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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
  • Top 10 Female Bloggers in Malaysia Award
  • Cleo's Next Top Blogger Malaysia Award
  • Founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia

  • Givenchy Glitter To Go Giveaway


    Glitter To Go Giveaway

    Thanks for all the support my fellow readers! It's been great blogging for almost 2 years now, my blog anniversary is next month and I have hit the 500 follower mark too! To kick start the celebration, I opened up a box of Givenchy's Limited Edition Glitter To Go which has 10 portable sachets of sparkling gel texture that gives u a cooling sensation (put in fridge 5 mins before use) and also gives u a "soft glam" effect. I'll be sending it by normal post, whether it's international or local. There's only 10 sachets for 10 lucky followers and this is just for FUN! To win one, just tell me why you love my blog. Dateline Friday 21/5/10 :)

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    1. follower id: Yan
      e-mail: miujiyan@yahoo.com
      Why you Love my blog:
      I love your blog so much it's because you always update a lot of stuff especially those cosmetics stuff! which I'm a huge fans of those cosmetics brands as well! And you always bring a lot of great news for us!

    2. follower id: Jean
      e-mail: purplewardrobe[at]gmail[dot]com
      Why you Love my blog:
      I love your blog for all the updated beauty info and tips, sales, activities and everything!
      I love not only your blog, but you too!!!^^

    3. u no need to work punya?! so fast comment also?

    4. Follower ID: Missy Doroshi
      email: dorotee79@gmail.com

      I love your blog becoz reading ur blog is like feasting my eyes with candies, all the sweet stuff on beauty workshops, very up-to-date shouldn't be miss infos like sales, what to buy, where to get stuffs...etc etc..the list goes on.
      I also love the way your write, simple and straight foward, n thank god u dun use "out of the world" english.
      I love you too! Muaxxxxx

    5. out of the world english? hahha.... thx doroshi!

    6. follower id: juli1202
      e-mail: juli1202[at]hotmail[dot]com
      Why you Love my blog:
      I love your blog because you did enhance my beauty knowledge & lots of beauty updates like skin care, cosmetics, events, workshop... No regrets of knowing you!!!

    7. thx juli! haiyor din really update so much already.. coz lotsa bloggers updating also. I do other updates.. haha...

    8. follower id : Vina
      email : leve_17@yahoo.com
      I love your blog because it's simply cool and keeps me updated with all the latest beauty news

    9. follower id : Wai Yee aka Rane
      email : yee2609@hotmail.com

      Tammy I am addicted to your blog because your writing is fun and cool, your news is always very updated(Like the post of Sephora). Good work, Miu!

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. follower id:fiseel

      I love ur blog coz it's bundled with all freebies n stuff plus i can sometimes get some plussize updates from you!!!

    12. follower id: Afra Yuri

      e-mail: shady.lass86@gmail.com

      Why you Love my blog:
      I love to leave a print on your blog page everytime you update because it is filled with girly stuff! You are like the sifu of beauty regimen and makeup, since I am a makeup amateur :P

    13. follower id:stylish one

      why i love your blog?
      -Just as an addict to a drug,I am to your blog. Believe you may,I never check Your blog less than 5 times a day for updates on anything and everything ,wherever I may be ,be it uni or shopping at a mall, latest updates on free gift, redemptions,workshops or just about anything informative,I turn to your blog that is printed in the tablet of my heart.modes of usage vary from,iphone to laptop!
      You are indeed a great inspiration to me and knowing or unknowingly you have been a wonderful inspiration and it will be a life long experience to have met a person like you not only through your blog,but the details that is made of you,making each posts special in its own way.
      Honestly,your blog just gives the vibe that you are a confident,bold woman with so much strength and charisma.That indeed is a great encouragement for a girl like me.
      keep it going Dear Miu.

    14. congratulations & jubilations!
      hiphip hurray for your anniversary!

      follower id: stellarvixen
      e-mail: stellarvixen@gmail.com
      Why you Love my blog:

      latesst shopping & Treats buzz buzzz around KL!
      your crazy shopping hauls*luvvv
      your personal shopping service!~~
      your flair of writing!
      your generosity!!
      your extended fame to me~~ inviting me for reviews & partehhhh!
      OMG this list is getting longer luv luv luv MIU!

      oohh i luv GIVENCHY becuz of LIV TYLER!
      the power of ambassador *wink wink

    15. ID: electronicfly
      email: electronic(dot)fly(at)gmail(dot)com
      I is loves your blogs because is full of info! swatches, reviews, pricelists, etc!

      What I don't like about your blog is that you make me want to go out and buy stuff T.T

    16. follower id: Eva
      e-mail: eva.tan82@ymail.com
      I love your blog coz u always hv updated beauty info,tips,sales, even our right as a consumer. Love ur blog very much ^^. I use to read ur blog daily, it become a habit !!

    17. follower id: wifluvelle
      e-mail:wifluvelle at gmail dot com
      why elle <3 tammy blog: becoz there's so much excitement coming to ur blog, not a dull moment, luv wat u're doing, keep it going forever k! ur passion for blogging is an inspiration!

      xoxo elle

    18. follower id: sherrygo
      e-mail: sherrygo at hotmail dot com
      Why you Love my blog:
      I love your blog because its about cosmetics and skin care and shopping updates. this is what every gals want to know.

    19. congrats on your soon to be 2nd blog anniversary!!

      follower id: FatiN
      e-mail: patin_pish@hotmail.com
      why i lurv your blog: Seriously? lol! It adds glitz, shine and glamour to my day! dats why i'm lurrvin it!

    20. follower id:susan
      Why you Love my blog:Your blog really interesting..lots of information about beauty,makeup and warehouse sale. It was very useful blog for me as reference.

    21. Follower ID : sweetiegem
      Email : germaine_kazaf@hotmail.com

      why do i love your blog?
      -because u are really good at blogging makeup,event,fun,latest news and more!u are my inspiration bout makeup!

    22. follower id: joany
      e-mail: joanyee (at) yahoo (dot) com
      Why i Love your blog: I love the detailed warehouse reports with all the pics and price list. Your blog is the MOST comprehensive warehouse sales report that i've even seen anywhere. Also, i love how crazily addicted you are to Stila! Lol.

      Keep on blogging Miu!

    23. Follower ID : reneoct
      Email : rainz_33@hotmail.com

      why do i love your blog?
      Simply because you're my make up product consultant! wahaha when I wanted to buy a product I'll come to see if you've ever used it before I buy. Love your cute and interesting photos on your blog too...

    24. follower id: mshanum
      e-mail: hanumbaby@gmail.com
      Why you Love my blog:

      --> i just love how u update and reviews on beauty products and others too. U make it on your own way. Yup, i admit that i admire your style,seriously! So, you did a great job MIU! xoxo. :)

    25. follower id: -iNtAnAdiA-
      e-mail: nadiash.0220@gmail.com
      why i love your blog: i love your reviews on beauty products as well as cosmetics. And your are also Malaysian too. To be honest there are quite small number of beauty related blog from our country (maybe i haven't find them yet)

    26. follower id: ira n
      Why you Love my blog:because its fill with all updated news on fashion, makeups, sales and its a must surf blog of all times.

    27. Follower id: mdmkillemall
      Why you Love my blog: informative! captivating! mouth watering beauty desire! ur like a beauty angel fallin from the sky! giving directions to those like me who's lost when it comes to BEAUTY! seriously! just lof ur blog, read it everyday, a MUST! u make the impossible to be possible! Hepi enibeseri! just keep up the gewd work! im voting fer u! he..

    28. follower id:bawani63

      To the question of yours,WHY do I like your blog-In reply to that:

      Your blog creates awareness and brings to attention of a whole range of items,besides the point ,it creates a vast opportunity for citizens like me to participate in your blog activities,creating a different experience between you the blogger and the me, follower,making it not anymore a one way communication ,but now effective two-way.

      In fact your blog I must confess,will not leave anyone not coming back for more updates,that is how captivating you've made it with the persona you've created this very blog.

    29. follower id : AnnaYJia
      email : danny_light2003@yahoo.com

      I love your blog bcoz who you are ^^ You have a great personality that could makes everyone love you ^^

    30. follower id: angelzoe
      email: angelzoe80[at]yahoo[dot]com

      Happy Anniversary Plusizekitten!!!
      I love..love..LOVE this blog because I dunno how to dis"love" ur blog..err..how to NOT love ur blog?very difficult maa..wif ur w'se sale updates..promos..w/shops..it complete's the shopaholic me..you had me at hello...kihkihkih

    31. Follower id: getgawjus
      email - getgawjus@hotmail.com

      I love ya blog for your lovely haul posts and tips :)

      Congrats on the followers! ♥

    32. Follower id:merahlimau

      "Happy Anniversary Dear"
      Actually i don know why i luv ur blog,when i read it then "i sudah jatuh cinta"...mayb d way u give me some feedback when i shopping with u (so ramah-tamah & funny and also can bargain winkk!!!!)..also give me inspirations bout makeup even i so "buta" don know how to makeup...can "berangan" juga la...la la la la

      every day i must open ur blog with no reason (read,read,& read...finish)...but i love it...

    33. follower id:@llychannel

      Why you Love my blog: Since i knew your blog and joined the first event you blogged, i already addicted. In my mind, i will always hope when i open your blog in the early morning, i will have SURPRISE! That's is why i love to access to your blog.

    34. follower id: Jasmine
      e-mail: mminarc_6613@hotmail.com
      Why you Love my blog:
      Colourful, vibrant, informative & addictive

    35. follower id: Abby
      e-mail: reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com
      Why you Love my blog: It is ever changing, always up-to-date, lots of posts and pictures, and honest information.

    36. winners have been selected :) will announce soon.. in 2-3 days time.


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