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There's no Ghost in the Ghost House



I've watched the preview of Penelope, Death Race and now this. I didn't blog about the first two, probably because I'm not so happy about it, same goes to this Ghost House movie preview today at Cathay Cineleisure. I actually had another choice of movie (same place, same time, same day) which is Money No Enough 2, but I watched "The Ghost House" anyway because I dislike free seating and second because I thought Thailand ghost stories were tops.

Ghost House = Don't go watch it, I'll give you 3 good reasons:
  1. it's not a ghost story
  2. it's boring
  3. not all Thai Ghost Story Movie is tops
Take my advice, maybe "Money No Enough" would be more interesting.


  1. never liked watching anything go to do with ghosts and ghouls. read my last few posts about it.

    btw, u understand the conversation that i posted? you must be pretty good analyst, hahaha.

    but, yeah, you can see how MIDDLE AGE will change people and how MONEY is not everything. :D

  2. err..where's that post now? seems to be missing or.. i am also turning middle age..

  3. This show is way tooo slow i don't recommend it at all.

  4. hello :)
    i searched on google bout the ghost house i've watched today,and drop by here.

    huh....its a bored movie indeed,but even now im thinking bout the story.it doesnt like those movies i watched,feeling empty after the show end.

  5. oh boy you're so right..

    "feeling empty after show"

    i felt the same way!


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