learning to pause instead of pressure

Complimentary Meal at Italiannies is the happiest day of the week again!!! We would like to
invite y'all to join our training sessions at Italiannies Empire
Shopping Gallery as we train our team prior to our official opening on
12th May. As a token of appreciation in helping us to train our staffs,
the meal is FREE!!! Our training sessions will be from 8th - 10th May.
Pls call 016-201 8570 for more info and reservation. See you there!!!!


  1. It sounds like fun to me! Unfortunately I can't go to Malaysia :( I will definitely visit you guys if I will visit Malaysia soon!

  2. blogged

  3. Wahh thks for the near me

  4. not happy la.. call them then its voice mail. then when they call me tell me sunday evening only left a table for 2. then monday only lunch from phone gal tell me that its 2 to 3 hours training so this mean got to wait long to eat!?? forget it la.. better stay home.


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