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A Hot Banner & a Contest by Nix

A reader of mine name Nix is really good at photography & graphics stuffs. He couldn't stand looking at my pitiful banner so he revamped the fonts on it for me! Thanks Nix!!! he said it's only temporary coz he wants to make me a nicer banner. I am so happy!!! thanks Nix! As an appreciation I am going to introduce his blog to everyone here. He's a makeup artist and a photographer in Penang. I'm so jealous of his creativity and artistic style. FYI he's a MALE BEAUTY BLOGGER! who lurves Mac Cosmetics.

He's doing a giveaway now to get some followers in his blog! Prizes include Benefit, Shu Uemura, Anna Sui, etc! check it out. He has awesome photos to show off. Click here!

if only I have his creativity and style... my blog would rock!


  1. Hehe. I thought your original banner was cute! But wow, he's really good at this stuff! Very professional looking~

  2. thanks miss wiggle! hehhee... i thought it was okay.. but this "artist" can't stand it! haha.. i understand.. lol him. He says my blog needs to look more HOT.. so I'm leaving the job to him :D

    he's gona make me a nicer banner ^____^ using images!

  3. this new banner looks so 'kitten chic'!


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