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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Clinique's Passport to Pretty Event & Free Anti-Blemish Sample


    You're Invited to the Clinique's Passport to Pretty Event!

    Take home a 28 day supply of long last lipstick upon complimentary consultation from the Passport to Pretty Event dates & venues below:

    May 17-23, 2010
    Parkson 1utama Service Centre, Ground Flr High Street

    May 22-28, 2010
    Isetan Suria KLCC, Hermes Area

    May 24-30,2010
    Jusco Mid Valley, Ground Flr North Court

    May 24-30,2010
    Parkson Mahkota Melaka, Main Entrance

    Also Clinique's giving away Anti-Blemish SOlutions Clear Skin System sample (register and you'll get a mobile voucher to redeem). Upon sampling it for the period of time, you may even enter the Zap Your Zits video contest! and win prizes :)


    1. Do we have to make an appointment for the consultation in the passport to pretty event? i know clinique always require appointments when u wanna redeem their vouchers...

    2. it's a roadshow, but to be prepared, you may call the store that u're going to double check first in case of any "confusion". Sometimes I get heart attack also going to redeem things according to the email posters I get.

      click the link below to check the store contact:

    3. Nanti ada some makeover & photoshoot session during the roadshow right?

    4. Miu, have you redeemed the long last lipstick and anti-blemish already? which counter did u go to?

      Sigh, these should be good stuff but sometimes those SAs make it difficult for me. One time leh, they were having this redeem eye cream upon consultation event, i went lo... after consultation the SA was pushing so hard for me to purchase their RM300++ products. i said i'll check out and try the eye cream first, that's why i'm there. she damn max dulan cos i wasn't gonna purchase whatever she recommended. instead of giving me the eye cream sample, she gave me some small tube moisturizer and said the eye cream finish ady. then her colleague another SA not far from me took out an eye cream for a lady who just finished her consultation. her tone change damn kao lo and like not willing to give me the moisturizer.

      sigh. -_-

    5. I agree! this happened to one of my friends too. I think the SAs really emo nowadays. Samples are free don't make the customers feel otherwise. The SAs nowadays are trying to make a quick buck to whoever who comes to their counter. Granted the competition is quite heavy nowadays with brands doing a lot of campaigns. But there are some nice SAs around as well, nowadays looks like I only buy things if I like the SA haha.

      I haven't collected yet, will redeem today at 1utama if i have the chance. My favourite counter is KLCC Isetan, jumpa Karen (the counter manager).

    6. I have redeemed the sample after consultation. But the SA is very nice and never ask to buy anything. Once after the consultation, just give me the sample.

    7. hello miu and ally,

      miu: if i jumpa karen, can i quote you ah? is she not the pushy type?

      ally: how long did it took you to redeem it? did u just show her the mobile voucher on your handfone?

      some of these SAs actually demand a print out lo... they will say they don't know anything about the m-voucher, cos got print out better they need to keep record. like hello, aren't everyone encouraged to go paperless these days?

      arghh!! i want the sample but too many dilemmas and bad experiences. :(

    8. May,
      I just showed the SA the m-voucher then she told me to have a sit then did some testing for me. It's took about 10-15 mins.
      Actually if anyone told u that they dunno anything about m-voucher then you should ask their counter manager because how can they not alert on their company's event or promotion.

    9. sorry Anonymous, i saw wrong name.:p

    10. LOL it's okay, at first i wanted to address you as may too ahaha.

      which counter did you go to?

    11. i'm blind, i saw on your blog that u redeem from Isetan KLCC. i will go there later today. thanks!

    12. eh the lipstick have to redeem at Passport To Pretty Clinique Roadshows yap according to the roadshow schedules, dun salah go.

      The Blemish Redemption u can select which counter n mobile voucher will be sent to u yah

    13. reena: ada, the SA told me spend rm100 can get makeover n photoshoot already.

    14. Ally: saw in ur blog ur blemish kit.. very nice. I wanna go but.. =_= i don't like the consultation part. I hope i can just redeem, i dont' want to listen to introduction to other skincares.

    15. Ally, i redeemed liao :) have u redeemed the lipstick? later at the roadshow have to endure another salespitch... blehh

    16. miu, yes. i just redeemed the lipstick. i m so lucky...the roadshow sales person is very nice and friendly. just asked to fill up the form and explained some of their roadshow promotion then after that she gave me a lipstick and a sample of "Turnaround Facial Mask.


    17. Anonymous,

      I am not sure which roadshow you will going but i went to KLCC 1, the SA very nice leh...so feel very comfortable during redeemed the lipstick...not much explanation..the SA just briefly told me some roadshow promotion detais.

    18. Hi Miu. I just collected my samples today, but it was not Anti Blemish =(
      And there was a long story behind it.
      On 19-May, I went to counter Q, the SA told me: Finish already, you can go counter S and counter G. Then on 20-May, my friends went to counter Q, SA told them "Samples did not arrive yet, come back on 22-May" (What the???This counter told me finished!!)
      Then on 21-May, I went to counter S, and the SA read my M voucher for 2mins (I wonder if she is dyslexia??), then proceed to tell me: "Sample not in yet,come back 24-May"
      Finally today 25-May, I went to counter S again, the same SA was serving another customer who was there to collect her birthday gift. And the SA looked very annoyed (this SA is annoyed whenever people come to redeem samples or collects gifts, even though it is our right). This time she read my Mvoucher (only in a matter of seconds! Seems her dyslexia got cured!!), then she said "Finished", without looking at me or smiling or whatever. Well, that's when my bf lost his cool (because he was with me each visit) and said "So what now, am I supposed to call Clinique Malaysia?" And then:
      SA: They only send me 3 sets.
      BF: OK, give me Clinique's office contact, I'll call them and ask.
      SA: *Looking nervous* Please give me 1 min
      BF: You want 10mins also I can give you.
      After she simply handed the gift to the other girl, she asked for my phone again. And stared at it like admiring my SE phone. Although she read it earlier on and clearly said "Finished"
      SA: Why don't I give you another sample instead for Type II. The anti blemish, you want you can go to counter Q.
      ME: I went and *told her the story*. What kind of service is this?
      SA: *Kept quiet* They only send me 3. (Don't remember how many times she repeated this)
      To cut a long story short, I feel that Clinique Malaysia is not sincere in their samples campaign. This counter S is especially bad. I have never succeeded in getting any samples from this counter. At least I got before at counter Q. And even if counter Q is out of the designated sample, the SA will offer some others, albeit only sachets. I actually purchased from counter S once, well over RM500, including a Turnaround Mask. At that time was promotion for Turnaround, buy the mask, free serum sample. She didn't give me. And for buying RM500, not even any samples at all. After paying, I saw the turnaround promotion poster, had to walk back and ask her for it, only she give. After that incident, I NEVER bought from them again. NEVER.
      So, Clinique Malaysia, buck up before you lose it all. Don't give excuses like those SA don't represent your brand, yadda yadda. Once they put on the Uniform, pin on the badge, they ARE Clinique Malaysia. And don't try to pacify us by lamely saying "We will look into it" Because I purchased more than 1 year ago, and the SA at at counter S have not improved one single tiny micro bit. BTW, your way of doing sampling campaign is to dispatch 3 sets of samples to a counter? Amazing...
      So sorry Miu, for ranting here. I don't know where else to.

    19. Ally,
      do you know the name of the SA that u redeemed the lipstick from? she so nice lorr... the banner only written take home a lipstick but she gave you another turnaround mask. i heard the turnaround is good. hey, why u always so lucky encounter nice SAs wan leh? did you print out the ad to redeem or just go there and say u want redeem?

      i totally understand you cos it happened to me before but not as suey as u la lol. disclose the counter S, Q and G so we would know. otherwise maybe we can keep in contact so i can let u know which counter to avoid? i have lots of these experiences from my fren, thats why sometimes it became a phobia for me to redeem samples.

      i want to try the samples but don't dare to redeem, since when redeeming samples became a scary event? 0_o :(

    20. Hi Anonymous...Hehe I am at Penang now. You just need to know which malls in Penang starts with G, Q and S (S is actually SS)..
      I totally agree with your last statement on "want to try but don't dare to redeem"..In fact yesterday, I was half hearted about going. Forgot to mention, when I reached there, the Clinique counter was empty. Another lady (potential customer maybe?) was also standing there waiting. We stood for some time, then the EL counter SA came and ask us. First she told us Clinique SA will be back in 20mins. Then later she said she called the SA and SA said will be back after 1hr, went to eat. Wow....I looked around, all counters SA are there at their respective counter. Hmm.....I am impressed...

    21. Anonymous,sorry late reply.
      i went there and saw the small banner there said got free gift and promotion. So i asked the SA about it, she just asked me fill up form and explained their promotion. after that, she give me the free gift and explained how to use the turnover mask.

    22. Hi Dorami,

      Your blog doesn't allow Anonymous profile to comment. I hope you are still reading.

      Do u ever called the distribution company to complaint your issue? I think you should which is what I'll be doing soon. My friend and I had April issue Cosmopolitan magazine, there were 2 pages stating can claim the anti-blemish turnaround mask and 5ml derma white foundation.

      i went to 1st counter, it said stock not yet arrive. 2nd counter said anti-blemish turnaround mask not suitable for my skin cos i got no breakout, wahlau! then once my friend bought they sell to her la, her skin is even better than mine. because that anti-blemish mask act as oil control to prevent skin become oilier. then say derma white not suitable for my skin can cause breakout!!! me and her really beh tahan liao!

      so we plan to complain to their distribution company handling these kind of sampling campaign.


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