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  • Dialing International Hello! iTalkWhoa


    real life mini love story

    If there's a will, there's a way, so we are told. Indeed, we are blessed to have such encouraging words especially when we feel frustrated because we cannot find a way to solve a problem. Now, I am writing this piece of article on behalf of TM iTalk Whoa! from a true experience as told by my mum.

    My mum flew in from Melbourne more than a month ago. The very next day, she went to the nearby shops trying to buy an international calling card so she can let her American boyfriend (yes, her boyfriend!) knows that she has arrived safely in Malaysia. But alas, none of the shop has the international card. Either they were sold out or they don't know what she was talking about. She was so frustrated! However, instead they said they have iTalk card. Now, what in the world was that?? Does the 'I' stand for international? Well, she was not going to risk her RM30 on one just incase. Instead, she called me up and I happened to be at One Utama Shopping Complex. She asked me to get her an international calling card and to text her the pin number as well as the centre call number. Not a problem. Unfortunately, all the shops I went to were saying the same thing as the above. Only iTalk card. Oh well, iTalk is better than getting a lecture from my mum. I then text her the necessary details.

    "long distance relationship"

    My mum was excited. At last, she could call her boyfriend. Well, the excitement didn't last long because she had trouble getting the number through. Good thing she is quite smart. She called up the TM operator and got them to solve her problem. Well, the rest is history and I didn't hear from her for a week.

    One day, she called me up and said, “Tammy, there must be an even cheaper method of calling overseas such as a VOIP" – voice over the internet protocol – which she was using in Australia. She was in luck for right about this time, I was given the task of introducing to readers the wonderful world of TM iTalk Whoa. So, I told her about the iTalk Whoa which I briefly read up. She didn't waste time but immediately went to the cyber cafe to google up TM iTalk Whoa. Next thing, she called me up to buy for her a wireless modem so she can have access to WiFi in the comfort and privacy of her own bedroom.

    Ring Ring Calling USA

    She went to the website and created an account, bought some credits to use and ever since then she had been daily keeping in touch with her friends in United States and Australia. Not only that, she even get the rest of her children to chip in to buy her a lap top for mother's day present (now, this was in March, mother's day was still more than a month away!) because she said that way she can call up anyone anywhere anytime from where ever she is. Now, this is my mum. For her, she sure applies the famous quote “If there's a will, there's ...”.

    make international calls with iTalkWhoa!

    As described in the TM web site, iTalk is a prepaid calling card for both National or STD and International or IDD calls. It can be used on mobile phones as well as land lines (house telephone). They come in denominations of RM10, RM20, RM30 and RM50. The iTalk card are easily and readily available in the towns or shopping centres.

    Whereas, the iTalk Whoa! is as TM claims, an 'all-in-one tool for all your social networking needs'. There are few features that comes with it. They can be use to stay in touch with people. You can send instant messages, call friends cheaply on their mobile phones or from your PC. Plus, you can make video calls or chat online with people.

    Italk Whoa also acts as a sharing tool. You can easily transfer files, music, video between your contacts and stay connected via facebook etc. It also allows access to viewing multiple screens with your friends at the same time. Besides all of the above mentioned, the iTalk Whoa also have few other features which you can find out for yourself by visiting their websites at www.italkwhoa.com.


    1. To make even cheaper calls use www.mytelex.com I think your mom would love it!

    2. mytelex?? i'll ask her to check it out :D

    3. since ur mum got a new laptop, got to install SKYPE!!! the best n did i say free?

      xoxo elle


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