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Chic Pop by Recharge at Bisou


the fab 3! Kelly, Wing & Miu

I know I have been busy trying to do everything at once, which ended up nothing do anything at all. I went to Chic Pop by Recharge last weekend at Bisou Mont Kiara. It was a all girl pampering event organized by Recharged and Bisou? sponsored surprisingly by a cigarette company Salem, introducing their latest slim menthol cigarettes. The event was pack with activities to do and now I know why they said it's from 2pm-7pm. Among the events that I could remember was:

1. palmistry (palm reading - two tables)
2. image consultants (one doing hair consulting and the other color consulting)
3. tarot card reading (two tables as well)
4. massage zone (choosing either 10mins foot massage or back massage)
5. manicure zone (the popular zone, classic manicure with gel nail polish worth rm80)
6. diy accessory zone (make your own fashion badge)
7. in house stylist consultation (fashionistas table)

I think I did everything but the fashionista table which is probably the one thing I need? Bisou served alcohol and non-alcholic drinks. My favorite being the non-alcoholic one where they make lime soda with leaves inside. For drinkers, this is definitely the best hangout place! Bisou served margaritas, mohitos? sorry I'm not familiar with drinks and another few more choices. It's free flow session with finger food serve round the clock.

Buaya Wing, Jackson & Miu

A nice guy welcome me when I arrived. His name is Jackson, looks pretty much younger than me and later on I found out he's still a student. Much later, my date arrived and got drunk too. Buaya Wing notty notty girl! Also another familiar face was Kelly! and she even brought her Ipad to show off too (hate her!). I wish there's more events like this where we can casually try out things by our own time and chill. I got some advices from the palmistry lady and the tarot card lady also open up my eyes to things I'm keeping inside my heart. They're not fortune tellers definitely! if I could describe, they're more like psychologist with bag of tricks!


  1. Wah u went!! Sounds fun, too bad i didnt get any sms from them. Show pics!!

  2. yeah i went. wanna check out their event n ideas :)

    pics.. actually din bring camera, but i took with my hp..lol

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. miu... u ahhh...dont lah like tht. jenny wanted to check out the Ipad, she asked me bring along n show her.


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