trip meh?

    i also likes perfume, next time got sale, inform me early, i can give you a lift, if i am going lah.

    did you realise that nowadays, perfume don't seemed to lasts? used to be whole day but nowadays, by the 2nd hour already like gone, puff

  2. huuu..miu ~~
    Is there any coffret set for men? remember last time i told u that i didnt give anythg to my boyfie? :p hehehe..any idea pf for men??

  3. some of the boxes look really nice!

  4. hey hurley, what say you we buy the perfume, i take the bottle and you take the boxes? kakakaka.

  5. snm: yeah i remember! but very limited sets available in this sale and your fiance may not like the brand :( (e.g david beckham, givenchy. The Loreal Luxury seem to be taking so long to come! sigh my friend say they not yet inform them bout it.

    Thomas: WAH uncle u into perfume? this warehouse sale a lot men perfume but different kinds of brand - Tous, Armand Basi, Ferrari, Versace, David Beckham etc. I will let u know next time n we can go together instead of me taking taxi there.

    Hurley: u like boxes huh

  6. Wah liau! Fantastic pictures and great price list!

    Tks for sharing and being so generous with the info as always!

    :) SNS

  7. Wow Miu, u r the greatest! tumbsup thanks 4 d price list and info ~ highly appreciated. Have u try the MNG? good? Do u think they will replenish today?

  8. thanks sns!! just to help us girls (good info must share) i hope everyone will put up price list in sales at your site ^_^

    all about sweets: MNG got the individual sizes available, but the set yesterday habis. However I never believe them when they say habis (as some sales ppl (other warehouse) got tell me they restock the day b4, and it was too pack so they couldn't go take stock replenish. MNG Adorable smells lovely! it's a musky smell and quite lasting! =)

  9. miu..do u think they will re-stock the MNG sets? will go there tomorrow..as early as i can :p

  10. if they restock will be early morning :( then ppl will sapu habis fast.

    Can try your luck on sat morning see got price slash and mng sets?

    * u know lah..sometimes ppl will return back after thinking few times (i got my 2nd set like that)after 2 hours.Sometimes they got stock still but didn't go take it.. waitin ppl deliver n then restock on table. N sometimes maybe the staff itself duwan buy n put back? hope u r lucky!

  11. all Jamie can say is WOW and I don't mean world of warcraft Miu!
    did you pick up any cherry lip gloss, he he =^.^=
    seriously it looks like a mind boggling shopping spree, where you don't know if they are holding things back saying this is the last one until you buy it and leave then they bring out there other last one!
    how do you ever figure out what is worth it or not???

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. miu..i went there around 4.30pm..not much morgan, MNG, even sultane left:( end up without buying anything. actually, wanna wait for Loreal Luxury Pf Sale as u mentioned before :p huuu~~

  14. hello, i missed the sale in corus hotel, and im really want to go there. perhaps if u dont mind...do inform me when there is another warehouse sale coming up...fragrance,cosmetics..anything will do. thanks ,miu!!

    i like ur name...very cute meh

    inform me via email, since i dont blogging...hihi..


    thanks!! :D

  15. hi thanks anne XD

    well u r in luck! coz loreal warehouse sales is this sat

    23rd august at park royal hotel (10am)

    u can check out this link below for more info:


  16. jaime: lol...do u need cherry lip gloss? hehe!!!

    some sales are worth it, depending one what u need. I go mostly bcoz of the super bargains! some perfumes go up to 70% off the retail price..so yeah.. we've been paying a premium at shoppin centers sigh.

  17. I found your blog through your MYB link. Oh my God, the Mango set is so cute =( I didn't know about the sale. Very very sad =(

  18. hey xingyi sorry to hear u miss out on this sale. It was a good deal on girly perfumes like mng, morgan, miss sixty..

    they'll have a sale again i think end of this year or early next year.

  19. hey i came across ur blog..wanted to ask u how was the perfume for men? any good deals and nice perfumes?

  20. the price list is published here, u can compare with another post of mine (which u can find in the announcement of the corus hotel sales this coming april.

    Brands & pricing there, u can roughly estimate what to expect and if the price is right :)

    Nice perfumes, depend on your taste. So far this perfume sales I find a lot of men go! lol..

  21. hey miu, came accross your blog from sns. want to ask a favor. can i borrow ur listing to be appeared on my blog? coz i thought of taking orders for my friends. so they can tell me what they want from the list. of course i will give credit to u. but if cannot, its ok, trully understand. tq

  22. babe, can i borrow ur price list to put on my blog? need to ask permission from u first. tq

  23. Hi Adwina, listing? as in pricing list? You can refer to me back np, make sure big big credit to me!! haha it's hard to write the stuffs down and tangkap spy pic T_T

  24. hye, miu!!.. soo cute of u laa...
    but, lol!.. i don't think i can manage to go there.. can u buy for me??.. if can laaa...
    here's my email add: ayies25@yahoo.com

    btw, im berry... tq!!

  25. can you tell me the price of paul and joe creamy foundation??


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